Office 365 account terminated? Job offer? Nope, just phishing attempts.
Office 365 account terminated? Job offer? Nope, just phishing attempts.
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Beware of Phishing Attacks
Two new phishing scams are hitting Sac State inboxes  

From tax scams and COVID-19 related phishing emails, phishing attacks never take a holiday. This week, our campus accounts are seeing a spike in attacks from two new scams. To help keep you informed, we've identified the scams, provide instructions for how to report them, and offer an additional security measure you can take (if you aren't already). 

Office 365 Scam

You may receive an email "from Office 365" that threatens to close your account. These bogus “account termination” and “action required” messages are common and timely since campus is using Microsoft Office 365 tools now more than ever. 
Report Phishing

Part-Time Work Scam

Also reported in a Sacramento Bee article, this message offers part-time work, with the goal of stealing your money. In this and other “job” scams, they often ask you to buy gift cards as part of your work. They may even give you a check to start - which will bounce - and leave you with a hole in your account. 
Report Phishing

Received these or something else suspicious?

Do not provide any information or click any links, and report it immediately. 
How to Report Phishing

Do you Duo? Protect your Account
with an Added Layer of Security

Many Faculty, Staff, and Students are already enrolled in Two-Step Verification with Duo. It's a free security solution that requires two factors (your SacLink password and a mobile app that sends push notifications) to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access - even if they have your password. If you're not currently enrolled, let's get you protected!
Enroll in Two-Step Verification with Duo
We all count on each other to report suspicious activity as quickly as possible to reduce exposures - and we thank you for joining us to protect yourself and the entire Hornet Family! 

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