Today I am honored and enthused to introduce you to another hero
Today I am honored and enthused to introduce you to another hero
Leticia Espino - Hero in 2021
... bringing us back after COVID
Hey, James, Today I am honored and enthused to introduce you to another hero of the effort to care for your Parks & Trails. San Jose Parks Foundation works with volunteers, neighborhood groups, nonprofit partners and City of San Jose Staff. Today I am giving due praise to Leticia Espino, Volunteer Coordinator for the City's Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services (PRNS). Leticia took over this job duirng the COVID crisis and behind the scenes has organized an amazing volunteer workforce.
James Reber, Executive Director, San Jose Parks Foundation
Leticia Espino [left], Manager of the PRNS Volunteer Management Unit. She regularly organizes Volunteer Crews like the one pictured here to restore, improve, clean and maintain parks.

Leticia Espino - Quiet Leader

Leticia Espino has worked for PRNS for many years, but the COVID Crisis saw her shift into an entirely new job. Trained as a Recreation Specialist, she was brought in to lead the Volunteer Management Unit in 2020 to fill the vacancy left when Mollie Tobias retired.
Recruiting, organizing, training and managing volunteers is a hefty workload in the best of times, but having to do so during COVID has been even more difficult, since all volunteers had to be masked and social distance themselves while doing physical labor.
Many employee groups are unavailable, as Silicon Valley corporations have closed offices and employees are working from home and don't engage in group activities. So, recruiting has become more challenging. This means recruiting from schools, churches, neighborhoods and clubs – and often depending on younger volunteers.
Despite the difficulties, Leticia has risen to the challenge, bringing hundreds of volunteers into dozens of parks to do the work that otherwise would not get done. As City budget cuts have impacted personnel, Volunteers have become an essential part of the City's workforce. Clean parks are safe parks. Maintenance impacts long-term health of plants and trees – an essential element to the goal of sustainability.

Special "Thanks" to the hundreds of Volunteers – True Heroes in Our Time of Need

The Volunteer Program represents a critical part of the overall workforce for PRNS, without whom our parks would fall into disrepair and become troublesome areas. With over 200 parks and 56+ miles of trail, San Jose depends on Volunteers, like the groups pictured on this page. San Jose Parks Foundation fully supports the Volunteer Program in partnership with PRNS and our many wonderful volunteers.

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