At Sea Education Association, we live by a simple code:  Ship. Shipmate. Self.  It's about teamwork, attending to others first, and serving something greater than oneself. 
We're thinking about our community during this time and want to keep our shipmates connected with brief updates, as often as we can.  We're all in this together and hope the news, stories and scuttlebutt makes this challenging time brighter.
The SSV Robert C. Seamans alongside in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Returning to US Waters

Campus in Woods Hole seems quiet: students departed weeks ago and staff is working remotely, but we're busier than ever!  This is also true for the professional crew aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer and SSV Robert C. Seamans after students departed both ships in early March
The Cramer departed St. Croix last week and is expected to arrive in Charleston, South Carolina the week of April 6th. Everyone on board is healthy, in good spirits, and in self-isolation as a ship during the transit from the Caribbean. Sounds like the crew enjoyed a sporty voyage, making an average speed of 12 knots for the final two days in the Gulf Stream as they approached the coast of Florida. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the crew of the Seamans are in Wellington, New Zealand, coming to the end a 14-day isolation period following a crew change.  Everyone is healthy, happy and following New Zealand government self-isolation health guidelines.  While in port, the crew are doing maintenance aboard the ship, planning for the upcoming passage, and participating in mini-courses, learning from each other.  Topics ranged from splicing lines to maintaining electronics to baking bread.
They set sail for Hawaii on April 8th. 

The crew of the SSV Robert C. Seamans after enjoying a brunch with homemade bagels. They're complying with a 14-day self-isolation period to establish & maintain crew health before getting underway. (Back row: Anna, Sonia, Helen, Hilary, Tristan, Sabrina, Henry, Sarah, Ella; Sitting: Sascha, Will, Kate Kylie, Sean Damian, Cassie; Front: Rocky); Mate Cassie does trigonometry to calculate the Great Circle route for the ship's voyage to Hawaii.


Online Shipmate Reunions

We're delighted to see so many shipmates connecting virtually, thanks to the availability of online group chat software, and are sharing them on SEA social media to inspire future gatherings.
Shelley Kind, C-237, wrote: "...this is some proof that the bonds formed are strong and the work you all put into keeping SEA running is special and worth it!"
Looking to 'muster' your shipmates?  Most classes are using Zoom or Google Hangouts.  If you gather virtually, send a screen shot to or, if you post online, include the tags @SEASemester or #SEASemester, and we'll share it with the SEA community. 
Contact Victoria if  you would like help reaching out to your class.  Have fun and keep connecting!
Top row L-R: S-226 held their ten year reunion, S-291, and S-289.  Bottom Row L-R: C-283, C-269, and C-237.

What I Learned about Self-Care from my Time at SEA

by Liz Maloney, W-162, former crew, current staff
As I try to figure out how adjust to this new way of living, I've found myself thinking back to my years at sea as an obvious reference point.  What keeps me happy when physically cut off from the world?  Lots of cooking (because the galley is always a happy place to be), lots of work outdoors (because sunshine, fresh air, and physical tasks should be a daily occurrence), and lots of time chatting with friends (because it turns out that shipmates can be found anywhere, even on a computer screen).

Liz Maloney teaching ship maintenance to C-215 students aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer (2008).

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone, and hope you are taking care of yourself, your family and helping whenever you can.
Thank you to those who have reached out to offer help, words of kindness and encouragement – especially to students in the cancelled programs – and made donations to keep us sailing ahead.  Your kindness gives us hope.
If you are in a position to make a gift to SEA, rest assured that it will be put to good use and greatly appreciated.  We have so much more to do and new shipmates to inspire!
Thank you for being part of our community!
My Gift to SEA
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