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If 2020 taught us anything it’s that partnership, support and connection are essential in this business. We made it through 2020/2021– together! 

Eternal gratitude to our staunch supporters – the partners who stuck with us even at the height of shutdowns and quarantines. They believed in our advisor channel, never wavering. And guess what? They thrived! We love you Ladera Resort, Chatham Bars Inn, Lefay Resort & SPA, Mountain Shadows, Inn at Perry Cabin, Stonewater Cove and Edgewood Tahoe, (who you see on our cover). These are some of our strongest allies and we love them for it. 

We also felt the love from you advisors who continued to BOOK with J.MAK during the worst of circumstances. We saw so many strong bookers that we went from a J.MAK PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH to recognizing advisors weekly who were blowing it out of the water for our partners. These JPWs are now part of THE MAK. LIST, our shortlist of stars, which we will continue to add to weekly. See them on pages 92 and 93. 

J.MAK evolved over the year, too. Many of you saw me as I took to the road in the ROAD.MAK visiting your driveways, porches and firepits. Meanwhile, Sir.J never let up on flying, checking in on our partners throughout the year, and recently decamped to open our Miami office. Our new addition, peP.R launched our Instagram Live series “bringing you” to our partners around the world, when you couldn’t get there yourself. J.MAK HOSPITALITY remained connected, moving forward by reinventing.

From Europe to Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and across the USA, J.MAK HOSPITALITY is stronger than ever – with partnerships, connections and support for all of you – that will take us further. We have partners that value what you do for them. And we have community among us. Let us continue to lead together in 2022 and beyond, and get you all MAK.LISTed!! 
jon boat
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