This is our how to find us, graduate, and even more email!
This is our how to find us, graduate, and even more email!
Grand Valley State University
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Dear PCEC Student,
We know this newsletter comes to you at a time when you may have even more questions about the fall semester. We are here to support you and let you know you are doing a great job! This newsletter contains updates on our fantasy football teams, applying for graduation, where to find us, how to email your advisor, and more. 
At any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our advising center with any questions or concerns at
We are here for you!
The PCEC Advising Team
Image of Eberhard Center and Kennedy Hall

HELP! I am lost for my advising appointment. 

Are you having a hard time finding our offices? Say no more, as our offices are located in two physical locations to best serve YOU!

You can find our main office in the Eberhard Center, Room 101 right next to Kennedy Hall of Engineering. The Eberhard Center (EC) has a red arched door that you will enter near Kennedy Hall and you turn left into our offices. 

We have a second location to serve you in Mackinac Hall (ugh--it's hard to find anything here but we have faith in you). Our office location in Mackinac (MAK) Hall is B-3-241 MAK and B-3-249 MAK. Here's how you read the office numbers in MAK: wing location (A, B, C, D, BLL), floor level, and room number. We are located in the B-Wing which is the wing closest to Holton-Hooker LLC and Robinson Hall and is the only wing that has four floors to it. You can either take the main elevators for MAK or use the stairs near the quarter wall next to the elevators. Once you're off the elevators or the stairs on the 3rd floor turn left and go straight down that long hallway. Take the long hallway to the door at the very end which is where our suite is located. We will try and have that door always propped open for you. We are in rooms 241 and 249.
If you cannot find us, please call our office at (616)331-6025 immediately and we will try and help you as much as we can. 

Applying for Graduation

Graduation will be here before you know it!! Apply for graduation today so you don't have to worry about it later! This applies to all Fall 2021 graduates. If you have questions on if you are eligible to apply for graduation please reach out to your faculty advisor. You can find out who your faculty advisor is by checking your Banner account. 
Apply for Graduation
Image of Mary Nuznov

Fantasy Football Update

Your voices have been heard and the majority thinks...MARY NUZNOV will bring home the win!!! Mary is excited that the majority of you voted for her and hopes to not let you down. 
The top FIVE rankings after week 1 are the following:
  1. Calli, PCEC Advising Graduate Assistant
  2. Travis, PCEC Advising Graduate Assistant
  3. Audra Pretty-Smith
  4. Faith, PCEC Student Employee
  5. Sara Wheeler
We hope you're enjoying following us on this fun journey. The top game for this week is between Audra and Calli. Stay tuned!!!

Email Etiquette Pro-Tips

Here are a few important points to remember when composing an email to your Academic Advisor, Instructor, or other University official:
  • Always use your GVSU student email 
  • Include a meaningful subject line regarding the purpose of the email
  • Start with a greeting or salutation (“Hi Dr. Jones,” or “Dear Professor. Smith,”)
  • In the body of the email, use full sentences, and be mindful of spelling and punctuation
  • Aim for being clear and direct to the point
  • Include your student ID number (“G number”; found on your student ID card), First Name and Last Name. Consider setting up a signature block with this information!
  • Overall, avoid composing an email that reads like a text message

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