'The Back Bulletin' from Denver Spine Surgeons
'The Back Bulletin' from Denver Spine Surgeons
The Back Bulletin
December, 2019

Patient Spotlight: Karen Mohan

Karen feels like a back surgery expert, she and her husband have had five back surgeries in two years! She has also become an expert on how her healthcare should be managed, and thinks Dr. Jatana and his staff definitely excel at that.

Karen’s husband, Ronnie, had a successful fusion surgery with Dr. Jatana over 20 years ago. But when he started having degeneration in the adjoining discs and went to make an appointment with Dr. Jatana, he learned he was out on medical leave. So, Ronnie went to another doctor and ended up having surgery. 

Then Karen started having severe pain in her arms and hands and headaches. She’d had a bad fall on the ice the year prior, and had worked at a desk for 24 years and it was catching up with her spine. Karen went to her husband’s doctor and was told she needed artificial disc replacement surgery. She had that surgery in December of 2018.

Karen’s pain was worse after her surgery. And she didn't improve with the prescribed injections or physical therapy. After eight months and no lessening of her pain, Karen knew she needed a second opinion. She was thrilled to see Dr. Jatana’s name on her list of insurance providers, called his office, and learned he was back at work. She was surprised when they got back to her promptly, got her an appointment the very same week, and diagnostic tests were quick and easy to schedule. “Toreen was so efficient and responsive,” Karen says, “the entire experience was smooth, they wanted to help me.” Karen says Dr. Jatana took one look at her and “understood I was in pain and at the end of my rope." Karen was scheduled for surgery nine days later and was relieved to wake up without pain. 

Meanwhile her husband was suffering from pain and symptoms in his back again. Karen recommended he see Dr. Jatana too. Ronnie was seen immediately, efficiently moved through diagnostics, and scheduled for surgery – which took place earlier this month.

Now Karen and Ronnie are pain free. They are back to walking their dog they adore, and Karen can lift her grandkids again. They even sent Ronnie’s twin brother to see Dr. Jatana for his back pain, so “we are a Jatana family,” Karen jokes. They are looking forward to a low-key, pain-free 2020, and are thankful they found a doctor that understood their pain and guided them to a successful outcome with ease and compassion.

 From all of us at Denver Spine Surgeons, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday and a peaceful 2020!


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