Thank you! It's been one week since you spent your Friday afternoon working alongside other leaders in the region to connect and advance the Make It. MSP. initiative. We hope you walked away with a tool you can use, a connection you can leverage, or a new idea you're ready to pitch to attract, retain, or elevate talent here in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.
Here are just a few highlights by the numbers: 
  • 229 attendees contributed $1,145 to local nonprofits working to welcome new Minnesotans, support students of color, and celebrate women in technology
  • 40 Make It. MSP. team members took to the stage, facilitated a breakout discussion, or shared their story on the big screen
  • 291 photos capture the energy throughout the event
  • 50 people authored their vision for the region's future
  • 45 innovators jammed on solutions to identified talent challenges
  • 51 collaborators shared ideas for future partnership efforts
  • 46 connectors made introductions to someone new 
  • 45 (and counting...) commitment cards completed by attendees
Your ideas - from things the summit inspired to improvements you recommended - went far beyond numbers. Our teams are busy analyzing all your insights! For now, here's a sneak peek from the hundreds of ideas you shared on worksheets, post-its, and surveys: 
  • Create paid, rotational mentorship programs for newly graduated technologists where they work under an experienced technologist at 2-3 organizations who act as mentors. Employers in need of experienced tech talent will be less reluctant to hire and talent will be better connected and more committed to the region
  • Use the summit as an opportunity to create one large collaborative project that lives on for everyone to see
  • More professional development opportunities that are multi-disciplinary and multi-sector (like a summit of different resource groups)
  • Tap into an influencer network in all corners of the metro to get more people involved in Make It. MSP. events and connections
  • Design a resume sharing platform that can help keep talented people in the region who might not fit with one organization's opportunity
  • Recommend tangible strategies and tips for an individual to better welcome a newcomer so more people can help
  • Work towards a region where more people in power are willing to step aside to create opportunity for others
  • Plan a weekend at the lake for people in search of new connections!
  • Develop stronger pathways for small organizations like main-street businesses to participate alongside large Fortune 500 companies
  • Provide more opportunities at events like the Make It. MSP. summit for people to use tools and offer feedback for improvements
Make It. MSP. team members and project leaders shared all kinds of ways they are partnering with others to take action and advance shared goals like improving social inclusion, supporting innovators and entrepreneurs, and connecting people to our community.
We hope you'll join them and hundreds of other leaders across Make It. MSP. by getting active or staying involved in the initiative in 2018. If you didn't get a chance to share your event call to action card you can sign up by visiting the form below. 
If you have questions or further feedback, please reach out to us at
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