Howdy and Happy New Year to everyone!

I want to provide a brief update on our beloved Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.

Attached is a 'State of the Band' update from Dr. Tim Rhea.

Key Highlights are:

      a.      The Fall 2022 outfit GPAs are excellent, ranging from 3.13 to 3.75. Whoop!

      b. The fish retention rate was 86%. Whoop! Great job by Band leadership and Tim Rhea's staff!

2. There are seven endowed scholarships awarded each academic year:

  a.      Six endowed at $25K each being fully funded by the TABA (Adams, Haney, Holick, Toler, Brewer TABA 2020)

        b.      A new endowed $50K scholarship in honor of Richard Poling ’69 was partially funded by the TABA, the Class of ’69, and his family.  

        c.      The grade point averages range from 3.08 to 4.0 for the Fall Semester. We received very gracious thank you letters from all recipients for the support offered by the TABA- and they asked that we pass on their heartfelt appreciation. Members of the Board plan to host them at a dinner later this semester.

3.     The TABA received $74,572.24 in dues in 2022 and will provide >$200K in support of the Band 2022-2023 school year (based on cash on hand, dues, special contributions, etc.).

This support included:

        a.     fish travel polo

        b.     fish ringer practice t-shirts

        c.     Digital “album” (which is available for download HERE)

        d.     Sweaters

        e.     Senior awards

        f.     Drum Major’s brass plating

        g.     Senior dinner

        h.     Scholarships ($39,750)

         i.      BQ Ball

         j.      Tutoring

         k.     Football tickets for the Administrative Assistant

         l.      $120,000 endowment for Bugles & Banners (to be presented this spring to Tim Rhea and Staff)

.      Please consider joining the TABA and/or making a special contribution to enable additional support and scholarships. Click HERE to go to the TABA Membership portal for more details. Please note, if you paid dues in 2022 you will receive a renewal notice before your membership expires. Another key feature of this website is you can look up classmates, family members who were in the Band, etc.

5.      Thanks to the efforts of the BoD and Tim Rhea’s dogged pursuit, the Endowed Aggie Band Fund plaque is now mounted outside the doors of the Band members' exit/entrance to the drill field.

6.     Brazos Valley Community Band: Michael Bozardt ’61 Aggie Band has assumed the tasks of promoting and recruiting for the Brazos Valley Community Band. Though it has existed since 2008 and still has the founding director, no one knows about it. His mission is to change that and promote what he has dubbed “The Best Band No-one Ever Heard Of”. Accordingly, former Aggie Band members in BCS and neighboring towns provide a “target-rich” environment for the band to grow. He will send you a few tunes if you would like just send a text to 713-817-5211.

The Brazos Valley Community Band is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that plays a variety of musical styles, including patriotic, blues, movie themes, jazz and classical.” (from the BVCB website.) The BVCB is recruiting for a drummer (they have a drum set), and Assistant Director. Horn, wind instruments, and piano musicians are encouraged to join as well. Former Aggie Bandsmen and women are invited to come see and hear the band at rehearsal. Rehearsal dates are posted on the Brazos Valley Community Band website. Contact Michael Bozardt ’61, spokesperson for the BVCB for more information or questions at 713-373-7775.

7.      Daryl Gersh ’74 (White/Infantry Band Bass player) lost all possessions in a recent house fire. Thankfully, there was no loss of life or pets, but everything else (furniture, mementos, pictures, etc.) was lost. Classmates are working with him and his family regarding needs, with opportunities to provide support to be detailed later. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Gig ' Em!

Best Regards:
Rick Ashley ‘76
President TABA

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