2020 Consolidated RFP Updates and Reminders
The 2020 Consolidated Request for Proposals/2021 Housing Tax Credits Round 1 is fast approaching and we want you to be aware of the following important dates and information as well as some general Multifamily updates and reminders.
Important Dates
Please note: the application deadlines have been moved to noon.  
  • Thursday, April 2: Consolidated RFP published in the Multifamily Customer Portal, including Intent to Apply and application materials
  • Thursday, May 14 at noon: Intent to Apply deadline - required for all Multifamily applications submitted in the Consolidated RFP (date may change based on state legislative actions)
  • Thursday, June 4 at noon: Multifamily application deadline
Get a Jump Start on Your Application: Several Pieces Now Available

Several more important application pieces that allow applicants to get started sooner are available now on our website:
The following items were previously released and are available on our website:
All other application materials will be released on April 2.
Intent to Apply (ITA)
Submitting an ITA is required for all applicants who plan to submit a full application. The ITA includes the following items:
  • Application Fee and Fee Remittance Form – Effective for the 2020 Consolidated RFP/2021 HTC Round 1, all applicants are required to submit an application fee of $800 per application.

  • Site Control - Demonstration of site control is due at ITA and must:
    • Be current
    • Be fully executed
    • Include the legal description of the land
    • Extend to at least the anticipated date of the funding recommendations       (November 19, 2020)
    • Clearly state the purchase price
  • Qualification Forms – Qualification forms, including the Qualification of the Service Provider (when applicable), are due at ITA. The forms must be submitted via the Multifamily Secure Upload Tool (use email address mhfa.app@state.mn.us; see the instructions for more information). 

  • Site Map - The site map is a required piece of the application and will now be collected at ITA.

  • Organizational Chart(s) – Provide an organizational chart identifying the anticipated borrowing entity, project sponsors, guarantor(s) and board members for nonprofits.

