December 2019 edition
December 2019 edition


ATMIA wraps up a busy year of advocacy for our industry 

2019 has been a very busy year for ATMIA industry advocacy.  It began with our survey on the impact of bank account closures and disclosure of the surprising frequency with which IADs (Independent ATM Deployers) are mischaracterized as MSBs (Money Services Businesses).  Mid-year was highlighted with a series of regulatory meetings as part of our collaboration with NAC to seek changes to the FFIEC bank examination manual that inaccurately portrays independent operators as high-risk.  And it ended with ATMIA participation in an invitation-only U.S. Secret Service meeting that addressed all the different aspects of skimming and its impact on ATM crime.

ATMIA has long supported consumer payment choice and the importance of cash to our economy.  The growth of cashless retail establishments reached a point of concern last year, resulting in efforts by Washington, DC and New York City to require that all restaurants and public retailers accept cash as a form of payment.  At the Federal level, we continue to support the bill introduced last May in the House of Representatives by Congressman Donald Payne and referred to the House Financial Services Committee. 
ATMIA USA executive director, David Tente, and EFTA president and CEO, Kurt Helwig0, met with the OCC, FDIC, and CFPB in June to discuss the bank account closure issue.  These three agencies, along with the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) are the primary contributors to the FFIEC Bank Examination Manual.  There seemed to be general agreement that the specific language we called their attention to needs revision.  A revised manual is expected to be released by Q2 2020.
With a presidential election coming up in 2020, it is hard to predict what the year may look like.  They often tend to be relatively quiet as the House is also up for reelection.  Whichever way it goes, ATMIA will be there to advocate for our industry.
(To read or download the entire ATMIA Advocacy Update - 2019 Wrap-up, click here . . .)
David Tente
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Feel free to reach ATMIA USA executive director David Tente by email at or telephone +1.407.833.7906.

New This Year – Sponsor the 2020 Fly-in

Our meetings on Capitol Hill for the 2020 Fly-In will be all day Wednesday, March 25th, 2020.  Participants are also encouraged to attend a strategy meeting at 5:00pm ET on Tuesday, March 24 at the Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
A sponsorship for this event is being offered.  The sponsor logo will be included on all communications between now and the actual event, as well for all follow-up coverage.  For more information about the Fly-In event or sponsorship, contact David Tente.
Since DC hotels tend to fill up well in advance of planned arrival dates, it is recommended that anyone planning to attend reserve a room now.  There is no charge for cancellations made by March 20, 2020.

Legislative alert activity for 2019

All members have access to Legislative Alerts and Regulatory Alerts provided by Stateside Associates.  The Legislative Alerts are any proposed legislation that might impact ATM owners/operators/acquirers – which then generate an alert when first introduced.  Additional alerts are generated each time the bill moves through the legislative process or is the subject of further action of any kind.  Members must opt-in to these alerts.  
Alert activity this year was down just a bit from 2018 at 234.  We have seen 88 bills introduced from 25 states.  New York at 18; Massachusetts a distant second at 11; and New Jersey rounding out the top three with 8.
In addition to email alerts, the activity history of every bill is also accessible online.  Members can use an interactive map to review the pending legislation in any state, or create and generate customer reports that include just that information. 
Alerts were sponsored again this year by MetaBank.

Cashless ban updates

On Oct. 7, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to require businesses with a physical location in the city to accept cash as a form of payment. The vote was part of the council’s consent calendar.
According the ordinance, “cashless payments can be prohibitive for people who are underbanked or unbanked and who do not have access to a debit or credit card or mobile device payment methods.” People of color are more likely to be underbanked or unbanked, the ordinance said, for reasons ranging from poor credit history to language barriers and those living paycheck to paycheck.
Businesses will be required to accept all coins and paper U.S. currency in amounts up to $100 “to ensure that all city residents are able to fully participate in all aspects of the city’s economic life by paying cash for goods and services,” the ordinance said.
Amazon appears to be “doing a 180” with regard to its position on cash payments. In addition to reversing its strategy for the Amazon GO! Stores, online customers now have the option of paying for their orders in cash at certain Sav-a-Lot stores.
At the Federal level, ATMIA continues to support the bill introduced last May in the House of Representatives by Congressman Donald Payne and referred to the House Financial Services Committee. Although the bill now has 13 co-sponsors, including 5 Republicans, ATMIA members are encouraged to speak to their own Representatives and request that they too sign-on as a co-sponsor.
In August, Wisconsin became the latest of 13 jurisdictions to propose a ban on cashless retail establishments. What is of particular interest in this case, is that it is the first proposal sponsored by Republicans.
West Hollywood, CA increased that count to 14 as the City Council decided last month to require businesses to accept cash.  A memo explaining the April 1 proposal noted that “recent trends have moved businesses toward  ‘cashless payments’ including the use of cards or mobile devices in place of cash."  


