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Dear St. Lukers,
I write this in the Newark airport waiting for my flight back to Orlando. I am headed back to begin our fifth round of Shalom Sessions. This 8-week study on diversity and inclusion, based on the book of Ruth, is one of my favorite things we do as a church to move us from acceptance into true old testament hospitality (you can still sign up to join us below).
I find myself in my favorite pastime of people watching. I am surrounded by people from all over waiting to come to the big city or fly to other parts of the nation or world. All around is a mosaic of God’s diverse people, different skin tones, languages, types of family and relationships, ages, all restless in their waiting. I am overwhelmed with the deep belief that each person in this room is known by God’s love, each hair on heads have been counted, each tear cried by one of these people is held in the Spirit’s bottle of love, each is called beloved. But I’m struck with the deep pain that we don’t all see one another through those loving eyes of Jesus.
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St. Luke's in Review

A Restoring Hope Field Trip

Earlier this month, a group of 17 St. Lukers and friends visited the Apopka office of the Farmworker Association of Florida for a look at the plight of some of the unsung heroes in the food production process. Click the button below to read a full summary of their experience:

Fundraising for A New Nonprofit

Go Full STEAM, St. Luke's new partner nonprofit, held their first fundraising luncheon in Founder's Hall today. To learn more about Go Full STEAM click the "Learn More" button below. To give to this new organization click the "Give" button below, and select "Go Full STEAM" from the dropdown menu.
Looking Ahead at St. Luke's

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A Valentine's Day Celebration of Love

All couples are invited to "We Still Do," an elegant evening on Friday, February 14 at 6:00 p.m. including:
  • A 3-course plated dinner (beef bourguignon, chicken, or vegan option) with salad and dessert in Founder’s Hall
  • A special worship service in the Sanctuary with a special homily given by Dr. Steve Harper (Five Marks of a Methodist, Holy Love)
  • A cake reception in the Youth Center
Click the button below to make your reservation by February 5, and join us for this special celebration of love!
RSVP by February 19 to celebrate the 23-year legacy of Lynette Fields’ ministry at St. Luke’s with a special event on February 23 at 6:00 p.m.! Enjoy food, music, and special guests and give Lynette a warm St. Luke’s send off as she continues serving our community with Poverty Solutions Group (St. Luke's new partner nonprofit). Click the button below to RSVP today!
Join us for a 2-day overnight tour of the ECHO Global Farm on March 13 and 14 to learn more about new methods for farming which bring hope to those food insecure in our area. You will take a fascinating walking tour of a creative working farm, and taste tropical fruits and leaves as you explore a rainforest, a semi-arid dessert, rooftop gardens, and more.
To learn more and to register click the button below.
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