Photo Tips, Work-From-Home Scams, DIY Storage and More
Photo Tips, Work-From-Home Scams, DIY Storage and More
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  September 2020  
It's A Good Year For National Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day - Download Images to View National Good Neighbor Day is celebrated yearly on September 28. Given the challenges of 2020, however, this is an especially good year to honor the occasion. Do something nice in your neighborhood — surprise an overwhelmed family by dropping off a home-cooked meal or offer to help an elderly resident by doing yardwork or running an errand.

Since Western Iowa Networks is a local provider, our neighbors are also our customers, employees, and friends. We have lots to celebrate!
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New England Autumn
Relax for a few minutes and enjoy the spectacular autumnal hues of New England's famous leaves and flowers.
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Eyeglasses Change Everything
The reaction of this baby when she's able to see her mom clearly for the first time is guaranteed to warm your heart.
Backpack Safety Is A Weighty Issue

Download Images to View September 16 was National School Backpack Awareness Day. If you have children in your family, this serves as a reminder to check the weight of their backpacks, since the use of overweight ones can be a contributing factor to strains, sprains, dislocations, and fractures.

Take note of the following:
  • Make sure your child's backpack weighs no more than 10-15 percent of his/her body weight.

  • The backpack should never hang more than four inches below the waistline.

  • Bigger is not necessarily better. The more room there is in a backpack, the more your child will carry and the heavier the backpack will end up being.

  • Look for a backpack with wide, padded, and adjustable shoulder straps. Urge your child to wear both shoulder straps to distribute the load evenly.
If the weight of needed textbooks becomes problematic for your child, ask the school if it's possible for extra textbooks to be kept at home.
Fast Internet For Back To School

Only $49.99 mo. - Download Images to View

With the kids back in school and many either taking classes from home or taking part in some type of hybrid learning plan, fast, reliable internet has never been more important. Customers who have access to fiber optics can now get 100Mbps fiber internet for only $49.99/month for a year with a 2 year contract. You can sign up online at or by calling 888-508-2946.
Yard and Garage  
Yard and Garage
Just in time for fall weekends, get handy tips on topics like lawn care, garage organization, and outdoor living.
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Photography Talk  
Photography Talk
Want to take your photography to the next level? Check out the inspirational images and photography tips here.
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Good News Network  
Good News Network
In these stressful times, you'll appreciate all the good news about inventions, random acts of kindness, and more.
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Orange Chicken with Fried Rice
Chef Jet Tila shows the tips and tricks of making the ultimate orange chicken with his grandma's fluffy fried rice.
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Delicious Apple Crisp
September is National Apple Month. Celebrate by making this home-style dessert that's comfort food at its best.
Pollinator Garden  
Pollinator Garden
The Smithsonian shares the beauty of a hummingbird moth enjoying some lunch compliments of the Garden Phlox.
Fun While Flying  
Fun While Flying
Extreme Sports knows how to capture extreme fun! Spirits soar as this man flies like a bird, thanks to a jetpack.
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Entryway Storage Bench
In no time at all, you can build a rolling bench using a stair tread and crates — handy storage and seating in one.
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Repurposed Dresser Drawers
Old drawers can have a life outside of a dresser. Turn them into unique display shelves to hang on your walls.
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