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Dear Sandra,

What a month….

As the economy continues to open up, and we return to life beyond the pandemic, the cost of using cashless payment methods is becoming clear. Businesses around the country that were quick to adopt cashless payment methods are now passing on the costs to their consumers. This is particularly the case for small and independent businesses that have limited profit margins.
Within a matter of days into March, the importance of cash as a reliable, accessible, and secure method of payment for all Australians has been made clear. The tragedy of the floods experienced by Queensland and New South Wales has demonstrated the importance of reliable cash as a means to ensure payment security. Mobile ATMs have been dispatched to inundated areas, ensuring businesses can continue to operate.
ATMIA’s message to our members during the floods has been about bringing members together to help solve a common problem. In a coordinated industry effort, ATMIA has coordinated an appropriate industry response with our members working together to assist with providing access to cash in these flooded areas.  This industry has been proactive with its response helping communities in need with emergency cash drops in flooded towns. Please take some time out later in this newsletter to follow some amazing industry responses to these affected flooded areas.
Moving forward, It gives me great pleasure to announce, Gavin Napier is back in 2022 chairing our Strategic Direction Committee teleconference forum. We encourage members to join us on 30th March at 4 pm Sydney time, as ATMIA provides a global insight into the industry and addresses any industry issues and an open discussion for any action plans for this dynamic industry. 

Hot topics to be addressed at this forum include:
  • ATMIAs international and domestic updates.
  • The RBA's insight re:  Cash Distribution Survey
  • The RBNZ  RBNZ-Future of Money-Cash System(Te Moni Anamata)-
  • Industry response to floods in NSW & QLD
Please feel free at any point to contact if you require us to resend the dial-in details to this forum.
Again we encourage all industry stakeholders to join the celebrations of ATMIAs 25th year anniversary and be part of the ATMIAs biannual industry event for this region. The Next-Gen ATMs & Payment event will be held in Sydney on 7th & 8th December.  Undoubtedly, this two-day event will be the ATM industry’s major event for this region in 2022. For marketing and sponsorship details available at this event click here.

Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
Mobile: +61 424 300 660

Is the ATM Industry Ready? You Tell Us
ATMIA has published a well-received position paper supporting the roll-out of Universal Cash Deposit functionality at ATMs.
Now, ATMIA would like to test the readiness of the industry to embrace the concept of Universal Cash Deposits, while identifying any perceived roadblocks or concerns we can later address.  

Please take 5 minutes to help us gauge the readiness of the industry. All responses will be kept confidential. For completing the survey, you will be entered to win one of two prizes! A free year of membership or a free conference pass to a 2022 ATMIA conference of your choice will be awarded once we receive 50+ survey responses!

  *Survey closes March 31, 2022

   Take the Survey

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May 25, 2022

 Membership Level for Financial Institutions

ATMIA recently announced a new membership level that focuses on benefits to meet the needs of small to mid-size financial institutions. 

More than 50 of the world’s largest banks are already active members of ATMIA, a financial industry trade association that provides its members with ATM industry best practices, education, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

ATMIA Offers Financial Institutions Member Companies:

Connections with Key ATM Businesses: We have over 10,000 members from every aspect of the ATM industry. You are able to connect with the right people for your needs.

Looking to Outsource your ATM services? We have educational materials to help connect you with the right companies that can help.

ATMIA Academy - Two on-demand ATM training courses annually. Ideal for new staff! (value of $600)

ATM Security Association (ASA) - subscription included (value of $500) to access security best practices, documents, and access to a global Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) which tracks current and emerging crime trends and methods of attack.

Next Gen Consortium - Be part of the future innovation global project for ATMs.

Add unlimited staff - To access our education, connections and advocacy benefits.

Discounted pricing - for top industry conferences, including the Asia 2022 conference.

And much more...

We invite you to explore the benefits offered with this membership. Contact to learn more.

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Love cash? We do too.

