Check for Unclaimed Property, Beware COVID-19 Scams, Try Recipes and Crafts
Check for Unclaimed Property, Beware COVID-19 Scams, Try Recipes and Crafts
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  April 2020  
ImOn and the Coronavirus


The U.S. Homeland Security Department recently released a memo defining "essential infrastructure industries." Internet and telecommunications providers — which, of course, includes ImOn Communications - are on this list.

ImOn is proud to be considered part of essential operations in our communities during times of emergency. Our team members continue to step up to the challenge of keeping Eastern Iowans connected to each other and the world, which we believe is so important as we all face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want you all to rest assured that ImOn is doing everything necessary to protect our employees, our customers and our communities as we continue to serve. You will continue to see our trucks and employees out in your neighborhoods. All employees have been instructed specifically to practice social distancing and they are equipped with the personal protection equipment they need to protect themselves and others.

While our offices and walk-in customer care desk are temporarily closed, our team is safely working remotely to continue to answer your questions and concerns. All contact numbers and hours for customer care are listed below. Emergency and technical support are offered via phone 24/7; billing and account-specific questions can only be addressed during normal customer care hours. 

ImOn Residential Customer Care Lines: Available Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm for service support, bill payments, and account questions.
  • Cedar Rapids: 319-298-6484
  • Iowa City: 319-519-6484
ImOn Business Customer Care Lines: Available Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm for service support, bill payments, and account questions.
  • Cedar Rapids, Marion & Hiawatha Businesses:  319-261-2249
  • Iowa City Businesses:  319-261-4610
  • Dubuque Businesses:  563-239-9150
Technical Support and Emergency Service Line: 24/7 (does not include bill payments or account questions):
  • Cedar Rapids: 319-298-6484
  • Iowa City: 319-519-6484
Customer Care Email:   

Bill Payment
There are several options available paying your ImOn bill. These include our online portal, via telephone or mail, or by utilizing our payment drop boxes in front of our Cedar Rapids and Iowa City office building, or at the CRBT downtown office. You can see the complete list HERE.

Equipment Return:
If for some reason you need to return ImOn equipment during this time, we have provided a cart in the lobby of our building at 101 3rd Ave SW in Cedar Rapids. You can leave your equipment on the cart and our employees will pick it up frequently throughout the day. The labels on the equipment will let us know which account to credit the equipment to. Make sure you also return power chords and remotes that may go with the equipment.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. ImOn's primary objectives are to protect our customers, colleagues, and community while still providing a superior level of customer service. We will continue to communicate changes through emails, our Facebook Page, and the website Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.
New Ways to Contact ImOn Customer Care

Support Resources - Download Images to View

At ImOn Communications, we are committed to providing you outstanding customer service. To this end, we are excited to announce two new ways you can communicate with our customer care office, online chat and email.

ImOn has added a new customer care chat feature to our customer portal, During normal business hours you can chat directly with a customer care representative about your services and billing information. You can find the chat feature on the home page and customer support pages of

In addition, you can now communicate with our customer care representatives through email. If you have an active email address associated with your ImOn account, our customer care representatives are now able to discuss account specific information with you through email. This could include specific information regarding your ImOn services and billing information. However, our customer care representatives will only be able to communicate with the email address associated with your ImOn account. So, make sure we have your most up to date information. The ImOn Customer Care email address is

Please know that if you make a change to your email address on file, we will send a letter confirming this change and verifying you were the person who made the change. Once an email address has been associated with your account for 30 days, we can begin communicating account specific information with you through that email address.

Besides chat and email, you are still able to contact ImOn Customer Care by phone and mail. Please note that we are still unable to communicate account or bill specific information over social media.
Happy Easter

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Download Graphics to View

Happy Easter from your ImOn Communications family!
Free Channel Previews and Family Activity Ideas

Free Preview - Download Images to View

We know it can be hard spending so much time at home with canceled events and schools and social distancing practices. To help keep your family active and entertained during this extended time at home, ImOn has compiled a list of activities, educational websites, book lists, fitness options, and streaming recommendations that everyone will love.

We are also offering several FREE channel preview opportunities for our cable TV customers. Now through the end of April you can watch Hallmark Drama (ch. 128 & 881), the Outdoor Channel (ch. 48 & 848), the Sportsman Channel (ch. 47 & 840), Game Show Network (Ch. 67), DIY (Ch. ), Great America Country (Ch. 119), American Heroes Channel (Ch. 88 & 877 ), Discovery Life (Ch. 89 & 878), Disney XD (Ch. 37), FX Movie Channel (Ch. 131), Nat Geo Wild (Ch. 96 & 896), and Ovation (Ch. 80 & 880) for free. An ImOn set-top box is required to receive these channels.
Photo Contest - Download Images to View NEW ImOn Calendar and Photo Contest

Eastern Iowa is an incredible place to call home! Join ImOn in celebrating the beauty of Eastern Iowa with our NEW ImOn photo contest and calendar. Help fill the pages of our upcoming 2021 ImOn customer calendar with photos showcasing the beautiful places we serve.

We are looking for photos that capture our breathtaking landscapes, area events, holiday fun, and vibrant culture. Prizes will be awarded to the entrants of the winning photographs selected to be in the 2021 ImOn Customer Calendar. For more information and to submit your photos, visit:
Call 811 Before You Dig

Download Images to View Did you know that every digging job — from planting a bush to installing a fence — requires a call to 811 to have your underground utility lines marked? Whether you are planning to do it yourself, or hire a professional, digging without knowing the location of underground utilities can be dangerous. In some cases, these lines are buried close to the surface and even shallow digging could cause damage.

