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Highlight of ECS Meeting of October 7, and Preview of ECS Meeting of October 14 

In an effort to improve communication between ECS/UAS and faculty colleagues, the Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) at its August 17, 2022, retreat reaffirmed a recommendation from August 12, 2021, that each week, a general message will be sent out to all faculty. This message will highlight the immediate past ECS/UAS meeting and give a preview of the upcoming ECS/UAS meeting. In particular, the highlight will summarize the key agenda items and provide context on the key votes; the pros and cons will be summarized and the key arguments for each highlighted. Herein are the highlights of the ECS meeting of October 7, 2022 and a preview of the ECS meeting of October 14, 2022. Meetings of the ECS are restricted to members of the ECS, their alternates, and others whom the ECS may invite, pursuant to SG Meetings of the UAS are open pursuant to SG
Highlights of ECS Meeting of October 7, 2022
Chair’s Report:
  • Faculty forums on the evaluation of teaching will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 10/26 10:00-11:00 a.m. and Thursday 10/27 2:30-3:30 p.m. You will have to register to get the Zoom link for each day by going here.
  • The 10th Annual Teach-in is titled Power, Privilege, and Difficult Dialogues. It will be held Wednesday 11/9 and Thursday 11/10 in a hybrid format. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals.
Provost’s Report:
  • The search for the new dean of KCON is ongoing. The first candidate was here last week and two more candidates will be here this week.
  • The Provost attended the Undergraduate Research Fair on October 4 and was impressed by how much faculty are giving their time to mentor students.
Student Senate President’s Report:
  • Student Senate is working on legislation to tackle student wages.
  • Student Senate is working with parking services to improve parking for students.
  • Student Senate completed the civil discourse workshop and is having a DEI workshop this week.
Old Business:
  • The Equity and Inclusion Committee (EIC) Memo on Documenting Relationships between EIC, Inclusion and Equity (I & E), and Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC) was reviewed and supported.
  • A discussion was had on the GVSU Tuition Models. It was resolved that any further discussion on the topic was premature until after the Provost had investigated the issue administratively and report back to ECS by mid-November.
  • A discussion was had on Staff Departure Across the University. A working group was put together to do some more research and bring back preliminary data to share with ECS.
New Business:
  • The VP for Student Affairs, Jenny Hall-Jones, who could not make it to the September 30 UAS meeting, was formally welcomed and introduced.
  • Kristy Dean led the discussion and shared the survey on Faculty Experience with and Impressions of Research/Scholarship at GVSU.
  • The Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC) Memo on Leadership, Succession Planning, and Membership was supported with a minor change for clarity.
  • Nominated faculty were selected to represent faculty in the Intellectual Property of Instructional Materials (IntPIM) Task Force.
For more details on the above items, please go here.
Preview of ECS Meeting of October 14, 2022
  • Student Senate Memo on Student Senate Compensation Proposal
  • Discussion on Assessment of Badges and Microcredentials
  • Discussion on the Evaluation of Teaching
  • Preliminary Discussion of Faculty Workload
Please, feel free to reach out to your ECS or UAS representative from your College/University Libraries to provide input on any UAS agenda item that you may like to weigh in on.
Thank you for your continuous interest in faculty governance. 
Felix N. Ngassa
Chair of ECS/UAS 2022-2023
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