  • Intent to Apply Form – The ITA Form is required at the deadline. Validate all information entered on the form prior to submission.       
Choice Limiting Actions
HUD's regulations at 24 CFR 58.22 prohibit recipients and their partners from committing or spending HUD or non-HUD funds on any activity that could have an adverse environmental impact or limit the choice of reasonable alternatives prior to completion of an environmental review once a project has become "federal."
If you are applying for a first mortgage from Minnesota Housing, please be aware that this source triggers an Environmental Review, which must be completed prior to taking any choice limiting actions. Taking any of these actions prior to completion of the Environmental Review will cause your project to lose federal funding.
Choice limiting actions include:
  • Completing site acquisition
  • Demolition
  • Signing contracts: Architect’s contracts, general contractor contracts, attorney contracts, purchase contracts for materials
  • Spending money: Purchase  of supplies and materials intended for project
  • Construction or rehabilitation beyond normal, routine property maintenance
If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Wille, Federal Programs Manager at jennifer.wille@state.mn.us or 651.296.9821.
Project-Based Vouchers
Metro HRA
Metro HRA will not be offering project-based vouchers in the 2020 Consolidated RFP. Instead, Metro HRA will work with Minnesota Housing and other partners to identify existing projects that could benefit from additional vouchers. For more information, contact Terri Smith at terri.smith@metc.state.mn.us or 651.602.1187. 
Metropolitan Council Local Housing Incentives Account (LHIA) Funding
The Metropolitan Council is pleased to announce up to $4.5 million in funding available in the 2020 Consolidated RFP from their Local Housing Incentives Account (LHIA) for single family and multifamily development. In order to be considered for LHIA funding, interested applicants are required to submit the Acknowledgement of Receptivity Form (listed as a checklist item in the Multifamily Customer Portal). When completing the Multifamily Workbook, do not separate the LHIA request from other deferred loan requests. Your entire deferred loan request, including potential LHIA funds, must be listed in the Deferred Loan Request line of the Sources tab in your Multifamily Workbook.
Other notable items:
  • If selected for funding, the city/county will execute a grant agreement, not the developer. The city/county then loans or grants the funds to the project. 
  • The city must participate in the Livable Communities Act (LCA) program for a project to be eligible for LHIA funding.
  • A county can be the applicant if the project is located in an LCA participating city.
  • LHIA awards require a local match from the applicant (city/county).
For more information, visit Metropolitan Council’s website or contact Tara Beard at tara.beard@metc.state.mn.us or 651.302.1051.
Scoring Tips: Walk Score
If applicants would like to request revisions of a location’s Walk Score, contact Walk Score directly at mhfa-request@walkscore.com. Walk Score staff will review the request and make necessary adjustments to scoring within 45 business days. If an address can’t be found in the Walk Score tool, use the closest intersection within ¼ mile of the proposed location. For more information, contact Kody Thurnau at kody.thurnau@state.mn.us or 651.215.5972.
Reminder: Apply for Funding through the Multifamily Customer Portal
As a reminder, all developers must apply for funding in our Multifamily Customer Portal. To learn more about the Portal and to request a user account, visit our Portal resources webpage.
Projects with Existing Minnesota Housing Debt
If a preservation project has existing Minnesota Housing debt that you want counted under Financial Readiness in the Self-scoring worksheet, contact the Request for Action (RFA) team no later than Friday, April 3, 2020. If you don’t contact us by this date, Minnesota Housing staff may not have time to process your request which could in turn impact your scoring.
Preservation Projects - Risk of Loss Work Scope
We encourage projects seeking Preservation Risk of Loss RFP selection points to have their Property Capital Needs Assessment completed early and to work with a Minnesota Housing staff architect for early technical assistance and a site visit. Applicants can request this any time before the application submission due date and may help your application be more competitive. 
Staying in Touch
Sign Up for Application Updates
If you are interested in receiving updates about the 2020 Consolidated RFP process and application materials, sign up for our eNews list
Technical Assistance
Technical assistance is strongly encouraged! To schedule technical assistance, please contact TechnicalAssistanceRequest.MHFA@state.mn.us and you will be connected with a staff person.
Post-Selection Guide Now Available on Minnesota Housing’s Website
A new post-selection guide is now available on our website that has important information on what to expect, timelines and links to reference materials for different program and subject areas for projects that receive Minnesota Housing funding. This guide provides information that was previously included with the project launch guide for selected projects.
The post-selection guide can be found on the Minnesota Housing’s Post-Selection webpages.
For project specific questions, contact your assigned Minnesota Housing staff listed in the Portal. For specific subject area questions, contact the Minnesota Housing subject area lead or Aaron Keniski at aaron.keniski@state.mn.us or 651.296.4452. 
Coming in March 2020: The Portal will have a New Look and Features
Salesforce, the application we use to host the Portal, is phasing out our current interface and moving to a more modern look and feel. To prepare for the new user interface (and some new features we will roll out later in 2020), the Multifamily Customer Portal will be unavailable March 20 to March 29.
Tenant Selection Plan Review Checklist - Coming Soon!
Creating an inclusive and equitable housing system is one of Minnesota Housing’s strategic objectives. In an effort to increase transparency of Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) review and to align with Minnesota Housing's TSP guidance, Minnesota Housing is developing a review checklist for TSPs submitted as part of due diligence. This checklist will provide a guide for projects to verify the TSP is structured to serve the intended population(s) and includes the necessary components based on funding requirements as well as state and federal TSP guidance. Minnesota Housing staff will use the completed checklist to inform their review of each project’s TSP submitted as part of due diligence. An online training is being developed that will outline the timeline, process, and FAQs about implementation. Minnesota Housing staff will be available to help development teams as we transition to include this new due diligence component. Stay tuned for more information. 
Housing Resources Engagement Sessions
In January and February, Minnesota Housing, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, USDA Rural Development, Minnesota Housing Partnership, and Department of Employment and Economic Development held a series of housing resources engagement sessions in Greater Minnesota. We shared information and had conversations about resources communities and community partners can use to help advance housing goals.
Check out the presentation slides and contact Alyssa Wetzel-Moore to talk more about housing opportunities in your community.
Shopping for a First Mortgage or Thinking about Refinancing?
Minnesota Housing wants to work with you for all of your multifamily first mortgage needs! Our Low and Moderate Income Rental (LMIR) first mortgages have terms up to 40 years for new construction or 35 years for rehab or refinance. Our first mortgages are available year round.
View our current interest rates and term sheets to learn more about what we offer.
Contact Caryn Polito to get started. 
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