You should call 8-1-1 at least a few days before you start any digging project. Simply tell the operator where you are planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing. Local utilities will then be notified, and they will send someone out to your property, free of charge, who will mark out the existing underground utility lines with either spray paint or flags. When you start your project, you should avoid digging within 18 to 24 inches from these marked utilities lines. This will prevent damage to gas, electric, telecommunications, water, and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions in your neighborhood, serious injuries, and/or costly repairs.

As one of your local service providers, ImOn thanks you in advance for your cooperation!
Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Kiddie Choreography
James Corden and Justin Bieber try to keep up with their tiny dance instructors with unexpected, cute, and hilarious results.
Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View  
Playing to the Crowd
At the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Rickie Fowler riles up an excited crowd before effortlessly sinking a putt.

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Each month we will share helpful information about various tech topics to help you, our customers, better understand the technology and services you have in your life.

Last month we talked about things that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. This month we are taking that one step further by introducing a new option that will enhance your home's Wi-Fi experience. You can read about these factors by clicking HERE.

If you feel like you have tried everything to get a secure, reliable, and consistent Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire home, but are still struggling with your Wi-Fi signal in some areas, you may want to consider trying ImOn's new WholeHome Wi-Fi service.

Whole Home WiFi - Download Graphics to View

In your standard home Wi-Fi setup, you have a modem, which connects you to the Internet. Your modem then connects to a router, which creates the Wi-Fi signal for your devices to connect to the Internet. ImOn's WholeHome Wi-Fi uses the latest mesh technology to optimize your Wi-Fi connection and extend your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, helping to eliminate dead spots. Like your traditional Wi-Fi setup, ImOn's WholeHome Wi-Fi has a very powerful central router, connected to your modem, that significantly extends your Wi-Fi coverage. If interference is still causing signal interruptions, satellite mesh units may also be placed throughout your home to help boost the signal even more. This helps to effectively blanket your home with a seamless Wi-Fi connection, with a strong signal no matter where you are.

Download Graphics to View ImOn's WholeHome Wi-Fi service comes with a mobile app that allows you to easily manage your Wi-Fi network from anywhere. The app allows you to view your Wi-Fi signal strength and see all the different devices that are connected to your network. You can also see how much bandwidth each device is using, so you can stop unused devices from using your available bandwidth. The digital app also allows you to set up parental controls, set timers on Internet usage, add a guest network, and more. Click HERE to learn more about the WholeHome Wi-Fi digital app and features.

If you would like to learn more about ImOn's WholeHome Wi-Fi service visit We hope you found this information informative and useful. If you have a tech topic you would like to learn more about, just email your ideas, or questions, to and you may see them featured in an upcoming edition of Tech Talks.
Unclaimed Property  
Unclaimed Property
You may be owed money in the form of uncashed checks, security deposits, overpayments, and more.
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Get a New Pet  
Get a New Pet
Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30 by finding a new furry friend to take home.
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Tips for Better Health  
Tips for Better Health
This site shares great ideas for exercise, diet, cooking, nutrition, supplements, and stress management.
Learn more...
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Cooking Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Chicken Taco Avocados
Try tacos with avocado "shells" at your next Taco Tuesday dinner. They're delicious and super easy.
Cooking Demo 2 - Download Graphics to View  
Key Lime Pie
No need to go to a restaurant to get enjoy this dessert! Make your own Key Lime Pie in just a few steps.
Use this app to help you sleep better, reduce stress, minimize anxiety, and increase happiness. Learn more...
Our Groceries  
Our Groceries
This simple grocery list features an easy interface that you can share with others in your home. Learn more...
SwiftKey learns your writing style to improve autocorrections when you type or swipe on your phone. Learn more...
Crafty Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Bump backyard bird watching up a notch by providing your feathered friends with these fun, colorful bottle feeders.
Crafty Demo 2 - Download Graphics to View  
Cutlery Holder
Whether you're at your kitchen table or having a picnic in the park, use this cute container to keep your utensils organized.
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April 25th Is National Telephone Day

National Telephone Day - Download Images to View

On April 25th we celebrate National Telephone Day. Alexander Graham Bell introduced the first version of a telephone in 1876 and it emerged as one of the most successful products ever. However, as smartphones have become more and more popular, landline phones are rapidly losing their relevance. According to, in 2004, more than 90% of U.S. households had an operational landline phone. That has now fallen to 54% in 2018. So, in honor of National Telephone Day, we wanted to share some of the advantages of keeping a landline phone.
  1. Emergencies (911): In the event of an emergency, your landline is the best way to call 911. Even if you can't speak, the dispatcher knows your address and can quickly send help. While cell phones can track your location through GPS, it can only track you to the nearest cell site, which could waste valuable time in an emergency.

  2. Dependability of service: While a landline phone does limit your mobility and where you can use it, you can't beat its dependability. Even in today's highly mobile world there are still cellular dead zones and areas with spotty reception. Plus, you don't have to worry about whether your battery is charged or how many minutes you have left.

  3. Quality: Consumer Reports found that sound quality on a cordless home phone was better than any cellular device available. This is something to consider, especially for those individuals who may be hard of hearing.

  4. Alternative Number: Many people don't want to give their cell phone number out to just anyone. So, a landline could be an alternative number that could be used instead of giving out your cell number.
If you find yourself wishing you had your old landline telephone again, ImOn is here to assist you in whatever way we can. Adding a home phone line doesn't cost much and we make the process easy and painless. Plus, you can keep your existing phone number and can get several call features including call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, and more.
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