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Community Engagement

October is Make a Difference Month! Join us in Giving Back....Here's How!

Hey Lakers! It's Make A Difference Month and we want to see how YOU serve your community and Make A Difference. There's a variety of ways that you can get involved: through virtual, remote, in-person, or at a drop-in service event! 
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Give Back - Donate Blood!

Social Distancing does not equal Social Disengagement - Blood Drives are still ON at your Grand Valley and YOU have the power to make a difference!

College students make a huge impact by donating blood and influencing others to donate.  Your campus may look and feel very different, but patients are counting on YOU for the gift of life…so you can count on Versiti to continue hosting blood drives at your school and taking precautions to keep students safe and healthy.

As a thank you for saving lives,
Versiti will email you a $10 E-Gift Card where you can choose from over 70 different merchants, including Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, and many more! 
Don't forget to wear a mask!

October 13th Sign Up!
October 19th Sign Up!
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Democratic Engagement

GVSU Votes! Voter Engagement Video

Here at GVSU, your vote matters! Grand Valley put together INCREDIBLE new video with information regarding voting that you'll need for the upcoming election. From HOW to vote, WHERE to vote, getting REGISTERED to vote, all is explained. Check it out and share!

Shoutout to our awesome Office of Student Life Promotions Team for making the magic happen!
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Vote in Kirkhof with the Allendale Satellite Clerk!

Just in time for the November election, GVSU now has a new Allendale Township Satelitte Clerk's Office in the Kirkhof Center! It's located in KC 0072! There, students who are Michigan residents and live in Allendale can register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and VOTE that ballot in person! More information is on Laker Link with specific dates and times. Go ahead, scan can the QR code with your phone for more info!
Or, to find out more, visit: 
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Be a Democracy MVP - Poll Workers Needed!

Sign up to an election worker this season! We need your help more than ever because of Coronavirus. Usually poll workers are over 65 years of age or older and we cannot put them at risk for catching Covid-19. Being an election worker PAYS and you are considered the Most Valuable Players of democracy. Sign up!
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Civic Learning
This week's Democracy 101 Topic: Issues and Proposals on the Ballot! 
Join CEEP, CVP and the CSLC for an informational session about the different issues and proposals on the ballot nationwide. Also learn about how you can research your specific ballot and county wide initiatives. RSVP on Laker Link to get the zoom link! (INT 100/201 approved)
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Tea Time Live

October 15th, this Thursday, is Tea Time on the CSLC's Instagram Live! The topic our students and guest speakers will be discussing is Voter Supression! Follow us on ig! @gv_cslc

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Dinner With Friends

Grab your favorite comfort food and join us for an engaging, facilitated conversation via Zoom that will connect you with other members of the GVSU community. You will spend the evening sharing stories, learning about each other’s experiences with important issues affecting people at GVSU, and discussing how we can move forward together. We are looking for both participants and facilitators for this event on Thursday, October 22 from 6-8pm. 
Please RSVP to secure your spot! A zoom link will be sent out to those who have RSVP'd. You will be asked to pick a topic that you hope to engage in during our dinner together! 
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President Kayla Quinn and Alternative Breaks!

Alternative Breaks (AB) was founded in 1991 to promote active citizenship within the student body thru community-based learning projects, focusing on social & environmental issues throughout the nation. Meet Kayla! She's a senior here at GV majoring in Allied Health Sciences and Nonprofit Administration. "Community is a priority in my life. Civic engagement empowers me to recognize the impact I can make in my community. Being engaged with my community furthers my learning experience at GV, opens my eyes to new perspectives, and helps me to gain new skills."

(Dm us on instagram if you have someone in mind that deserves to be our Active Citizen of the Week @gv_cslc)
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