Dear CofC Honors Community,
Another academic year has come and gone, and I find myself reflecting on change. Several years ago, we made a number of key changes to the Honors College experience. We updated our curriculum to make it more inclusive, innovative, and interdisciplinary. We also decided to increase our class size and welcome more students into the Honors community. With the recent graduation of the class of 2022, we’re just now witnessing the impact of those decisions.
This was our largest graduating Honors College class (146 students!) by a significant margin. They were also the first cohort to navigate their way through our new curriculum. The new coursework encourages creative problem-solving and substantive classroom discourse. The curriculum also places an even greater emphasis on experiential learning and developing the skills necessary to thrive in our modern world.
If the class of 2022 is any indication, these new changes are going to be quite meaningful. As you’ll read below, these graduates are as remarkable and resilient as ever. I have little doubt that collectively they will make a major impact on the world. At their Honors College Ceremony in May, we gifted each of them a beach towel and an umbrella, metaphors for the ups and downs they experienced at CofC and reminders that they are equipped to handle both the sunny and rainy days to come. In short, you can be proud to welcome them into the ranks of Honors alumni.
As for you, I hope your days are growing increasingly sunny after the many difficulties of the past few years. I know my day grows brighter whenever I hear updates from alumni, so please do reply to this newsletter and let us know what’s new in your life!

Dr. Beth Meyer-Bernstein
Dean of the Honors College at the College of Charleston

Celebrate the Honors College Class of 2022!

Highlights from the Honors College

Honors Alumni Highlights

  • Michelle Smith ’15 was featured on the podcast Biz-e Werk where she lent her entrepreneurial expertise to a discussion on the future of work.
  • Joseph Quisol ’16, a co-Director of Design with Arts Connect International, helped launch the organization’s inaugural Arts Equity Summit.
  • Jessica Mack ’19 published Guardians of Masks and Memory, an Afrofuturist fantasy novel, while Levi Vonk ’13 released the nonfiction immigration saga Border Hacker.
  • Charleston restaurant Butcher & Bee, owned by Michael Shemtov ’00, was named one of five national finalists for the 2022 James Beard Award in the Outstanding Restaurant category.
  • Echo Buffalo ’17 was recognized with multiple scholarships in her time at MUSC’s College of Medicine and will soon start a family medicine residency at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • Abigail Reeves ’20 received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award for research conducted at the Scripps Research Institute.
  • As the Compliance and Training Officer for the College’s EMS program, Reilly Walker ’20 helped guide the program (which includes several current Honors students!) to the 2021 SC Small EMS System of the Year award.
  • Share your stories! We would love to hear what you’ve been doing and feature your incredible accomplishments in a forthcoming newsletter. Tell us what’s new!

Stay Connected and Give Back

  • It was so great to catch up with familiar faces during Spring Alumni Weekend and a Charleston Affair. We’d love to see even more of you at Fall Alumni Weekend in November.
  • Have an opportunity you want to share with current Honors students or alumni? Submit it here!
  • The Honors College experience is made possible through the generous support of our community members. If you’re able to do so, please consider giving back to the Honors College in a way that will help us provide Honors students with a personalized, collaborative education for years to come.

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