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The ONLY way my husband can unplug is if there is no service - no cell phone, no emails, no news, no internet.  He gets out of range as often as possible, but Memorial Day is always the first family camp trip of the year: three full days of volleyball, badminton, nature walks, rides in the side-by-side, and stories around the camp fire.  
Our neighbor down the street is retired and he goes camping during the week and only comes home on weekends to take care of his honey-dos.  This is what my husband aspires to.  To make that happen, we needed a solid plan for retirement.  A few years ago we started an overfunded Indexed Life policy for him to provide supplemental income after age 65.  With more and more people outliving their retirement, it's more important than ever to have this discussion with your clients (and look at your own plan).  In this newsletter you will find multiple resources to help get the retirement conversation started.  
Check out the rest of our newsletter for more on the industry. Look for quick one-page sales ideas under New West Shorts.  You can always go to our website for the latest carrier information (updated every week) under Product News & Updates.   

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New Videos for Affluent and Business-Owner Clients!
Help affluent and business-owner clients understand the importance of planning for the future – and how fixed index universal life insurance can have a role in their long-term strategy. Share these new approved-for-clients videos and use them to open discussions with new and current clients:
American General
Powerful Income Advantage For The “Go-Go” Years
The Max Income Option of Lifetime Income Choice provides high initial income of 6.25% for 65-year-old clients at a time during retirement when spending is likely to be the greatest. Read on
Power to Allocate Less and Do More With Your Client’s Money
Learn more about the benefits of a Power Series Index Annuity issued with the Lifetime Income Choice guaranteed living benefit rider —visit the income comparison tool or read the brochure.
Columbus Life
Are Death Benefit Guarantees Worth the Tradeoff?
Insurance planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and the evolution of products should cause one to take a step back and assess what client problem is being solved — and are any others being ignored or created along the way? Flexibility is a key factor when comparing guaranteed universal life (UL) to indexed UL products. Tell me more
Global Atlantic
Complement Your Retirement Assets
Take a look at this consumer-friendly brochure to discuss the value and versatility of permanent cash value life insurance as a potential source of supplemental income to meet a variety of lifetime contingencies and needs.
John Hancock
The Nuances of Selling Life Insurance To Women
Marti Barletta, talks about what women are looking for in a life insurance producer and provides insights and tactical solutions for building your referrals and book of business. Listen in
Create More Value for You and Your Clients
The enhanced Accumulation IUL offers unmatched income potential, but did you realize that when you utilize the product’s “blending up” strategy, you can provide your clients with more death benefit coverage in their working years while still helping them meet their supplemental income needs in retirement? 
Legal & General
Digital Tools Make Processing Fast & Simple from Start to Finish
Whether you drop a ticket or start an advisor-assisted application with your client, our digital platform with accelerated underwriting speeds app completion, reduces cycle time and ensures a more convenient experience for both advisors and customers. Download one-pager
Lincoln Financial Group
VUL Underwriting Upgrade
Effective immediately, Lincoln is offering an enhanced underwriting program to provide even more value with our suite of Lincoln VULONE product solutions.
Challenge Accepted: Embracing the Transformation of Our Industry
National Life Group
Retirement Readiness and FIAs Go Hand in Hand
While the current low interest environment is great for mortgages and other debt consumers may hold, it can mean something different for your clients’ retirement nest eggs.  Here are 3 compelling reasons why retirement readiness and FIAs go hand in hand. 
COVID Impact Has Clients Reevaluating Their Retirement Plans
Our online tools help you analyze and present your clients’ Social Security options, including personalized filing strategies and break-even and cash flow analyses.
Women and Retirement Client Planning Guide
Help your female clients envision the retirement they want with this thoughtful questionnaire.
North American
Managing Tax Allocations
The way financial vehicles are combined can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes your clients will pay in retirement, or viewed a little differently, how much they get to keep. Give our new client flyer a share to show how life insurance can help your client’s family should they pass away, and help enhance their retirement income stream.
Two Approaches to the LTC Conversation
Join our next OneAmerica Deep Dive series on 6/18 to explore the two approaches while having the LTC conversation with your clients.
Help your Clients Repurpose Inherited IRA Funds
Make sure you speak to your clients about their potential inherited IRA funds. An estimated $2.1 Trillion in IRA funds will transfer to heirs over the next 20 years! Use the advanced sales idea to help guide you through this LTC funding solution.
UL Provider Edge II: A smart alternative to guaranteed UL
See a comparison of the impact to UL Provider Edge II and other leading products when common events such as interest rate changes and missed premiums occur.
Disability Income for multi-life solutions
Disability Income (DI) insurance can help employers recruit, reward, and retain key employees at a discounted rate when three or more employees purchase coverage.  Show employers the benefits of offering voluntary DI to their employees with the 20% multi-life discount.
Classic or Custom? Deciding Between Two Solid Short-Term Choices
Did you know Protective offers not one, but two short-term products? Traditional term with Classic Choice Term, and term without limits with Custom Choice UL. Use this consumer-approved brochure to educate clients about our two short-term solutions.
What Type of Life Insurance is Best for You?
Use this consumer-approved flyer to help clients determine if term or permanent life insurance is right for them.                                            
Founders Plus Now Offers the Goldman Sachs Voyager Index Account
PruLife Founders Plus offers a competitive, exclusive-to-Prudential, indexed account option from Goldman Sachs. We've also responded to the interest rate environment with premium updates for both Founders Plus and PruLife Essential UL
Important 7702 New Business Update
While the changes the IRS made to 7702 generally have a neutral or positive impact on policy performance and case design flexibility, we have heard some concerns on the impact to certain in-force policies. To accommodate these concerns, we are offering a backdating option for some placed CVAT policies. 
Symetra Allocation Index (AI) Strategies
Looking for an innovative approach to help your clients achieve level policy performance over the long term? Get ready for our game-changing Allocation Index (AI) Strategies.  Available with both our Accumulator and Protector IUL products.
Understanding the VIX Index
Licensed exclusively for Symetra, the CBOE Volatility Index — more commonly known as the VIX Index—is a financial benchmark designed to be a real-time measure of market sentiment and expectations of future volatility. Learn more
More protection without full underwriting
Symetra’s IUL Extra Coverage Program offers clients an opportunity to purchase up to $1 million in extra Symetra Protector or Accumulator IUL coverage without full underwriting. IUL Extra Program
Zurich Wealth Builder IUL Strengths: Simple and Transparent
A simple and transparent accumulation IUL with a guaranteed bonus on interest credited in the prior year.   Zurich Wealth Builder IUL Pricing: Top 3 Ranking 66% of the time.  Across 144 scenarios and 15 carriers (including those with new 7702 rates), Zurich Wealth Builder IUL's cash surrender value prior to retirement ranks in the top 3 over 66% of the time for issue ages 20-60.
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