May 21st, 2021
New West Short
Generate Leads on Social Media
Best Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation* 
  • Facebook: 82%
  • LinkedIn: 48%
  • Instagram: 43%
  • Twitter: 15%
*(According to US B2B Marketers, Sept. 2019*% of Respondents)
Five Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media 
  1. Have an Optimized Social Media Profile: The first step is making sure everything is in place for you to be able to collect leads. This includes having up-to-date contact information, a link to your website, call-to-action buttons (example: Instagram and Facebook offer a “Book” button allowing people to schedule an appointment with you) and more.
  2. Post Engaging Content: Targeting leads with relevant, meaningful content is the most effective way to move leads along the sales pipeline toward becoming customers.
  3. Share Video Content: Video content is fast-growing and a great way for consumers to engage with your business. 
  4. Host a Webinar: Use social media posts to boost attendance (and leads) for your virtual meetings. 
  5. Use Social Media Ads: One of the upsides to using social media marketing is that it’s free, but there’s always the potential to boost your efforts with ads, specifically on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more
Carrier Links with Robust Social Media Content 
Take advantage of the vast amount of materials these carriers offer and start posting! 

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