May 2020 edition
May 2020 edition


Join a committee –get more involved in your industry!!

Committee participation is one of the most valuable benefits of your ATMIA membership.  Are you involved in one of those committee groups?  No?  You are missing out on a lot of good opportunities.
Committees aren't just a means of keeping up with the industry, hearing about current issues, or making sure you know what new resources ATMIA has made available.  It is a gathering place where you can really get to know your colleagues.  There may be a few that you have met, because your footprints overlap in one spot or another.  But there are many others who you otherwise might never meet.
The connections you make in a committee setting are not only of value on a personal level, but can greatly benefit your business or career, as well.  As the saying goes, "It's not just what you know, it's also who you know."  And I am constantly impressed to see how eager our members are to open doors for and help each other.
About 35% of U.S. region members recognize that value and belong to at least one committee group.  Check out the committee page on our website for more information on both regional and global groups.  The Events Calendar includes dates and times for each committee meeting.  For dial-in information and web links, reach out to the committee contact.
USA regional committee groups include:
  • Government Relations Committee (GRC) – The GRC serves as a forum for all member organizations that are affected by government regulation at both the local and Federal levels.  It is also a vehicle for advocacy; such as with the recent effort to promote consumer payment choice and the right to pay with cash.
  • Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) Committee – This committee brings together the entire community of organizations that independently deploy, operate, and manage ATMs, as well as those which provide them with products and services.  Non-bank ATM operators face unique challenges in the marketplace and have an opportunity here to stay informed and network with peers.
  • Financial Institution (FI) ATM Deployer Forum – This committee is a forum that provides a non-competitive environment in which banks and credit unions can share experiences and address issues unique to their ATM channel.  Only financial institution members may participate.
  • U.S. Regional Board (requires a Board-level membership) –Member organizations that join at the Board level automatically become members of their regional Board.  Board membership provides organizations with more visibility within ATMIA and greater opportunity to influence chapter direction and positions on critical issues.  
All ATMIA members have access to global committee groups and the Consortium for NextGen ATMs.  The ATM Security Association (ASA) offers its own variety of committees focused on many different aspects of ATM security.
In other words, there is something of interest for everyone.  And this is not a life-long commitment – you are more than welcome to "sit" quietly on the sidelines for a meeting or two in order to see if it is of interest.  If you need help sorting it all out, feel free to reach out to me.
David Tente
Best regards to all, 
Feel free to reach ATMIA USA executive director David Tente by email at or telephone +1.407.833.7906.

ATMIA Facebook Page

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Keep abreast of ATM industry news and developments on:
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Committee Updates

Check out what's happening with our committee groups:

IAD Committee co-chair election

ATMIA USA would like to thank Jeff Hayes and Jason Zubik for their dedication, expertise, and time as Co-chairs of the IAD Committee over the past two years.  They have done an excellent job of leading that group and serving our IAD members.
The slate of candidates was sent out to committee membership last week and election ballots went out earlier today.  It is expected that new co-chairs will be announced in advance of the next IAD Committee meeting on June 23, 2020.

New committee forming – ATM Hygiene and Safety

ATMIA is putting together a new international committee to look at best practices for ATM hygiene and cleaning for the pandemic and post-pandemic phases for the industry. Through collaboration and consultation with our members we’ll develop international best practices. We will do our work through conference calls and email, and no in-person meetings or travel will be required.
If you wish to be part of this important new initiative, contact Mike Lee to be added to the committee list and receive an invitation for the first conference call.

Upcoming committee meetings

Independent ATM Deployers (IAD) Committee

All IADs and their providers are welcome to participate in the IAD Committee, which meets bimonthly.  The next  meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23 at 11:00pm EDT.  Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members.

U.S.Government Relations Committee (GRC)

The GRC meets regularly to discuss regulatory and compliance issues affecting the industry, from federal, state, and local governments.  It meets next on Thursday, July 16 at 11:00am EDT.  Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members. .  
Questions and requests for committee meeting invitations may be directed to David Tente

Welcome our new members

New U.S. members since the last newsletter was published:  

Associate & Small Business level memberships

   Centerity, Newton, MA
   Mellina Associates, Naples, FL
Did You Know?  You can upgrade your membership level at any time.  Move up to Board level for greater visibility and a stronger voice in the direction of the Region.  Interested in becoming a U.S. Regional Board Member?  A unqiue membership level for financial institutions?  Contact David Tente for more information on this and other membership options.
Don't Forget - if your membership is expiring soon, you can receive a 5% discount by renewing before the end of the month in which it expires.

