Multifamily Updates and Reminders
Thank you for working diligently to serve the people of Minnesota. Please see below for the latest round-up of information and updates. We are grateful for your partnership!
St. Paul PHA Project-Based Vouchers
St. Paul PHA has issued a Request for Proposals to award up to 120 Section 8 Project-based vouchers to property owners. Applicants must submit applications via Minnesota Housing’s Multifamily Customer Portal. Applications are due July 16 by noon. You can view the application and additional information on St. Paul PHA's website. For more information, please contact Dominic Mitchell.
Multifamily Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP) Updates and Reminders
Application Deadline
Thursday, July 16 by noon:
  • Complete application including all signatures. We encourage applicants to submit their full application prior to the deadline if possible.
  • Fee remittance forms and $800 application fee for all applications, regardless of type of request (must be postmarked by July 16)
Financial Readiness to Proceed/Leveraged Funds: Update to Calculation Tool
All permanent capital contributions that meet the supporting documentation requirements should be counted in the Financial Readiness to Proceed/Leveraged Funds calculation. Minnesota Housing has created the Scoring Calculation Worksheet to help applicants with scoring. Applicants are encouraged to complete the worksheet and submit it with their application in the Financial Readiness to Proceed/Leveraged Funds checklist item in Multifamily Customer Portal.
A formula has been updated in the worksheet. Please access the updated version and recalculate for the correct percentages. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Application Instructions
The application instructions provide details for submitting an application and include required supporting documentation for all application types. You can also visit our application resources webpage for more information and view the May 1 eNews for a comprehensive source of application information.
Application Reminders
Our June 16 eNews has several helpful reminders, including how to complete the Funding Request Tab in the Multifamily Workbook. 
Tutorials and Trainings
Tutorials are available on our website for specific application submission and scoring topics. View pre-recorded training tutorials (scroll down to the training tutorials section). Remember to check out our new scoring training that we are making available for the first time ever!
Request Technical Assistance
If you have not already requested technical assistance, please contact and you will be connected with a staff person.
Questions specific to application rents and maintenance and operating (M&O) numbers can be also be directed to Preliminary M&O reviews and ballpark estimates can be provided to the applicant upon request. The last day Minnesota Housing staff will take any new preliminary M&O review requests is Thursday, July 9, 2020.
Proposed 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan: Interactive Map Now Available
The interactive map highlighting the 2021 RFP/2022 HTC geographic related criteria under the proposed 2022-2023 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) is now available and can be found on Minnesota Housing’s website. See a detailed point breakdown of how a project would score under these proposed criteria. 
PDF versions of the composite maps are also available on our QAP webpage:
Questions? Please contact Kody Thurnau.
Example interactive map:
Proposed 2022-2023 interactive map example
Webinar: Continuity of Energy Efficiency Programs in Minnesota during COVID-19
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
The Minnesota Department of Commerce: Division of Energy Resources, Minnesota Housing, the Minnesota Multifamily Affordable Housing Energy Network (MMAHEN), and the Association of Energy Services Professionals Midwest invite you to join a webinar to learn about efforts to continue safe, reliable delivery of residential (single family and multifamily) energy efficiency programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This webinar is intended to share information with those involved in the energy and housing sectors, including renters and community members, affordable housing owners and developers, utilities, and  advocates. The webinar will provide an overview of state policy changes being considered in response to COVID-19 and highlight key actions being taken in the utility and housing sectors. 
Register for webinar
Questions about the webinar? Please contact Ben Passer.
Shopping for a First Mortgage or Thinking about Refinancing?
Minnesota Housing wants to work with you for all of your multifamily first mortgage needs! Our Low and Moderate Income Rental (LMIR) first mortgages have terms up to 40 years for new construction or 35 years for rehab or refinance. Our first mortgages are available year round.
View our current interest rates and term sheets to learn more about what we offer.
Contact Caryn Polito to get started. 
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