Read our pro-cash stories for the ATM industry
ATMIA Member Benefit
This Position Paper overviews the benefits of recycling cash at ATMs with universal deposit-taking by:

1. Increasing the relevance of ATMs in an era of declining bank branches

2. Keeping the costs of cash competitive

3. Increasing foot traffic at ATMs for additional transactions
Read the full position paper here.
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Gain A Competitive Advantage    Published Friday, March 4, 2022
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Asia Pacific Member of the Month    Published Friday, March 4, 2022 
Emerging Markets Member of the Month     Published Thursday, March 3, 2022 
Bringing members together to help solve a common problem.

Industry response to the floods in NSW and QLD
Triple H Technologies is delighted to support the National Australia Bank and the Lismore Community by deploying the NAB Bank-in-a-box (BIAB) over the last 24 hours.

The BIAB has  “Meeting” & “Sales” modules that simulate a mini-branch and allow NAB Staff to interact and continue to assist customers face-to-face whilst flood-affected banking facilities are restored.  

The “Transaction Module” has an ATM and business deposit device which provides cash withdrawal/deposit, cheque deposit functionality, and bank balance enquiries.

Separately, Triple H is deploying a mobile ATM solution for NAB – establishing an alternative point of presence for access to cash.

Triple H will continue to assist banks and their customers in the coming weeks whilst Lismore and the surrounding areas recover from the floods.

Emergency cash drops for flooded towns.

MAR 4, 2022 — 
Jason Bryce

Cashless payment systems are down in many flood-hit communities throughout Queensland and NSW leaving businesses and consumers unable to buy and sell food and essential goods.

ATM and cash transport companies are making extraordinary efforts to get additional ATMs and more physical cash (notes and coins) to affected areas to ensure that shops can remain open and people can make purchases.

Prosegur chartered a helicopter to deliver cash to Casino and northern NSW towns after roads around Murwillumbah and from Toowoomba, Moorooka, Nerang and Coffs Harbour were all closed.

"Casino and Byron Bay needed cash for ATMs and financial institutions had no internet," said Andrew Nathan, Prosegur Australia's Commercial Director.

"All road routes to these sites from were closed so we secured a helicopter charter from Gold Coast late Wednesday afternoon.
"We worked with all parties to secure resources for the flight, process an emergency order for both branches and liaised with a major financial institution to provide escorts from helipads to branches for delivery."

Armaguard staff have gone above and beyond normal duties to get cash quickly to flooded towns.

"I’m proud of our team who ensured communities were supported even in the midst of a natural disaster," said Mick Cronin, CEO of Linfox Armaguard Group.

"One example is the swift transportation of cash from our Brisbane branch to Byron Bay."

"Working closely with the authorities to ensure our team was safe, our staff traversed the devastated countryside to ensure businesses could operate, and residents had access to cash."

"We have implemented a Business Continuity Plan in impacted areas, we are working with banks, fuel distributors and retailers to support communities, and I’m pleased to confirm that the vast majority of services have been provided as planned. 

"Though many of our team have been personally impacted, we’ll continue to do whatever is needed to provide essential cash services," said Mick Cronin.

NCR Payments and Allpoint, (provider of ATM services) is working with Summerland Credit Union to mobilise temporary banking services at Southern Cross University (SCU) in flood-devastated Lismore in northern NSW.

The ATM will be free-to-use for all cardholders linked to an Australian Financial Institution. 

NCR is also working with Prosegur to arrange extra cash deliveries to ATMs and providing assistance to local businesses where ATMs are located. 

Next Payments (independent ATM network) has sent sixty Automatic Teller Machines to Brisbane for rapid deployment throughout flood-hit communities in south-east Queensland.

"We have acted quickly to ensure that ATMs are deployed in communities that need access to cash now," said Tim Wildash, CEO of Next Payments.

"In times of crisis, cash is reliable and we want to ensure that businesses and residents in flood affected communities can make purchases and get the goods and services they need."  Australia needs cash.


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