Earn Discounts on Your Membership and Offer New Members a 20% Discount

ATMIA members can now offer friends and affiliates 20% off membership AND earn up to $250 USD in discount on their next membership as part of ATMIA’s new Membership Referral Program. Each referral is worth $50 USD. 
“To make it as easy as possible for members to promote the referral program, ATMIA has put together a variety of resources and each member company has been assigned a unique referral codes that can be found under the ‘my account’ tab on the ATMIA site,” says Amber Howell, ATMIA Membership & Social Media Manager. 
To learn more, contact Amber Howell.


A security event you can't miss

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone – even criminals.  Reports from the field indicate that ATM crime is down.  But likely not due to efforts of self-preservation on the part of the criminals – at least 40 - 50% of all ATMs have been inaccessible due to lockdowns across the country.  And those that are available have become tougher targets.
Be prepared for the inevitable surge in ATM crime as restrictions ease and those inaccessible ATMs become targets once again.  Join your ATM industry colleagues in Minneapolis, MN, September 1 - 2, as ATMIA and the ATM Security Association (ASA) jointly host the first-ever ATMIA U.S. Security Conference.   Our educational program includes a panel of law enforcement professionals who will discuss what they are seeing today across the landscape of ATM crime.
Security and operations professionals from all segments of the ATM industry will not want to miss this important event.  Visit the conference website to learn more, preview the agenda, and register.

The 2020 update of ATMIA's U.S. National IAD Study

The US has the world’s largest and most successful IAD market. It is, therefore, appropriate for ATMIA to publish its U.S. study first in the Association’s new series of Global IAD studies. Industry experts Sam Ditzion and Leland Englebardt have produced a world-class piece of research into this fascinating market.
In this series, ATMIA explores the structure of major IAD markets around the world as well as opportunities for expansion of retail ATMs operated by independents. Our research shows there are grounds for optimism about the future growth of numerous IAD markets.
Welcome to the 2020 Update of our U.S. IAD study.  We are confident that our IAD research series will finally plug the gap that currently exists in global ATM research and shed light on an often- overlooked part of the ATM business. More importantly, ATMIA trusts that the studies (and their updated versions) will illuminate opportunities for growth in the crucial independent sector of retail ATMs.

The Cash Repository

The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
Recent Articles & Resource


Coronavirus uodates

ATMIA remains deeply concerned about its members and helping them through these challenging times.  We have responded very quickly to pandemic developments and invite you to visit our Coronavirus alerts and updates page on a regular basis.  
Since the last newsletter was published, additional resources have been added to the page. Cash matters - now, more than ever, in the time of coronavirus and Advancing the ATM Mission Against COVID-19 are the latest statements from ATMIA on the use of cash during the pandemic.  ATMIA also announced that it was a signatory to a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting the need for liability protection for essential workers.
The Coronavirus page includes a news feed for articles relating to COVID-19.  As a benefit of its relationship with Stateside Associates, ATMIA receives very detailed daily reports on COVID-19 related activities in the states.  This report is posted daily during the week – typically in the late afternoon.
Finally, ATMIA recently conducted a member survey about the impact of COVID-19 that paints a picture of many pain points member companies are experiencing.  This includes economic and health challenges and an uncalled-for intensification of the war on cash by the anti-cash zealots. The latter group seems to be exploiting a human tragedy for narrow commercial gain, especially at the expense of hundreds of legitimate businesses around the world operating in the ATM and cash sectors.  Survey results are being emailed to all ATMIA members.

