According to Psychologist Rich Walker, new experiences help you retain more positive emotions and minimize negative ones? So guess that means it's time to connect with a J.MAK DMC/experience-maker extraordinaire, stat!

Here are some examples of the types of unforgettable memories they can create for travelers.


It's no wonder they regularly work with Hollywood celebrities and other A-listers, Fulvio de Bonis and his team at Imago Artis Travel know how to create immersive theatrical experiences across Italy. For him and his team, the setting, approach, lighting, and timing are all just as important as the content. 
The Sistine Chapel is a big draw, naturally, but Imago has access to an exclusive passageway within the Vatican to a chapel painted by students of Michelangelo for a more dramatic and exclusive experience: Guests climb a spiral stone staircase several flights, then must crouch down to enter through a small, antique wooden door into a dark chapel where they cross the floor by candlelight. Then - POOF - at just the right moment the room is magically illuminated and they find they are standing on a 15th-century altar surrounded by brilliant frescos.
These mini-productions are orchestrated with the whole team at Imago, and customized to guests' interests.

Bottom right: Art historians and Imago Founders: Fulvio, Chiara and Alessia.


Ray Kearney (a.k.a. HOO.RAY) at Gather DMC prides himself on creating non-tourist experiences on the Emerald Isle and he taps into his personal connections to make them happen:  
"On St. Patrick's weekend 2019 we had two couples with small kids staying at Adare Manor. On the Monday after St. Patrick's Day, they were touring the Cliffs Of Moher and The Burren. Now, I should point out it's a bank holiday and the whole country has been on the beer for St. Patrick's Day. I take a call from their driver who says, 'Ray, they want to Christen the baby, can you arrange it?' I said, "hmm, let me make some calls and see.'
I live about 35 minutes from the Cliffs of Moher so I called my local priest and he was like, “sure Ray, we can do that. They do however need to get permission from their church in the U.S.' Five phone calls later I was back to the drive with a church, priest and a christening gown. Oddly enough, my sister in law who doesn't have kids had bought a $500 christening gown a few weeks earlier. Her theory was, some kids will come along who need it.
Not even St Patrick's Day could stop us!"

Above right: Hoo.RAY at Royal County Down Golf Club, the #1 golf course in the world according to Golf Digest.
true colombia


True Colombia Travel excels at creating unforgettable and seamless trips led by warm and welcoming Colombians with access to the country’s bio and cultural diversity in ways never imagined possible. 

Recent guests spent an overnight stay at San Cayetano, the first coffee farm in Colombia (pictured top and bottom center). Three presidents have been part of the family and guests of True Colombia Travel can stay overnight in the owner's mansion.

On another occasion, True Colombia Travel had the Gold Museum in Bogotá (pictured bottom left), the most important museum in the country, opened after hours so their guests could have an exclusive private tour led by one of the curators.   

Bottom right: True Colombia Travel founder Brian Schon (left) with colleague Ana Maria Piedrahita and Keith Peri of Valerie Wilson Travel.


Yoav Gal and his team at Isreal My Way customize every aspect of their client's trips, connecting them with Israelis from all walks of life, and striving to surprise and delight.

"Once we had a family who came to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah in Israel. When we interviewed the parents on their hobbies to be able to customize their trip, we learned that their 16-year-old daughter was totally into Krav Maga, an Israeli martial arts. She used to exercise and compete seriously in this field. So we did some research and decided to surprise her. Apparently, the world’s female champion in Krav Maga lives in Israel.
So during the trip, one day the guide told the bus driver to stop in a very ordinary street corner. They got out of the bus and started to walk the street, where all of a sudden that girl is seeing her lifetime hero coming towards her, shaking her hand saying: 'hi, may I invite you to my studio for a one on one Krav Maga training session with me?’ The girl almost passed out… she burst into tears, and with her the whole family. This was by far the BEST experience of her life, not just on the trip."
Top: A girl performing Krav Maga. Bottom left: Yoav Gal (center) with Sir.J and an Israel My Way tour guide.


India is home to Founder Balu Menon and his Worldwide Adventures India team, who live by the Indian ethos of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," which means "The World is One Family." Each journey has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that clients experience the best each destination has to offer. 
Jaipur, the city clothed in pink, is a paradise with sights, stories, and activities sure to inspire and engage every traveler. Worldwide Adventures India guests can explore this city from a hot air balloon ride, that promises enthralling views of the mighty forts, breathtaking landscapes, rustic villages and the different hues of the sky. They peacefully float in the air while looking down on some fascinating views of Jaipur. A thorough safety briefing is conducted by an expert to ensure a secure ride through the sky. This exciting adventure takes guests, well off the beaten track and into the soul of Rajasthan.  

Stay tuned for Sir.J's adventures through India as he heads there next monthwith Worldwide Adventures India!


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