Snow Day Plan Revision, Reviews, Food Drive, Senior Salute, and more
Snow Day Plan Revision, Reviews, Food Drive, Senior Salute, and more

FEBRUARY 3, 2021

Financial Aid Application Deadline

Families hoping to receive financial aid in 2021-2022 must submit their Parents Financial Statement (PFS online) and supporting documents by Friday, February 5. Enrollment contracts will only be issued once the new PFS and supporting documents are submitted. 

Help Someone Find SAS

If you are like most parents, online reviews played a big role in your search for the right school for your child. One of the sites that many parents turn to is Niche. Please take a few minutes to complete the Niche survey. Each month Niche enters reviewers to win a $1,000 prize.
"Our son has a deep sense of belonging in the community and he is academically pushed but not overwhelmed. His teachers and advisors are responsive and helpful when issues arise. We couldn't be happier with our decision to choose SAS."

Change to Snow Day Policy

We will pivot to our online schedule if travel to school seems unwise. Students will attend class via Zoom according to our online schedule. Our goal will be to let you know of that decision by 9:30 p.m. via text message and email the previous night (by 6 a.m. if there is a surprise snowfall overnight). Because our online schedule is shorter than a normal school day, students will still have time to enjoy the snow day and can still sleep in a bit (no travel time). It is always a parents' prerogative to keep their child home if they believe travel may be hazardous, but classes may not be available online (see below).
If your child misses their scheduled COVID-19 testing day, they will be tested on the next available testing day.

Is My Child's Class Available Via Zoom?

Students who are learning online or who are absent from school for other reasons will not always have access to their class via a Zoom link. For some classes, students will work synchronously by connecting via Zoom at the time the class is scheduled, but for other classes students will work asynchronously (independently). Students and parents should check the class Bulletin Boards in CORE for information about how they will interact with their classes. If connecting via Zoom is an option, links will be available on the class Bulletin Boards. Teachers will not send Zoom links via email. If students are absent due to illness and unable to complete work at home, they will be given the opportunity to make up work upon their return to school.

Scouts Sponsor Food Drive

The SAS scout troop is collecting donations for the National Scouts BSA Food Drive. Troop 14 will be working locally to collect canned and nonperishable foods for the Sewanee CAC (the local food pantry). The dropbox will be at the entrance to Simmonds Hall. Donate as much as you are able to, and it will go to helping people in need. Questions? Contact Parker Jones or one of the other SAS scouts.

Important Safety Issues

Going to be absent? Call or email us.

Please let us know (931.598.5651 x3132) if your child is going to be absent or tardy so that we can be sure that they are where they are supposed to be.

Is your child driving to school? Ask for a sticker.

Students need to have a parking sticker on EVERY vehicle they drive to school. They can pick this up - there is no cost - from our Academic Receptionist Jana Barnett. It is difficult to know if a stranger is on campus if student vehicles do not have stickers on them.

Lunch Improvements

We have made some changes to our lunchtime schedule to reduce the wait time, and they seem to be working! Students have the option of hot meals or a grab 'n' go assortment of wraps and salads. Our food service director Teri Phillips welcomes suggestions from our students for items they would like served.


Congratulations to the following seniors who recently accepted college offers of admission:
Caroline Lamborn Eckerd College
Isabella Randolph University College Dublin
Sean Willis Middle Tennessee State University.
Congratulations to Melanie Val '24 who took 5th place at the Girls' Wrestling West Regionals.

Mid-Quarter Progress

This Friday marks the middle of our third quarter. Middle School students will receive progress reports by Tuesday, February 9. Upper School students (and 8th grade math and language students) and parents will have access to grade detail reports in CORE at the end of the day on Friday, February 5. Upper School students who have a grade below 60 or below 70 in math or language at the mid-quarter are required to attend the work period for that course weekly for the remainder of the quarter. Students and parents will be informed if a student is in this situation.

Weekly Highlights

View the full calendar for all events. Subscribe to SAS calendars (instructions on the calendar page) to have school events, team schedules, and calendar updates automatically delivered to and updated on your desktop or mobile device.

