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We are deeply grateful for your support of Astonished! especially in these times when we are all experiencing so much uncertainty and change. Together with your help we are finding new ways to experience the mutual benefit of social inclusion. We hope this newsletter will help to brighten you heart like you brighten ours. Happy Valentine’s Day

A Sexuality and Relationship Building Series

In January and February 2021 Core Members are participating in a three-part seminar series about healthy relationships. The focus is relationships (families, friendships, romantic relationships and dating); sexual behaviour (abstinence and sexuality throughout life) and sexual health (sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy); and society and its perspectives (gender roles, diversity, and sexuality/body image in the media). The series is being led by Kailey DeLucry. Kailey has her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is currently working on her PhD.

Community Initiatives Fund

Thank you to the Community Initiatives Fund for their support of the Let's Talk series. The Community Initiatives Fund contributes to the quality of life of Saskatchewan’s residents by providing grants for projects supporting healthy growth and development of children and youth, individual and community wellbeing, and nonprofit and community leadership.

Artivism Across the Flyover Provinces November 2019

Grow Gratitude 2020

Thank you to our amazing supporters for the generous support of the Astonished! Grow Gratitude campaign. We are deeply grateful for this support especially in these times when we are all experiencing so much uncertainty and change. Together with your help we raised 101% of our goal! These are some of the messages of gratitude we received from supporters:
Thank you for the opportunity to support your vital service in our community Catherine Robertson

  Where do I begin? How to tell a story of 87 years of rewarding work, deep and lasting friendships, good health, and endless opportunities to learn. My gratitude grows daily, and my love of this precious life. Joan Tinkess

  I admire the work and fun of this organization. Wilma Bell Wessel

Thank You

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who help to keep Astonished! rolling. To our Board of Connectors; the Spring Virtual Concert team; our communications team; and the University of Regina students who are volunteering with us this semester, Molly Yungmann, Kirstin Greve, Callum Kraft, and Elisa Wong, we send heart waves of gratitude.

Jeffery Straker

Join us for a virtual benefit concert featuring Jeffery Straker on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m (CST). The Virtual Benefit Concert is a celebration of the work of Astonished! and ultimately the work of the Astonished! Core Members. Be entertained by the amazing Jeffery Straker; bid in the silent auction; connect with friends, old and new; dress up in your glad-rags or wear your pj's, whatever suits you. The event serves as an important fundraising event for Astonished! 

Event Tickets are $100 per household. You receive a tax receipt for $75. Each ‘Event Ticket’ includes one household zoom link which will be emailed to ticket purchasers 24 hours before the event.

Tickets are only available for purchase before midnight Wednesday March 3, 2021 

Jeffery Straker tours over 100 shows across Canada, Europe and Latin Am
erica each year. He's recorded for CBC Radio's Canada Live, had a music video in the top 10 in Canada, and has had his music used in TV, movies and theatrical productions. The rootsy-storytelling style of his songs has been described as having the power to transport a listener - out onto a lake in Canada’s North or to the main street of a prairie town while critical comparisons have been made to the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joel, & Harry ChapinTo read more
Get Tickets Here


Anyone else dreaming of warmer weather and 'Barbeque Season'? We are pleased to present our Sizzling Beef Raffle (Prize = $500 package of Beef and a brand new BBQ). To purchase tickets please email Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous or phone Bonnie (3067379560). Thank you to Broyhill Holsteins for once again sponsoring this fantastic prize! NOTE: All tickets must be purchased in Saskatchewan.

Shaun Silzer

My name is Shaun Silzer and I am a social work student from the University of Regina doing my practicum placement at Astonished! I have a Bachelor or Arts degree with a double major in psychology and religious studies from the University of Regina that I completed before starting social work. I am married and have 2 kids, a five-year-old boy and a two-year-old boy, who are my absolute world. I really enjoy playing, coaching, and watching sports. I played on the Regina Thunder football team, coached football at Archbishop M.C. O'Neill high school, and coached soccer at Miller high school. I enjoy volunteering with the Knights of Columbus and with youth events at the Archdiocese of Regina including the annual Variety Night and the My Generation youth rally. Community relationships have always been a passion of mine and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend my time getting to know the amazing people at Astonished! Thank You Shaun for being part of the A! Team this semester.

Quinn Wilton

Hello, my name is Quinn Wilton! I am a 4th year Social Work Student with the University of Regina and am currently completing my major practicum placement with Astonished! this term. Prior to this term I was completing my degree on the U of R’s Saskatoon Campus, but moved to Regina in December to finish my degree. I hope to find work after graduation in the spring. I grew up on a farm just over an hour east of Regina and moving here has allowed me to be closer to family which has been very important given the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have many areas of interest in the Social Work field and the vastness of the profession has always been appealing to me. Being placed with Astonished! has been exciting as I have a passion for working with individuals with disabilities due to my own experience with disability. I am eager for the experiences and opportunities I will gain over the next few months of the semester! Thank You Quinn for being part of the A! Team this semester.


We are now into our twelfth month of the Astonished! Teaching and Learning Centre gathering via Zoom. Astonished! staff, volunteers, practicum students, and Student Researchers are rising to the challenge of keeping it fresh and interesting. In this new year John Loeppky joined an A!TLC session to explore dance styles on Zoom; Dr. Helen Pridmore is teaming with us to creatively express our lives through a music app; Mia Bell guided participants in a print making art activity; our intrepid interim program manager, Emma Hancock, keeps the wheels going on a daily basis, and regularly, safely, delivers supplies to Student Researchers so everyone can participate. 
Royal Road Race 2017

Jaleta Pacers

In 2020 Astonished! was chosen as the charity recipient for the Royal Road Race by the Jaleta Pacers. Due to COVID-19 the race did not take place in 2020 and will not take place in 2021. We know how disappointing it is to not participate in the Royal Road Race due to the pandemic. We were looking forward to being there with everyone, racing, wheeling, and cheering each other on. We also know how important it is to keep each other safe. We deeply respect the work of The Jaleta Pacers and are grateful for their support of Astonished! especially in these times when we are all experiencing so much uncertainty and change. Thank you to the Jaleta Pacers for your generous support

A! Social Club

The Astonished! Social Club hosts monthly events on Zoom. The Leadership Team, Molly Yungmann and Kelsey Culbert, organize the events with Emma Hancock, A! Interim Program Manager. In January Core Members cheered on their teams (Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs) at a NFL viewing party. Nachos and fries were safely delivered to participants homes so they could snack together during the game.  On February 13th they celebrated Valentine's Day early with creative cookie styles and visiting together on Zoom.

One of a Kind

The generosity of all our donors makes our hearts happy. Together with your support we are experiencing the mutual benefits of social inclusion. We extend an extra special thank you to Farm Credit Canada, Fidelity Investments, and the JBL Foundation for their generosity

Your donations contribute to the vitality of this innovative expression
of social inclusion. 
Thank You.
We are indeed Better Together!

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