Tennis Club Business May 2016
Tennis Club Business May 2016
                                 May 2016                                
Hello Readers,
TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS is again packed with (hopefully) useful information this month. Our two main 2016 subjects are covered: The Greening of Tennis showcases an exceptional organization when it comes to recycling and environmentally responsible business practices, Midtown Athletic Clubs. On the Making Extra Money For Tennis Professionals subject we are happy to announce a special product offer from Body Helix exclusively for pro's interested in becoming affiliates.
The results from our Quick 5 Question Survey last month are in. Very interesting! Check them out below. Also, take a good look at the Four Apps Worth Checking Out. Hoplu, QLIPP and BothHands are tennis related apps. Flipagram looks like FUN! I can't wait to try it out this month!
I love Suzanna McGee's neck stiffness exercises and I'm quite baffled by the simplicity of the reviewed book Learn Your Game by Rocky Lang. The article about UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) is near and dear to my heart because of my personal past involvement with the USTA's NTRP program. And the article about EXGLOsive was real interesting to research. When I read that German WTA player Sabine Lisicki plays glow-in-the-dark tennis I became very interested in it.
Congratulations to Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center of Dorchester, Massachusetts for being our Tennis Facility of the Month in May. Also congratulations to ACE Tennis of Canada for being our Tennis Organization of the Month and to Ed Charles of Encinitas, California, our Tennis Pro of the Month.
Have a great May!
Thank you,
Rich Neher

Tennis Facility of the Month
Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center
Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
Tennis Organization of the Month 
ACE Tennis, Burlington + Toronto, Canada
Tennis Pro of the Month
Ed Charles, Encinitas, California, USA
Quick TCB Survey
Survey Results Summary
The Greening of Tennis
Midtown Athletic Clubs
Tennis Industry Magazine
Skill Set by Bob Patterson
Online Sites & Apps
Four Apps Worth Checking Out

Tennis and Fitness
Never Used Exercises To Reduce Neck Stiffness
Tennis Skill Levels
UTR - Universal Tennis Ratings
Tennis Opinion Leaders
The Customer Is Always Right... Really?
by Rod Heckelman 
Tennis Book Review
Learn Your Game by Rocky Lang 
Making Extra Money For Tennis Professionals
Body Helix Special Affiliate Promo
Upcoming Industry Events
Event Calendar 

Tennis Facility of the Month

Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center

(Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)
The recognition that by focusing on the well-being of youth the health of the entire community could be improved led to the establishing oft the Sportsmen’s Tennis Club (now Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center, STEC) in 1961. STC was the first African–American tennis club in the US and the first indoor non-profit tennis club built by and for the African American community.

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Tennis Organization of the Month

ACE Tennis
All Canadian Experience

(Burlington + Toronto, Canada)                                 

Pierre Lamarche, President
Question: How far can a tennis professional with a keen eye for managing and developing people and an MBA from Missouri State go in the world of tennis?
Answer: Anywhere he wants to!

  • Canada’s Coach of the Year, Tennis
  • World Group Captain in Davis Cup, '91-92
  • Canadian Jr and Men’s Tennis Champion
  • Canada’s Davis Cup team member
  • Tennis Canada Hall of Fame
  • Rogers Hall of Fame [Canadian Open]

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Tennis Pro of the Month

Ed Charles
Head Pro + Manager
Bobby Riggs Tennis Club

(Encinitas, California,)

Ed Charles moved from his home country India to Culver City, California, at age 15. Started playing tennis a year later and played for Culver City High School at 17. After high school he played for Pierce College and for Cal State Northridge.

Ed has been a United States Professional Tennis Association Elite Professional for over 30 years. He has taught all levels of players from 3-year-old beginners to touring professionals.

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WTATP Tour Notes is a free weekly newsletter published by TENNIS MEDIA GROUP, bringing relevant and timely tennis pro-tour related content to you every Monday morning after the publication of new ranking information for the top players.

Quick TCB Survey

5 Question Survey Results

Lots of clubs and tennis professionals have replied and participated in our Quick Tennis Survey. Thank you, very much. And thank you all for the kind words of praise for our newsletter and the suggestions for future content. Here are just a few notes concerning the survey replies 
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The Greening of Tennis

Midtown Athletic Clubs

By Rich Neher
Midtown Athletic Clubs is without a doubt one of the biggest success stories in the history of US tennis and fitness facilities. Excerpt from my 2013 blog post Tennis and fitness - member wellness pays off for tennis clubs - "Billie Jean King has called Midtown Athletic Club “the best place to play tennis in the world.”

