Exhibit your best artwork created during the pandemic
Exhibit your best artwork created during the pandemic
View online.

Call For Entries Artist’s Choice Exhibition

June 1 - June 30, 2021  

This exhibition is exclusively for PSA members.
This is an online exhibition at ISSUU and the PSA website.

Exhibition Schedule: 
Artwork Take-in: Saturday April 24 to Saturday, May 8
Exhibition Opens: Tuesday, June 1 

Take-in:  Members that submit their entries by Saturday, May 1 will be considered for the digital announcement….the early bird gets the publicity….   

Artist’s Choice: Members are requested to select and present their best artwork created during the pandemic or artwork not exhibited in any prior juried PSA exhibition.  All artwork will be accepted into exhibition as long as digital images meet requested file size and file format.  Statements for each artwork are requested.  This is a non-juried exhibition.  A reminder, artwork entered in a non-juried exhibition is eligible for subsequent juried exhibitions.

Entry Requirements:  All media & subject matter, Limit of four (4) pieces.  Artist’s Statement for each submitted artwork: 25 words minimum to 150 words maximum.  Follow the instructions on the form for submitting statements and images.  It is strongly recommended that a larger screen be used like a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  The larger screen will make it much easier to complete the entry form properly. 

Digital Image Requirements: 
One (1) digital image of each 2D artwork without frame please.  
3D artists may submit a total of four (4) digital images of each artwork, plain background please.  Accepted digital image file format:  JPG
File Size:  6MB or larger 
Image Resolution:  Long side of image 7 inches (maximum of 8 inches) at 300 pixels/inch (150 DPI) or maximum of 2400 pixels.  

All submitted images to be in focus, no reflections.  Image of artwork should fill frame as much as possible, without distortion.  Images that do not meet the specifications will not be used.  If you are using a cell phone camera please select the largest file size possible. 

Questions about digital requirements?  Please contact Larry Rodgers at Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org or 626-802-7142 for more information. 

Entry Procedure:  Please have the following files and info available when you are ready to fill out the online entry form: artist’s statement(s), digital image(s), media, overall artwork size without frame, price, contact info and link to website or online e-commerce.  Follow instructions and submit.  To ensure the proper credit for the artist, please follow the requested naming convention.  

Submit your entries (up to 4) here: 

Make sure you scroll to the very end of the form, and hit the “SUBMIT” button.  You should also check “Send me a copy of my responses” which will be emailed to you.

Entry Fees:  $20.00 for entries #1 & #2, $5.00 each for entries #3 & #4 plus a requested donation of 10% (or more) of gross sales to PSA.  Entry fees may be paid via PAYPAL on PSA website or check at the time of entry.  Member dues must be paid to participate in this exhibition.

Indicate on check “Entry Fees for Artist’s Choice 2021”

Mail check to:  
Pasadena Society of Artists
P. O. Box 90074
Pasadena, CA 91109

All sales transactions are between you and your customer.  You are responsible for collecting sales tax, NOT PSA.  If you sell your artwork PSA requests a donation of 10% based on the gross sales price.

Looking forward to seeing your entries.


Tom Oldfield  Exhibition Chair
Pasadena Society of Artists
Email: Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org 

Lawrence D. Rodgers  Vice President Exhibitions  
Pasadena Society of Artists
Tel: 626-802-7142  
Email: LawrenceDRodgers@gmail.com
Email: Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org


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