Dear CC Community,

We are grateful that you took time to meaningfully engage — with our session facilitators and with one another — during the first phase of Project 2024.
The campus-wide conversations for year one concluded at the end of Block 6. More than 560 faculty, staff, and students attended at least one of the 75 sessions. Thank you for participating!  
As we’ve shared previously, Project 2024 is our three-year, vision-to-action effort in which we focus on a central question: “How can we do what we do better?”

The timeline:
  • 2021-22: This is our year to determine what we hope to do
  • 2022-23: We will take the ideas generated and plan how we will implement them
  • 2023-24: The ideas will go into action — and in 2024 we will celebrate the college’s 150th anniversary.
Now that we’ve wrapped up the initial campus engagement phase, the Project 2024 Steering Committee will spend Block 7 reviewing and synthesizing what we’ve heard during in-person sessions and learned from the nearly 570 anonymous responses to the three open-ended questions in the Employee Climate and Engagement Survey (view those responses here using your CC login). Your input informs the committee’s efforts to identify our common goals as we look to the future. In Project 2024’s year 2 (2022-23), everyone will be urged to participate in developing concrete initiatives in key areas where we believe we can do what we do better.

We look forward to sharing those themes and our plans for next year’s conversations during Block 8.  


Susan Ashley
Professor of History and Chair of Economics and Business
Project 2024 Coordinator

Song Richardson

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