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Local Marketing During COVID-19—Volume 7
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“The data will guide us.” That is what the nation's brightest medical minds say when they are asked how states should emerge from their stay-at-home orders. That mantra is good advice for business.

We are committed to helping businesses thrive in Minnesota. As part of that commitment, we offer our partners data-driven advice. Last week, we surveyed our reader panel to gather insights into how consumers will behave as the stay-at-home is lifted. Much of this newsletter is informed by data from that survey. We also get to share insights from two of our partners – Slumberland and HOM Furniture.
— Paul Kasbohm, Chief Revenue Officer
Marketing in a time of crisis. Emerging from a stay-at-home-order. Learn More.
On Thursday, April 23rd, we asked our readers what they expect from businesses as Minnesota emerges from our stay-at-home order. It covered safety, consumer confidence, buyer behavior, and what they expect from advertising.

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        – Watch the Webinar.

Advice from people who have been there

"Yes! We're Open" sign.
On Monday, May 4th, we were fortunate to have Rod Johansen, President and CEO of HOM Furniture, and Ken Larson, President and CEO of Slumberland, join us on our Webinar. Here are some of the insights they shared about opening a business after the stay-at-home order.
– “We're going to need to offer a value component to get people excited to come back.” — Ken Larson, Slumberland Furniture

– “We have seen a decent response since we've been open in the stores, definitely higher than we anticipated, as far as the amount of business we are doing…” — Rod Johansen, HOM Furniture

– “Working hard on PPE…want to make sure customers feel comfortable and safe and know that we're doing the right things.” — Rod Johansen, HOM Furniture
Here are some of the insights they shared about opening a business after the stay-at-home order. Watch the Webinar.


Mother and daughter cutting coupons.
The pandemic has brought some economic hardship to many Minnesotans. Not surprisingly, many Minnesotans (52 percent) say they will spend less in the first 90 days after the stay-at-home order is lifted. The good news? Most of them (35% of respondents), say they will spend slightly less. They will be influenced by deals.
– 77% say they will be more likely to shop sales

– 70% will be more likely to shop circulars

– 39% will be more likely to clip coupons


Couple jumping in lake.
Tourism is one of the sectors that has been the most impacted by the pandemic. As the stay-at-home order is lifted, Minnesotans will start traveling again. At first, most of that travel will be local.
– If they were to travel in the first 90 days after the stay-at-home order, 81% of readers say they will travel within Minnesota

– Of them, 51% said they would be likely to travel within Minnesota


Woman at computer on conference call.
Another sector challenged by the pandemic is events. The bad news? Minnesotans will be slow to attend events. In the first 90 days after the stay-at-home order, only 38% say they are likely to attend an event.

The good news? Minnesotan's will attend virtual events – 59% say they are likely to attend a virtual event. The Loft Literary Center is taking advantage of this by shifting their Wordplay book festival into a virtual experience.

“In early March, we made the call to move every event into the virtual space,” says Britt Udesen, the Loft's Executive & Artistic Director. “We've had incredible attendance. More than 1,000 people attended our kickoff event and more than 700 have registered for the second event.”


Excited graduates tossing their caps in the air.
Graduating high school is a big deal. It is the culmination of four years of hard work and a time to celebrate with family and friends. It is a time to look forward to what is next.

This year, 60,000 Minnesota high school seniors will not get to experience their graduation. Their sacrifice will keep fellow Minnesotans safe.

Join us as we pay tribute to the class of 2020 with a special section.


Chart with rising red arrow.
– 82% of readers said they want to hear businesses advertise deals and special offers as the “stay at home” order lifted.


“This morning as I stepped out to retrieve the morning paper I realized how grateful I am to you and the entire StarTrib team. I find the time that I sit with the paper to be some of the best moments of my day. I trust your team to find and filter the news, to provide me with insights and connections to this community and the world beyond. This trust has been doggedly earned and is richly deserved.

I cannot imagine the safety measures the StarTrib has taken during this time and, yet, each morning, my paper arrives. I do not take it for granted.”

— Johnathan
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