This summer, USCB student Miranda Hurt (Psychology major/Human Services minor) had the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of several intern predecessors.  Her supervisor was Kimberly McFann, Attorney at Law and Legal Program Director for the agency.

Miranda was kind enough to share her thoughts on the experience with The Sand Shark Sound: “Interning with Hopeful Horizons has definitely been an interdisciplinary learning experience. From going to court for child custody cases, to shadowing staff answering the crisis support line, and learning about forensic interviews, every day is a new experience. I have worked with a team of amazing professionals to help clients get the legal assistance they need free of cost. It is an amazing thing to see a woman’s face when she realizes she is finally free from her abuser and free to live her own life. I would recommend other Human Services and Psychology majors to consider interning with Hopeful Horizons.  The agency provides exposure to more than just your typical counseling internship and prepares one for work in a professional and collaborative environment. The intern will learn about victims' advocacy, work with experienced attorneys to help victims navigate the Court System, and work toward positive change.”

Thank you, Miranda for sharing your thoughts on this special internship experience with The Sand Shark Sound.  We also appreciate the ongoing support of our internship students by Kristin Dubrowski, Kimberly McFann, and the entire team at Hopeful Horizons.

“My internship this summer was at Family Promise of Beaufort County, whose mission is to provide temporary shelter, family stability, and permanent housing solutions for homeless families with children by mobilizing resources from interfaith and secular communities. I enjoyed my time as an intern here and hope to continue volunteering with the organization even after my internship finishes.”

- Kate Stanton, Summer 2022 Intern

I was honored to complete my internship with Safe Haven Family Counseling Services, LLC. During my internship I had the pleasure to make a flyer for a non-profit organization that we did, which was called the “Girls Group”. This organization provided emotional, behavioral, and social support to teenage girls. I also attended a health fair where we got to educate people about therapy and let them know how important mental health is.

- Angel Brace, Summer 2022 Intern

Communities in Schools of South Carolina (CISSC) is a nonprofit organization and the leading provider of integrated social and emotional support for students in the state.  The 44 Site Coordinators reach nearly 24000 students across 39 school sites in eight SC counties, both urban and rural.  The CIS model utilizes school-based site coordinators who assess each student’s unique needs and connect them to existing community resources so they can overcome their barriers and focus on learning. 

CISSC has been an internship placement partner agency for USCB Human Services students for several years.

Dr. Claudia Aldamuy (Director of Programming, CISofSC Midlands Region) ) strongly supports the Human Services Internship Program/CISofSC partnership.  Dr. Aldamuy states: 

"Our relationship with USCBeaufort and all the colleges and universities we partner with is critical to the work we do.  In addition to case managing between 45 and 50 students one-on-one, each of our site coordinators is responsible for facilitating small groups and implementing whole school initiatives that impact the entire school population. The scope of work they are responsible for can be daunting for one individual, therefore having qualified and enthusiastic interns who are excited about supporting the students and families involved in the Communities In Schools program is vital to our success.  

The interns bring an important component of support to the site by providing mentoring and academic assistance to the students, and administrative support to the CIS staff.  Conversely, we provide an opportunity for the intern to put theory into practice while building important relationships with students, parents, school personnel, and local community members

I believe our partnership with USCBeaufort is mutually beneficial and one that I hope will continue to grow and thrive."
It is significantly noteworthy that the three recent awardees of the highest student honors (Kimberly Wilkie, Qaadir Phillips, and Richard Bennett) all interned with CISSC in the Spring semester of 2022.  (Kimberly in Greenville, Qaadir in Hampton County, and Richard in the Midlands). 
Here are the testimonials of the Program’s three recent award winners regarding their CISSC experiences:

Lynn M. Mulkey Human Services 
Outstanding Student of the Year Award
Former Intern 2021-2022
“Communities in Schools of South Carolina is a great organization for students to complete their internship hours with. The organizational leadership is very professional, and they provide students with the resources necessary to complete the internship course requirements. Additionally, students are treated as if they are a part of the organization. I was offered training opportunities, such as professional development as if I were an employee of the organization. The organization’s mission statement is adhered to closely. The experience I had with my internship site created everlasting relationships that I would have never been able to create had I not interned with Communities in Schools of South Carolina. I highly recommend that any student who is looking for an internship working with the youth in the school system to search for opportunities with Communities in Schools of South Carolina. I rate my internship experience, on a scale from 1 to 5 a 5. Thank you, Communities in Schools of South Carolina, for this outstanding opportunity.”

Palmetto College Human Services Outstanding Student of the Year Award
Spring and Summer Intern 2022
“I had an amazing opportunity to complete two out of my three internships with a nonprofit organization called Communities in Schools of South Carolina (CIS). During my first internship with CIS, I worked in a middle school alongside two site coordinators who helped me grow confident in my role as an intern. During my second internship experience, I had the opportunity to take on a more administrative role as I worked closely with the leadership team and more of the CIS staff members. Both of these roles encouraged me to work on skills I confidently established through life experiences which were finely tuned during college. Additionally, both roles encouraged me to work on skills I was not completely confident in. CIS has a proven model they adhere by in schools and is backed by research and evaluation. CIS is located in seven counties across South Carolina, and it is an exponential organization I would highly recommend for an internship.”

Neman Civic Fellow
Spring Intern 2022
“My internship experience with Communities in Schools (CIS) was very rewarding.  It gave me an opportunity to be a caring adult in the lives of high school students as well as an opportunity to build relationships with these students. I love the way CIS surrounds their students with support and creates their own community, just like their name implies, as a way to work alongside these students to guide them and help them reach their potential. Students were excited to work with the folks at CIS and it was fulfilling to know that I was a part of their mission and that I was contributing to the success of the students in a meaningful way. I would absolutely take another internship at CIS if given the opportunity and I would recommend the internship to anyone looking for a rewarding internship experience.”
Bachelor of Science Human Services
2022 Spring and Summer Graduates
Naeemah Adero Foster - Magna Cum Lude
Danessa Janyce Green
Claire Elizabeth Hewett
Sherry D Jones
Medina Jamalia Marie King-Richardson
Brittany Wise Mayfield
Me’Shalia S McKelvey
Emily Alan McKenzie - Summa Cum Laude
Michkalla Octashea Mattique McQueen
Emily Catherine Melton
Maticyn Breanna New
Qaadir Phillips - Magna Cum Laude
Trina D Osborne - Summa Cum Laude
Da’Quana D Prather
Emily Ray
Amanda Cisco Rector - Magna Cum Laude
Krista Swofford Redding
Camese Jeanez Stringfellow - Cum Laude
Shakeria Joyce Turner - Cum Laude
Kimberly Binuelo Wilkie - Summa Cum Laude
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