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The biweekly newsletter from SA + OUE

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Duke Student Affairs

September 23, 2020

A dual portrait of Mary Pat McMahon (left), and Gary Bennett (right) on a white and gray background.
Happy Wednesday!  
First things first—how are you doing?  Like really, how are you doing? We hope your classes, both virtual or in-person, are going smoothly, and that you are finding ways to connect with your fellow students as well as faculty and staff here at Duke, whether through virtual events, office hours, a physically distanced meal or coffee, or a round of spikeball outside! 
As the weather continues to cool off, we encourage you to get outside for a dose of nature to reduce stress (see That Good Boy Henry's pro tip below), make sure to get your flu shot, and reach out when you need support or just to talk. There are so many people in the Duke community who are here for you—wherever "here" may be for you this fall. 
Go Duke, 
Gary & Mary Pat 
Gary Bennett, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education 
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost of Student Affairs

COVID updates

pop-up activities 
are happening!
You may have noticed some recent pop-up programming on East and West campus, like yesterday's Chef's Chatter outside the Marketplace. More of these to come! Check DukeGroups for details. 
Friendly reminder on current res hall occupancy limits: 0 overnight guests, 1 person at a time in smaller spaces like kitchens and laundry rooms, 3 people per individual room, and 8 per suite or apartment. These numbers are totals, including residents plus guests! Always check posted occupancy signs, as common rooms throughout campus vary in size. 

Tip of the week:

Get outside!

Nature has a huge impact on our well-being. If you're craving a little peace and happiness, get outside and reconnect with the world around you. Research shows that being in nature reduces stress and enhances positive mood. So as the weather starts getting cooler, make sure to get outside and play—physically distanced, of course! You can connect with nature wherever you are; if you're in Durham, may we suggest a stroll on the Al Buehler Trail?
🐾 Want more wellness tips from Henry? Sign up for DuWell's weekly newsletter. 

Fight the flu!

Flu clinics are now open! Getting your flu shot this year is more important than ever, and it is so easy. There are a few important changes to flu clinics this year, including required appointments, so click through for more info and sign up for your appointment soon. The earlier, the better!
As a reminder, to better protect the Duke community from COVID-19, seasonal flu vaccines are required this year for any students, university staff and faculty who are on campus. 

Resource highlight:
Two-Click to Connect 

Duke Student Government has worked with DukeReach and student advocates to create the Fall 2020 “Two-Click to Connect” Support Form. In just two clicks, you can select the category of person who will reach out to you within 24-48 business hours, be it a trained Peer For You responder or a DukeReach staff member. Take this opportunity to connect with someone and discuss whatever’s on your mind. It takes less than 30 seconds to submit the form and someone will follow up ASAP! 

Voter registration deadline is October 9

National Voter Registration Day was yesterday (September 22), but that doesn't mean you're out of time... yet! We encourage all those who are eligible to register and exercise their right to vote. You have until October 9 in NC to register by mail or online, and it takes very little time! Need help or have questions? Visit
A graphic with a world map and text that says Spring 2021 Global Engagment Program applications live, with IHouse logo

Get involved! 

Are you a global-minded student interested in a service learning program? Look no further. The International House, in collaboration with the Career Center, has developed the Global Engagement Program to provide domestic students with beneficial interactions with international students and scholars at Duke. You will navigate how to work with people of different cultural backgrounds, while receiving professional, leadership and intercultural training. 
This opportunity is open to all domestic Duke undergraduate and graduate students who will be enrolled in Spring 2021. The application is due October 9. For questions, email
A photo of a desk with a laptop, table lamp, notebooks and pens in front of a blue curtain.

Call for photos:  

Show us your remote study space! 

Are you studying somewhere other than campus this fall? We want to see your study space!
Show us your set up—bonus points if you include furry (or scaly or feathered) friends. Email your photos to, or tag @dukestudentaffairs on Instagram, and we'll share a roundup in a future newsletter.
Two students practicing proper physical distancing and wearing masks at Duke Cheerleading practice

Spotted: Keeping the community safe 

Shout out to the two Duke Cheerleading squad members spotted at practice wearing masks and staying physically distant! 
Thanks for keeping our community safe!