Corporate Work Study Profile, continued
Corporate Work Study Profile, continued

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Puppet Labs Provides DLSNC’s First Satellite Office for Student Workers, continued
Microsoft engineer, Dan Danner, who supervises eight DLSNC students, shared that the satellite setting is perfect for the CompTIA certification training that he is leading through Zoom this fall. “It’s best for them to be ingesting the training modules together,” commented Danner, “and they are able to work in teams in person to do their best learning.” 
First Tech Federal Credit Union hosts four students at the satellite, supervised by Nancy Maichal. “I’ve had the privilege of going down there two or three times to meet with the students, and it really is a lovely space,” said Maichal. First Tech is able to offer a diversity of projects for its students at the satellite, including testing e-learning modules, meet and greets with leadership figures, writing, photo-tagging, and development. Maichal continued, “It’s a fun team, and they benefit so much from working and learning from each other.”
DLSNC and its student workers are hugely grateful to Puppet for supporting CWSP so generously in this unusual era!

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