MUDEC Méinden Summer 2022 #1
MUDEC Méinden Summer 2022 #1
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Summer 2022 #1

May 23, 2022

A wonderful end leads to a new beginning:
Spring and Summer 2022

by Dr. Stephanie Shaheen, Associate Director, MUDEC
Stephanie Shaheen
MUDEC’s spring semester ended with a bang our debrief program included a concert at the International School in Differdange by Diff Winds, where four musical groups performed, including a Ukrainian singing duo who thanked Luxembourg for the warm welcome for the many refugees who have relocated here. Additionally, the Principal of the school thanked our students who served as teacher aids and who worked in their daycare this semester, noting the impact MUDEC students have on the children and teachers.
A student reads her letter
We also had a full day of events including a debrief session where faculty and staff led small groups of students in discussions about what it was like to study in Europe and what they learned, how they engaged in the local community and what that meant to them. We also discussed the travel opportunities the students had, from faculty-led field study tours, to alumni-funded discovery tours to independent travels. We even asked students to share their favorite spots in Luxembourg. Discussions focused on what they gained from their time in Europe and how they now see the world.
Students were given back the ‘letter to their future selves’ which they wrote on the first day and we discussed how they have grown this semester and how to share that change to friends and family back home. We challenged the students by asking them to describe the semester in one sentence and then one word. My favorite responses from my group were: ‘it was everything I had hoped and nothing I expected’ and: ‘impactful’. We ended the session by discussing culture shock and ways to combat it.
We then loaded the students, faculty and staff onto buses and drove to Kirchberg for our final lunch banquet. A few more local faculty joined us for lunch. Executive Director Raymond Manes and I both made farewell remarks to our students, which included a MUDEC graduation ceremony for our six graduating seniors, where they received Luxembourg sashes to wear at graduation. President Crawford was even there (virtuallyhe sent congratulatory video for the graduates!) Our Student Faculty Council made a presentation and showed the video and yearbook they created for the semester.
Stephanie speaking at the banquet Graduating senior Megan Barnett holds up her portfolio
Left: Associate Director Shaheen addressing the group at the closing banquet.
Right: Graduating senior Megan Barnett and Director Manes
Students boarding the boat
After lunch we got back on the buses and drove to Remich on the Moselle, where we had a private boat ride up and down the river on the “Red Lion” with views of Luxembourg and Germany on either side. We also did our annual awards presentations on the boat, which was a fantastic end to the semester. The weather even cooperated – as you can see from the photos, it was 80 degrees and sunny. (Yes, in Luxembourg!)
The whole debrief program was designed to give students the opportunity to reflect on all that they have experienced this semester, and to realize the impact the semester has had on them and what they have learned – sometimes the hard way! Like the saying goes “After MUDEC, you will never be the same.” This group agreed that this statement is definitely true for them. Students remarked how much they appreciated having one last day all together before they went off in different directions to graduate, travel, or move back home for the summer.
As we bid farewell and bon voyage to our semester students, we were busy preparing for the arrival of our summer groups. For the first time in MUDEC history, we have five programs running simultaneously. We have two honors programs (Media and Identity and the Dutch Golden Age), our first nursing program (Caregiving in a Crisis), an internship program, and our MUDEC base program, where students take three classes (Writing for Educators, Intro to Ethics and AI and the Meaning of Thought).
This week has been exciting as we have had 90 students arriving in Luxembourg over nine days, plus faculty. Orientations are done and we look forward to a wonderful summer with these groups. We know they will have unforgettable experiences in and out of the classroom and on their study tours like so many MUDECers before them.

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