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September 13, 2022
mary pat and gary taking a selfie with students during orientation
Dear students,
Can you believe it's the third week of classes already? So far, the semester has been full of opportunities for us to see new faces and to reconnect with returning students. It's remarkable to see Experiential Orientation cohorts grab a meal together or hang out on the Plaza. When we ran into our fantastic New Student & Family Programs team, we had to snap a photo!
With the academic year and social calendar in full swing, we want to remind you of the resources available to you as a member of our community. Whether you have concerns about mental health, an incident you would like to report, or questions about how to support a friend, we're here for you.
A full list of available resources can be found in the email linked here. We hope you will be responsible citizens of Duke by taking care of yourselves and watching out for each other. Together, we can make this year one of the university's best yet. 
We're looking forward to meeting more of you in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, if you see us around campus, say hi!
Go Duke,
Gary Bennett, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education     
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost of Student Affairs 

Social Host Workshops

Are you planning on hosting an event that involved alcohol? Register to attend a Social Host workshop.
For all events involving alcohol where the anticipated number of guests is >25, there must be one (1) Social Host for every 25 guests. The name(s) of each Social Host must be submitted via DukeGroups when registering your event involving alcohol.
Note: This workshop includes new materials and guidelines for 2022-2023. If you attended the Social Host workshop last year, you will need to attend the workshop again.
What is a Social Host?
Social Hosts are members of the Duke community that are required to be present at events where alcohol is present. Social Hosts are sober, active bystanders that assist in promoting safe, social behaviors to ensure that the event ends well for all those attending.
What will this workshop cover?
  • New policies & guidelines for events involving alcohol
  • Your role as a Social Host
  • Potential risks associated with alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Skills to address potentially dangerous and questionable behavior among your guetss
  • How you can host a safe and successful event involving alcohol
  • Learn hands-only CPR & controlled bleeding first aid
Workshop dates and times can be found on DukeGroups. If you have any questions, email Justin Sharpe at justin.sharpe@duke.edu.

Quad Identity Project. Coming to a quad near you!

Teams of students are working to co-create initial elements of each Quad's identity, including signs and symbols, rituals and traditions...but they won't just pull them out of thin air! Hours of research, consultations with experts, and collaboration and feedback sessions with their communities will all come together to create the symbols and traditions that will foster a sense of connection and welcome and include all Quad members: past, present, and future.
Interested in participating? Send a message to nicholas.chrapliwy@duke.edu and we'll find a place for you!
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Get to know your Faculty Fellows & Academic Guides at Fridays with Fitz!

If you're into dogs and sweets, Fridays with Fitz is for you. This semester, the Student Affairs communications team will be joined by Faculty Fellows and Academic Guides to ask fun questions, give out treats, and answer any questions you might have! 
We'll see you on the Plaza THIS Friday, September 16 at noon, with Fitz, who will be waiting for your pets and hugs.

ePrint Updates!

ePrint allows students to print directly to any printer on campus, even remotely, using the mobile app. An upgrade of the e-Print server last spring requires returning students to delete the old client, restart their device and then reinstall the new client, available at software.duke.edu. For more information on ePrint, visit oit.duke.edu/what-we-do/applications/eprint.

Resources, Resources, Resources

While the fall semester can be a wonderful time of academic exploration and social engagement, it is also a great time to introduce to some and remind others that self-care, personal safety, accountability, and responsibility are the hallmarks of success for accomplished college students. Please be great citizens of Duke by taking care of yourselves and watching out for each other.
A variety of resources have been established to provide holistic support of our students. As the eyes and ears of the campus community, it is important that you familiarize yourself with options for both receiving assistance and reporting concerns. Citizenship is a shared responsibility.
Click here for more information about all available resources and support.

Heatwave + Devilsgate = A Good Time.