Cashless ban updates

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, activity on bans of cashless retail establishments has subsided considerably.
There was actually further progress on California's SB 926, which would require retail locations to accept cash payments of up to $5,000.  The bill was amended on May 14 and scheduled for a hearing.  Text of the amended measure is available from the interactive map on the ATMIA U.S. Region home page.
Connecticut's proposed bill passed out of committee, but failed upon adjournment on May7.
H.R. 2650 has not seen any further movement, but now has 41 co-sponsors, 10 of which are from the Republican side.  ATMIA members are encouraged to contact their Representative and ask that they also become a co-sponsor of the bill.

Washington, DC Fly-in rescheduled due to the pandemic

The Washington, DC Fly-in has been rescheduled for July 23rd.  At this point, it is uncertain whether this event will take place - it  depends on when Washington, DC opens back up and how quickly things return to normal.
ATMIA U.S. Executive Director, David Tente, has reached out to Senator Cramer's office, offering ATMIA's support for the No Red and No Blue Banks Act and the Freedom Financing Act, which are intended, in part, to finally eliminate the lingering impact of "Operation Choke Point". Appointments will be reconfirmed with Senator Cramer, as well as Senator Tim Scott's office, should the situation look promising as we get closer.
Whether we are able to have a strategy meeting at 5:00pm ET on Wednesday, July 22 at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, will depend upon hotel availability and when we are able to confirm
For more information about the Fly-In event or sponsorship, contact David Tente.


ATMIA participation in the FPC

The Faster Payments Council (FPC) is an industry-led membership organization whose mission is to facilitate a world-class payment system where every person or organization can safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere, at any time and with near-immediate funds availability.
By design, the FPC encourages a diverse range of perspectives and is open to all stakeholders in the U.S. payment system. Guided by principles of fairness, inclusiveness, flexibility and transparency, the FPC uses collaborative, problem-solving approaches to resolve the issues that are inhibiting broad faster payments adoption in this country.
ATMIA joined the U.S. Faster Payments Council upon its formation last year.  Faster Payments may become an integral part of the ATM infrastructure as we move toward NextGen and a predominance of consumer wallet-based transactions.  With that in mind, it is important that input from the ATM channel is provided as these systems develop.
A number of ATMIA members are already participating.  More information is available on the FPC website.

Be ready to


Get ready to hit the ground running when the economy re-opens.  The industry's best  and brightest talent can be found on the ATM Industry Career Center – and at member pricing that is exceptionally competitive.  Post to a job board that serves one field – not several.  We are a niche job board created specifically for the ATM community, so our candidates have the specialized skills and relevant, up-to-date experience to match exactly what you’re looking for.

Employer Benefits:
  • Targeted advertising exposure
  • Easy online job listing management
  • Resume search included with job posting
  • Automatic email notifications when job seekers match YOUR criteria
  • Member discounts available

To date, the Career Center has registered 216 job seekers, attracted  nearly 5,000 new visitors and generated 131 job applications.
Intern ads are free and other postings start at only $200.  For more information, contact U.S executive director, David Tente, or global director of finance and member services, Sharon Lane

Membership Benefit Reminder

There are so many benefits to ATMIA membership, it's easy to lose track of them all.  Watch the Newsletter each month for reminders about one of those membership benefits and tips about how to take advantage of it. 

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May Member

of the Month

Virginia Credit Union was founded in 1928, originally as State Employees’ Credit Union. Through the decades, they have created financial products and services to help guide members in their financial lives and give them new knowledge and understanding of their finances.  By 2010, assets surpassed $2 billion and the number of members being served exceeded 200,000.  Mobile banking, mobile deposit, online membership and account opening were among the many services introduced to increase convenience.  Virginia.Credit Union has been an ATMIA member since 2016.
VCU operations manager Jason Rooke provided the following comments on the value of their ATMIA membership:
A key value of our membership for the year ahead will be continued information related to the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on self-service banking.  Security, safety and knowledge are always paramount, but during this time are even more necessary.  ATMIA has always been a great resource for us to gather information in all these areas and will be a valued relationship for us going forward. 
The one thing that impresses me most about this organization, is the human side they promote.  At all levels of the organization, if you reach out and ask for assistance or information, they will bend over backwards to be helpful.  The level of passion and compassion for the work that we all do is admirable.  Member service is outstanding from every one I have had the pleasure to talk with.  The partnership between Virginia Credit Union and ATMIA is instrumental to our success.

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