RTSWS Goes to Washington D.C. to Visit with Senator Rosen's Office and 3 RTSWS High School Students Hired for Summer Internships at One Firm. 

RTSWS Goes to Washington D.C.
Visiting with Senator Rosen's office to discuss The U.S. Senate Women in STEM Caucus

This week, Maura Cunningham (CEO & Founder) and Sarah Sepanski (RTSWS Student Learning & Development Manager) traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Senator Jacky Rosen’s office to discuss the U.S. Senate Women in STEM Caucus, a newly launched initiative by Senator Rosen (D-NV) and Senator Capito (R-WV).

The Senate Women in STEM Caucus is a bipartisan group that is working to advance women in science, technology, engineering, and math education and careers. RTSWS is working with Senator Rosen's office in developing policy in connection with specifically the M in STEM as it relates to gender and racial equity in finance. 
During their time in D.C., Maura and Sarah also met with members and staff of The CFP Board, Nasdaq, Investment Company Institute, The National Cathedral School, and KIPP DC College Preparatory. 
DAY 1:
Maura (left) and Sarah (right) paused for a quick selfie outside of the White House.
Inside the Hart Senate Office Building, where RTSWS met with Senator Rosen's office.
Playtime at National Cathedral School, where Maura spoke with the 9th grade class about RTSWS' mission of getting more women into finance. Afterward, Sarah and Maura led exercises on financial and investment literacy as well as careers within the financial services industry.
DAY 2:
Three RTSWS Students Offered Summer 2022 Internships with Chicago Capital
Three RTSWS students were offered internships this upcoming summer at Chicago Capital in Chicago, IL. Chicago Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor, providing customized investment services tailored to the specific goals and circumstances of their clients. 
Lilly K. (Hunter College HS/NYC), Sophie X. (Whitney Young HS), and Sh'Kyra H. (Benito Juarez HS) will complete a four-week internship in downtown Chicago. The internship is designed to provide customized skill development, focusing on investment research. These high school students will be gaining insightful pre-college experience which will help them decide if they want to pursue a career in finance. #iftheycanseeittheycanbeit 
Our student cohort at the Beacon High School in New York City was a massive success this academic school year - it was our largest cohort ever of students at one school with 50+ students. 
Pictured below: Sydney & Carly (Student CEOs), Ana Izoria (School Champion), and Naisha Crews (Assistant Principal). Thanks to all the teachers and students that it made it such a wonderful launch. Can't wait to get back next year!
Over 80 Opportunities Listed
29 Internships
56 Entry-Level Full-Time Finance Jobs
Pass this newsletter on to those young women you know who are considering a career in finance. These opportunities are located throughout the U.S.

Värde: Rotational Program - Analyst (MN or NY)

LPL Financial: Senior Investment Analyst (Charlotte, NC)

The Annie E. Casey Foundation: Investment Analyst, Marketables (Baltimore, MD)
Joining us as a new sponsor for the 22-23 academic school year, Carson Group is a capital market company dedicated to helping advisors better serve their clients and grow their firm.

"Carson Group is excited to partner with Rock the Street, Wall Street to further our mission of helping individuals find their financial freedom. This ongoing collaboration will move females forward in our profession by teaching them about opportunities beyond planning. Ultimately, we’ll work together to correct the imbalance of women in finance and help secure opportunities for the next generation."
- Meg Ronspies, Communications Manager at Carson Group
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