Now, more than ever, we need the support of readers like you.
Now, more than ever, we need the support of readers like you.
Dear Readers,

Alpinist began as a utopian project in 2002. Over the years, we've aimed to put our values first: a belief in journalistic integrity and artistic innovation; a desire to look beyond the mainstream and to share stories that might not otherwise get heard; an aspiration to create more space for often-marginalized voices as well as legendary ones; a hope that we might, through our efforts, make climbing literature and climbing communities better; a love of wild places and an acknowledgement of our responsibility to protect them.

Today, in order to keep these goals alive, we need the support of readers more than ever.

Across the world, as individuals and businesses grapple with the fallout of the global pandemic, Alpinist has not remained unscathed. In order to secure the future of their companies and jobs, some advertisers have had to pull out of contracts with us. As a result, Alpinist, like many other media outlets, has lost important advertising support that, in addition to subscriber support, has kept us going. Across the publishing industry, numerous companies have been forced to resort to layoffs and to reducing or freezing their budgets for hiring freelancers. We are striving to avoid such measures, to continue to keep our staff employed and to provide work and space for freelance writers, photographers and artists in our community.

We know that these are hard times and that many other community organizations, individuals and businesses are in need of your support as well.

So, to subscribers, thank you: you are helping us keep afloat. If you're not a subscriber yet or you know someone who might like to receive Alpinist in any of its forms please consider the following:
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While some media outlets have published sponsored content from advertisers, Alpinist has not. By turning down these opportunities we've limited revenue, but we believe in ensuring that the journalism we produce remains independent and trustworthy—and focused on topics that our readers want and need to encounter. That's where you come in.

For four of the last five years, Alpinist articles have won the "Best Mountaineering Article Award" from the renowned Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. Several of our writers have appeared in the Notables list of the anthologies Best American Essays, Best American Sports Writing and Best American Science and Nature Writing—or have been recognized by other prestigious awards or best-of lists for their Alpinist work.

In order to ensure that we continue bringing you the stories you love, please consider supporting Alpinist in any way that's appropriate for you during this challenging time.

Thank you,

Tyler Cohen, Katie Ives, Mike Lorenz, Paula Wright, Robin Earle, Derek Franz, Mailee Hung, Adam Howard, Justin Reyher, Paul Davis, John Costello, Michele Peoples, Holly Howard, Karen Huard
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