The future awaits at the 2020 ATMIA USA conference

The fundamental fuel of the ATMIA USA conference is its educational program, which spans three days of pertinent workshops, breakouts, and general sessions.  Join 1,200 of your colleagues at the Hilton Americas in Houston, TX to launch your own journey into the future of NextGen ATMs.  With three distinct tracks and simultaneous breakouts, there is something of interest for everyone throughout the entire agenda.  
Financial institutions.  Register and come early for the 3-hour workshop on branch transformation.  Then catch a breakout session on “To Outsource or Not to Outsource”.  And stay until the very end for a general session on ”synthetic” IDs.
Independent ATM Deployers can attend a workshop to take a deep-dive into the future of ATMs, to learn how NextGen will impact the IAD/ISO.  A full day of breakouts includes a session on outsourcing parts management and another on boosting profitability and portfolio value.
The ATM Industry.  Those with a broader interest in emerging trends, new technologies, and payments also have a lot to pick from.  Perhaps a Tuesday workshop on Bitcoin and crypto in the ATM channel.  Followed by a breakout session exploring the use of AI and machine learning.  Wrap it up Thursday by learning about the implementation of new advances in customer authentication.
Register now, so you don't miss out.

Get a head start on hiring for 2020

The industry's best  and brightest talent can be found on the ATM Industry Career Center – and at member pricing that is exceptionally competitive.  Post to a job board that serves one field – not several.  We are a niche job board created specifically for the ATM community, so our candidates have the specialized skills and relevant, up-to-date experience to match exactly what you’re looking for.

Employer Benefits:
  • Targeted advertising exposure
  • Easy online job listing management
  • Resume search included with job posting
  • Automatic email notifications when job seekers match YOUR criteria
  • Member discounts available

To date, the Career Center has registered 187 job seekers, attracted over 4,000 new visitors and logged nearly 17,000 page-views.
Intern ads are free and other postings start at only $200.  For more information, contact U.S executive director, David Tente, or global director of finance and member services, Sharon Lane

Sponsor the U.S. Newsletter

Want to put your product or service in the spotlight  for nearly 5,000 ATM industry professionals?
Sponsorship includes:
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Sponsor the U.S. Newsletter for a month, a quarter, or a full year.  Contact Sharon Lane or David Tente for more information.

ATMIA one-day summit exceeds expectations

ATMIA's ATM Cyber-security Summit last month in Mexico City was a resounding success by any measure.
Sponsored by ATMIA member EuroTechZam, the event drew a total of 80 registered delegates.  A full day of educational sessions was led off by the Central Bank of Mexico and included information from other speakers about ATM crime trends in the region, as well as strategies for combatting it.
This recently introduced format is available to any ATMIA member in any region.  The agenda can extend to the entire day, including lunch, exhibits and networking time.  Or, be a simple half-day program featuring a few key speakers.
To explore potential summit opportunities in the USA, Canada or Americas, contact David Tente.  For other regions, contact Dana Benson or the regional Executive Director.


ATMIA members are welcome to participate in the ASA

The new ASA (ATM Security Association) website is up and running - separate from the ATMIA website.
The ASA’s mission is to “help keep ATMs as the world’s most secure financial services consumer touchpoint by providing relevant intelligence, information alerts, best practices and industry standards and solutions for the protection of ATM cassettes, and the cash inside them, in compatibility with health and safety principles and in line with the concept of taking away the reward for the criminal targeting ATMs.”
The Joint Security Council is the governing body of the ASA with elected officers chosen for a two year term.  The working groups and committees include:
•        Next Gen ATM Security Committee
•        The ATM Skimming & Card Data Compromise working group
•        The Cassette Security working group
•        The ATM Cyber, Software and Encryption Security Alliance
•        And the ATM Security Discussion Forum.
All ATMIA members are welcome to participate in ASA committee groups.  Access to documents such as the 2019 Fraud Survey Report, best practices, and the Theoretical Risk Assessment tool do require an annual subscription.
Click here to request more information.

Biometrics: The next step forward in ATM security

What if you didn't have to remember a PIN or worry about someone skimming your card every time you went to use an ATM? 
Passwords are easy t forget, and they can be a pain to recover, especially if you are in a hurry. The idea behind biometrics is that they only rely on some measure of your body, which is unique to each person. If implemented correctly, you don't need a password or even a smart card to access cash.
Biometrics promise a smoother customer experience and reductions in fraud. The technology is big business, too. The biometric market is expected to be worth $32.7 billion by 2022.
What follows are the basic types of biometrics that are being used or piloted on ATMs today and a few of their drawbacks.  Read more . . .

