See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences: Faculty Getting Press
June 2022

Among the Columbian College faculty getting press during May were the following individuals:

American Studies

Elisabeth Anker spoke to France 24 about the Oklahoma abortion ban.
Gayle Wald was quoted by the Rolling Stone in the article “Yola Set to Play Sister Rosetta Tharpe in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’.” 


R. Alexander Pyron had his research featured by in the article “New swamp-dwelling salamander discovered in Alabama.” 


A letter co-authored by Steven Hamilton was quoted by Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald in the article “Economists warn Chalmers RBA review must be fully independent.”
Annamaria Lusardi contributed to the article “15 Ways Consumers Can Deal With—and Even Benefit From—Rising Inflation” for The Wall Street Journal
Tara Sinclair spoke to Nexstar Media Group about the economy; San Francisco’s KQED-FM’s Forum in the segment “How to Make Sense of the Weird U.S. Economy’’; and CBS Newspath about inflation. She was quoted by Business Insider in the article “Wall Street is divided on the prospect of a recession. Here's what 4 firms see unfolding for the US economy, from an imminent meltdown to a manageable high-inflation situation.”


Forensic Psychology

Forensic Sciences

Daniele Podini was quoted by The Advocate in the article “Are Drew Brees and Jacob Berry related? We asked the experts.”  

Media and Public Affairs

Imani M. Cheers spoke to CGTN in the segment “Imani Cheers on Summer Box Office.”
Peter Loge was quoted by Sinclair Broadcast Group in the article “Democrats look to put pressure on Supreme Court following draft opinion leak.”
Steven Roberts authored the article “How many Republicans will acknowledge Donald Trump is a fraud?” for Chicago Sun-Times
Nina Seavey was mentioned by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the article “Vietnam War ‘fugitive’ Howard Mechanic taking part in reunion event.” She spoke to Cheddar Business about how streaming platforms have changed documentaries.
Frank Sesno was quoted by The Associated Press in the article “Politico’s Supreme Court scoop boosts security concerns” and by The Washington Post in the article “A police news conference in Uvalde leaves ‘gaps and confusion.’” He was mentioned by The Washington Post in the article “Skywatch: June presents a pleasing planetary parade.” He spoke to NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live about the reporting of intelligence in the war in Ukraine and media transparency.

Political Science

Public Policy and Public Administration

Stephanie Riegg Cellini had her research mentioned by Politico in the article “The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About Pell Grants.”
Kathryn Newcomer had her new book, Engagement for Equitable Outcomes: A Practitioner’s Playbook, mentioned by WUSA9 in the segment “Allyson Criner Brown hosts book launch in DC for 'Engagement for Equitable Outcomes'.”
Sara Rosenbaum co-authored the article “Is The Supreme Court Poised To Wipe Out Legal Rights For Medicaid Beneficiaries?” for Health Affairs. She was quoted by Axios in the article “Red states aren't prepared for a post-Roe baby boom.”



Robert Tuttle was quoted by The New York Times in the article “The Court and the Culture Wars” and by Esquire Magazine in the article “The January 6 Committee Would Like Barry Loudermilk to Answer Some Questions.”


Daina Eglitis authored the article “The Soviet legacy of rape and denial” for Eurozine and “Is History Repeating Itself on Ukraine's Eastern Front?" for Transitions Magazine.
Gregory Squires authored the article “The Right is Wrong on Race, Again” for his column, "The Community Development Corner" in the Social Policy.

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