Midtown Athletic Club Chicago, originally established in 1970 as Midtown Tennis Club, is one of the world’s largest indoor tennis facilities and a state-of-the-art fitness center, featuring 18 tennis courts, a 3,200 square foot group fitness studio, dedicated Pilates and cycling studios, numerous social events, and a pro shop.

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Tennis Industry Magazine
   Skill Set

by Bob Patterson
As seen in Tennis Industry magazine. Tennis Industry is published 10 times per year: monthly January through August and combined issues in September/October and November /December by USRSA, the United States Racquet Stringers Association, Birmingham, Alabama.
Don’t just be an ‘order taker’;
employ your customer-service skills
to help your players select the right string

When helping a customer with racquet service, do you utilize your expertise as a racquet technician? Or do you find it easier to comply with “just do it the same…” instructions? Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with “the same” if at some point in the past 

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Online Sites & Apps

Four Apps Worth Checking Out

Sports training tool aiming to solve fundamental and daily limitations of traditional coaching in sports.
QLIPP is the ultimate tennis performance sensor, designed to improve your game with the most advanced analytics possible.
Business App for coaches. The next level for you and your clients.
Everyone Has Stories Worth Telling. Create, share and discover fun photo-video stories set to music you love!
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Tennis And Fitness

Never Used Exercises To Reduce Neck Stiffness

By Suzanna McGee
Suzanna, an expert athletic trainer out of Venice Beach, California, is a regular contributor to TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS. You can reach Suzanna on LinkedIn or by email at In August 2014 we reviewed her book "The Athlete's Simple Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle."
Neck stiffness can be so uncomfortable. You try to twist your head in all directions, pull and stretch the back and sides of your neck, press and massage behind your neck, but nothing seems to help.
Being a tennis player, often in ready position and holding the racket in front of you puts the shoulders into forward position, with head slightly protruding and this put a lot of pressure on the muscles around your shoulders and your neck.

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Tennis Skill Levels

UTR -  Universal Tennis Rating

     By Rich Neher
UTR "Corporate Evangelist" Dave Fish tells us about the UTR founder and president Dave Howell, who was puzzled to find out that kids in France played tennis at more appropriate levels and grew faster than kids in the United States. His conclusion after lots of research: It's the US system of junior tennis that produces so many 6-0, 6-1 matches that are not at all competitive. He started collecting data and after looking at and evaluating 1,000 matches at all competitive levels he created the Competitive Threshold™.
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Tennis Opinion Leaders

The Customer Is
Always Right... Really?

By Rod Heckelman
GM/Tennis Director at Mt. Tam Racquet Club
Step back for a moment and evaluate this common service protocol. It’s been a phrase that’s been the cornerstone of the service industry for years, but is it really practical, or for that matter realistic in the club industry? Another way to look at “the customer is always right,” would be to also believe that “the customer is never wrong.” Evaluating it from that perspective puts the concept in a whole different context. I doubt you would ever hear a company use the phrase, “the customer is never wrong,” 
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Tennis Book Review

Learn Your Game
A Workbook For Being A Better Tennis Player

By Rocky Lang
Rocky Lang has been involved in the motion picture and television business all his life and recently Executive Produced, “Girl Fight” for Lifetime Television. He has produced, written and directed motion pictures, documentaries, television shows, MOW’s and mini-series including White Squall, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jeff Bridges.
Rocky Lang lives in Toluca Lake, California and plays tennis at the beautiful Braemar Country Club in Tarzana, about 13 miles further west. Playing competitive tennis matches there he noticed seeing the same players over and over again, causing him to start taking notes about the matches against them.
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Making Extra Money For Tennis Professionals

Body Helix
Special Affiliate Promotion

Currently accepting applications for the Body Helix Affiliate Program 
Apply today and we will send you a Body Helix compression sleeve of your choice (upon acceptance of your application) so that you can experience first-hand what all of the hype is about!  
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Special Tennis Events


XGLOsive is a group tennis event that takes place on either a hard or clay court surface. This is where conventional tennis as you know it ends and the new XGLOsive black light tennis begins.
XGLOsive Tennis provides a black light tennis experience encountered on a tennis court platform that is bursting and popping with fluorescent and neon colors. This color extravaganza is surrounded by dance and popping popular music that allows you to take your special tennis game into a social environment that is defined and paced by the XGLOsive tennis programs.

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Upcoming Industry Events


Justin Henin, Marat Safin, Yvon Petra, Margaret Scriven.

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