Article courtesy, Amy Castor, Contributing Editor

New cash cassette security white paper published

It is widely recognised in the industry that attacks against cash in ATMs are increasing in frequency and, in some countries, in severity  for example, when criminals use gas or solid explosives to get the ATM safe open. Attacks with gas and solid explosives introduce risks to humans in addition to their threat to property and assets.
If cash in the cassettes is not sufficiently protected, ATMs will remain vulnerable to physical attacks, resulting in considerable potential losses and collateral damage. When the risks become too high in a given area, ATMs are sometimes removed, causing inconvenience and loss of service for customers and the community.
The security of an ATM can be increased by early detection of any possible criminal activity. Detection needs to be as early as possible, because attacks nowadays can take as little time as three or four minutes. If a potential attack can be detected early by any means (smart cameras, AI, etc), there is time to take counter measures and prevent the attack.
ATMIA’s ATM Security Association (ASA) has published an updated white paper on ATM cash cassette security, Improving ATM Cassette Security with Innovation and Standardization.  It is available now to all ASA subscribers.  

The Cash Repository

The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
Recent Articles & Resources


U.S. security event debuts next June

ATMIA and ASA (the ATM Security Association) will host a new security event for the ATM industry.
Join us next June in Minneapolis, MN for the very first ATMIA USA Security Conference, focusing on a broad range of security topics impacting the ATM channel.  Although the program will primarily address U.S. market concerns, many new forms of attacks are “beta-tested” by criminals in other countries – which is why we will also incorporate emerging threats into the program, wherever they might be across the globe. 

Our educational program will include financial institution and independent ATM deployers, law enforcement, manufacturers, and technology and service providers.  Learn more about emerging security threats, as well as new strategies for battling the familiar ones.

The conference website and online registration should be available later this week.  Interest in this new event is quite high and exhibitors have   already signed up to secure their place in the exhibit hall.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Upcoming committee meetings

All upcoming U.S. committee meetings are in conjunction with the annual conference and expo in Houston, TX, on February 11 - 13, 2020.

Sponsoring Financial Institutions (SFI) Committee

The SFI Committee meets quarterly and is open to sponsor banks only.  The next  meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12 at 1:00pm CST.   Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members.

Independent ATM Deployers (IAD) Committee

All IADs and their providers are welcome to participate in the IAD Committee, which meets bimonthly.  The next  meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11 at 2:00pm EST.   Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members.

Government Relations Committee (GRC)

The GRC meets regularly to discuss regulatory and compliance issues affecting the industry, from federal, state, and local governments.  It meets next on Tuesday, February 19 at 11:00am EST.  Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members. 

Financial Institution ATM Deployer Forum

The FI ATM Deployer Forum group changed to an every-other-month (odd numbered months) meeting schedule, still on the third Friday at 2:00pm ET.  It meets next on Tuesday, February 19 at 1:00pm EST.  Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members. 

Questions and requests for committee meeting invitations may be directed to David Tente

Membership Benefit Reminder

There are so many benefits to ATMIA membership, it's easy to lose track of them all.  Watch the Newsletter each month for reminders about one of those membership benefits and tips about how to take advantage of it. 

Press Releases on ATMIA Website and Social Media 

Each member/company that has a press release they would like to post, may pass these articles to ATMIA for posting on the ATMIA website as well as various social media. The membership team also keep abreast with all the members and post articles as they are released.

Welcome our new members

New U.S. members since the last newsletter was published:  

Financial Institution level membership

   Banner Bank, Walla Walla, WA

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   Worldwide ATM, Gardena, CA

Associate & Small Business level memberships

   Choice ATM & Smart Safes, Hooksett, NH
   LibertyX, Boston, MA
   Packwell Bags & Paper, Edison, NJ
   ProfitStars, Allen, TX
   R T Berlin Grouip, LLC, Hartland, MI
   Systech Corporation, San Diego, CA
   The Compliance Organization, Bethesda, MD, Matthews, NC
Did You Know?  You can upgrade your membership level at any time.  Move up to Board level for greater visibility and a stronger voice in the direction of the Region.  Interested in becoming a U.S. Regional Board Member?  A unqiue membership level for financial institutions?  Contact David Tente for more information on this and other membership options.
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“To make it as easy as possible for members to promote the referral program, ATMIA has put together a variety of resources and each member company has been assigned a unique referral codes that can be found under the ‘my account’ tab on the ATMIA site,” says Amber Howell, ATMIA Membership & Social Media Manager. 
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Funds Access, Inc is a Fargo, North Dakota based corporation founded in 1997, which has been an ATMIA member since 2008. The primary focus of their business is to provide transaction processing services for ATM's. From their inception, Funds Access has offered their customers a 30 day contract. Their philosophy has always been that "providing solid customer service" eliminates the need for the 5 year exclusive contract that most ISO's (Independent Sales Organizations) require. If they cannot provide their customers the services they are looking for, then they should have the right to go elsewhere as needed.

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