People with Disabilities Welcome Here!

For many older adults and people with disabilities, isolation is a fact of life. Inaccessible transportation, financial constraints, chronic pain, communication barriers, and fear of being ostracized or stigmatized all play a role. That is why at ICS, we believe that offering our members a community is just as important as everything else we do.
We know that social isolation is a temporary condition that can be changed with a little bit of effort. And that effort can have a big payoff in terms of greater happiness and improved health. In fact, the “health risks of social isolation are comparable to the health risks of cigarette smoking,” according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Time and again we see our members' lives and health change dramatically. As ICS member Leslie Yasner put it, "With ICS my life went from lonely and depressing to interesting and fun-filled."
ICS offices are meeting and gathering places. Many members say that when they wheel or walk into ICS, they feel welcome. They feel at home. They are part of a community that is open to every member. And that’s what we love to hear! Read more of what our members have to say about spending time at ICS here.

Support for Family Caregivers

Caring for a frail family member calls upon your emotional strength, managerial abilities and financial resources. In 2015 we surveyed family caregivers of ICS members, asking what kinds of support they need the most. This year we will begin offering more information and new programs for our members’ families, including support groups, special events and a new respite program to provide periodic relief to primary family caregivers of ICS members with dementia.   
Pictured above are Ludmila Frenkel and her son, Daniel, an ICS member. Ludmila says, "Before, we had no one to call. Now with ICS, I'm not afraid anymore."

Honored for a Lifetime of Advocacy

Last month ICS’s Marilyn Saviola, Senior Vice President for Advocacy, received a 2015 Viscardi Achievement Award in recognition of her decades of work fighting to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Like Viscardi, Marilyn has been unwilling to settle for anything less than a world where people with disabilities are “active, independent and self-sufficient participants in society.” Read more about Marilyn and the Viscardi Achievement Awards here.
Above, Marilyn is at City Hall with ICS Chief Operating Officer Regina Estela and New York City Council Member Corey Johnson, who chairs the Council Health Committee. This photo was taken just before Marilyn led a group of ICS members into the Council Chambers to testify about the barriers women with disabilities face when seeking mammography and other critical health care services.

ICS Medicaid Eligibility and Support Services

Just call ICS and ask to speak with a Medicaid or pooled trust specialist.
Many people have questions about obtaining and keeping Medicaid, which pays for essential services like homecare and medical equipment that adults with disabilities or chronic health conditions need to remain independent and able to live at home. Our Medicaid Eligibility Specialists and Surplus Coordinators can help individuals looking to enroll into ICS apply for Medicaid, set up a pooled trust account to preserve income and assets, and answer questions from concerned family members. Watch our video for more information on ICS Medicaid support services.
It's Easy to Verify Eligibility
If you are an ICS provider and need to verify a member's eligibilty, just call 1.877.ICS.2525 and provide the member's name and date of birth.

Important Notice for Prescribers

Beginning June 1, Medicare Part D prescribers, including doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and other prescribers, are required to be enrolled in Medicare. There is no cost for a provider to enroll in Medicare but because the process can take some time, CMS has advised all providers to complete the process as soon as possible. Providers can find detailed information about the requirement and how to enroll here.

Community Partner: Barrier Free Living

Barrier Free Living (BFL) is the first transitional housing of its kind, designed to accommodate adults with disabilities. Specifically, BFL's programs accommodate people who need help with dressing, bathing and other activities of daily living while they look for a permanent home. Through its connection with ICS, BFL also offers its residents monthly wheelchair repair and post-shelter health care follow-up.
ICS social worker Latoya Terborg, pictured above, has an office at the shelter, where she handles care management for ICS members in residence at BFL. “You need to have a passion for this work,” Latoya says.
Learn more about BFL’s award winning programs and its work with ICS here.
We've Made Referrals Easy
Want to refer someone who could benefit from ICS’s services? Our online referral form makes it easy to provide us with the required information and any additional details you wish to include. It also allows our Intake Department to quickly contact your clients to begin the enrollment process. 
To use the ICS referral system, click here or go to and use the “Get Started” tab at the top of the page.   

Key Provider Relations Staff

Provider Relations staff are happy to answer questions and offer assistance. Key contacts are: 
Deana Lawson, Vice President for Contracting & Provider Relations – 646.653.6188
Bolivar Altamirano, Manager, Provider Relations – 646.653.6243
Carmen Galvan, Provider Relations Representative  – 646.653.6436
Eva Rosa, Credentialing Supervisor – 212.584.2505
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