Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 2nd Quarter
Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 2nd Quarter
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An update on the 2nd Quarter from
Ms. Flores (Art), Ms. Heo (Music) and Mr. Enright (P.E./Health)

P.E./Health ~ Mr. Enright

Elementary Students

Our elementary students have continued to work on their locomotor movements and are showing good progress.  We have also spent time working on our bowling skills and basketball skills. Through the bowling unit the students learned how to roll a ball properly which should help them the next time they are at the bowling alley!  Developing basketball skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting were also a focus this past quarter. Basketball can be a lifelong activity, so building these skills is important.

Middle and High School Students

Our middle and high school students also participated in bowling and basketball units.  The bowling unit allowed the students the opportunity to play some fun games that involve bowling a ball.  They also learned how to use the “one step” approach for bowling. They are now participating in a unit on basketball.  Through various drills and games, the students have been able to demonstrate improved skill levels for basketball.

Our focus in health class for the elementary and middle school students has been on keeping a healthy body through proper hygiene and common sense.  We have discussed the importance of good hand washing and understanding when problems are too big for us to handle alone.. We have begun talking about pathogens like viruses and bacteria.  Along with demonstrating how viruses and bacteria can spread, the students are also learning about proactive ways they themselves can prevent the spread of pathogens. Of course, a lot of it comes down to the basics of all healthy behaviors:
  • Eat Right 
  • Exercise 
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Get plenty of sleep
The high school health classes have begun their unit on drugs and alcohol.  Throughout this comprehensive unit, the students will be able to identify health and safety risks associated with drug and alcohol use.  
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Enright at menright@ie-academy.org.

Art ~ Ms. Flores

High School

Students are learning about non-objective art and artist Cy Twombly. This is a highly creative process where students experiment with different types of media, paint dripping while also practicing mark making. This is more intuitive and students are not looking or thinking about drawing anything specific. The lesson is purely self-expressionary. So far students are turning out masterpieces and having fun.

Middle School

Students will be using their imaginations as they consider how an abandoned vehicle got into the  environment that they are creating. Students will have a variety of choices of drawing, collage, or painting or any combination of the choices. They will choose a vehicle and place it somewhere, anywhere, maybe even outer space or a strange planet. They will write up a brief explanation of how the vehicle got abandoned and why. We will look at the artwork of Jason deCaires Taylor for inspiration.


We are starting a unit on aluminum foil figures. Students have already made humans and next class we will be combining them with animals and sharing our stories. We talked about how gestures of poses can be expressive and discussed Keith Harring and how his figures are so flexible and expressive.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Flores at mflores@ie-academy.org.

Music ~ Ms. Heo

Elementary School Students: The students have continued to learn how to play the recorder. They have added another song to their repertoire. 

Middle School & High School I: The students have travelled the planets with the piece, The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst. They have learned how Gustav described the planets with music. Each planet concluded with a musical activity; compositing a piece, making an instrument, comparing instruments, and categorizing the sounds. 

High School II: The students have learned about the film history, its settings, the role of the music and music director. Their final project was to add music to a commercial and discuss about their chosen music.

Music Club: The students displayed their project at the STEAM Fair. 

Saxophone/Music Enrichment classes: Some students interested in learning an instrument have taken lessons. 

Unified Jazz: The students have continued to practice at NWC every other week. They also had the post Thanksgiving and the Year End parties. Their performance will be on May 4th (Saturday) at NWC. 

All grades: The students have performed at the Winter Show in December. The students sang and played instruments. They also created the program, greeted the guests,  helped with the audio system and behind the stage. This performance surely lifted the holiday spirit. 
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Heo at kheo@ie-academy.org
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