11:45 AM COVID-19 Testing for Grades 9-10, Wood-Alligood Gymnasium
1:00 PM Chapel, viewed from Advisory
6:30 PM Allowance Distribution, Owen Student Union
6:30 PM Van Run for Residents of Colmore
8:00 AM
COVID-19 Testing for Employees, Wood-Alligood Gymnasium
11:35 AM Middle School Advisory, Various Locations
12:15 PM Upper School Advisory, Various Locations
12:45 PM Creative Expression J-Block, Viewed from Advisory
3:10 PM Chess Club, R-C Room 12
3:40 PM Writing Center Open, Simmonds Front Hallway
6:30 PM Van Run for Residents of Watts
7:30 PM College Counseling: Proper Use of Social Media, Virtual
Deadline for Financial Aid Application for Returning Students
Mid-Quarter 3
8:45 AM Announcements, Virtual
6:00 PM/7:30 PM Varsity Basketball Girls/Boys Richard Hardy Memorial School (Home)
7:45 AM
ACT, Simmonds Building
7:00 PM
8:45 AM
Announcements, Virtual
11:30 AM COVID-19 Testing for All Middle School Students, Wood-Alligood Gymnasium
6:00 PM Varsity Basketball - Boys vs. To be determined
6:30 PM Van Run for Residents of Warner/St. Mary's
11:30 AM
COVID-19 Testing for All Juniors and Seniors, Wood-Alligood Gymnasium
3:40 PM Writing Center Open, Simmonds Front Hallway
6:30 PM Van Run for Residents of Woods and Harvey
11:45 AM
COVID-19 Testing for All Freshmen and Sophomores, Wood-Alligood Gymnasium
1:00 PM Chapel, View from Advisory
6:30 PM Allowance Distribution, Owen Student Union
6:30 PM Van Run for Residents of Colmore
Jenna Black is a day student from Sewanee. She is a four-year participant in SAS varsity basketball and received the 2020 Coach's Award. Coach Lobb wrote, "Jenna is a leader on and off the court. As our captain, she helped lead the team through the most challenging season never letting her injury stop her from being part of the team." 

Austin Hood is a boarding student from Isle of Palms, S.C. and a one-year participant in basketball at SAS. In describing Austin, Coach Zeitler wrote, "Austin is a talented basketball player and very quickly has established himself as an offensive threat. Despite our shortened season, I have seen so much growth from Austin as a person."

Tania Gonzalez Horstmann is a boarding student from Algete, Spain. She is a one-year participant in basketball at SAS. "This is Tania’s first year playing basketball − ever, but with her incredible work ethic she finishes the season as a starter and a leader who loves the sport of basketball,” wrote Coach Lobb.
Nathan King is a day student from Sewanee and a four-year participant in SAS varsity basketball. In 2020, Nathan was named to the All-District team and was elected MVP by his teammates. Per Coach Zeitler, "Nathan is a great example of what SAS athletics can do for our students. As a three-sport athlete, I have seen Nathan's leadership skills of communication, self-advocacy, teamwork, relationship building and self initiative take root in him over his athletic career. On the court, he is a good scorer and defender." Nathan plans to attend Tennessee Tech.

Oliver Root is a boarding student from Mount Pleasant, S.C. and a one-year participant in SAS basketball. "What I really appreciate about Oliver is his ability to listen well and then carry out the instructions on the court," wrote Coach Zeitler. "He comes to practice with a big smile, positive attitude, and is a great teammate."

Payton Zeitler is a day student from Sewanee and a two-year participant in SAS varsity basketball. In 2020, he received the Coach's Award and, in 2018, the William Holland Varnell Manager’s Award. Coach Zeitler wrote, "There are two things that really stand out about Payton: his deep understanding of the game and his enthusiasm in cheering on his teammates. He has been warned several times by officials for organizing cheers on the bench. He genuinely loves to help his teammates get better at the game of basketball." 
Thanks to Mrs. Monahan and her students for our great Black History Month displays.
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