Alumni, check it out! We've launched a dedicated alumni webpage on our site just for YOU. To continue to provide you with a thriving community, this page is a place where you can connect, collaborate, and engage with current participants, SOS partners, and each other. Check out our resource library with interviews from leaders within our network, browse current job opportunities in the industry, and hear from other alumni in the network. 
As we launch this network, we need your help! You've filled out our survey, but we need your help reaching other SOS alumni. Please share the alumni survey with your SOS friends and siblings who have graduated from our programs. All of your voices are critical to this effort, and we thank you in advance for helping us reconnect with more alumni. 
**By "alumni", we mean any former youth participants of our programs**
Our very first Alumni spotlight is on Valeria Rivero who joined SOS Outreach in Eagle County, CO when she was in 4th grade. Coming from a family that wasn’t part of the ski/snowboard culture, we helped remove those barriers for Valeria. But, those experiences on the mountain were just the foundation to provide support and confidence. Today, Valeria still incorporates the leadership skills she developed with SOS, more than a decade after she graduated from our programs. “I feel like because I developed those skills early on as a kid through SOS, I could go in there and I knew how to shake an adult’s hand. I knew how to present myself in a respectful way, but still get my point across.” Continue reading how these skills have set Valeria up for success as she pursues her passions.
In this second episode of "Continuing the Circle", Cara interviews SOS Board Vice-Chair, Tod Francis on how to follow your passions regardless of what others think you should do. Tod shares, “Figure out what you really do well because what you do well with is what you’ll be successful at, it’s what you’re going to enjoy and what you enjoy, you’ll do well with.” 
Looking for a meaningful way to give back to the next generation of SOS participants? Consider making a gift to ensure they can experience our programs just as you did! 
In the face of the significant challenges presented by 2020, we recognize that providing the tools kids need to navigate the world right now is more important than ever. And that's why with your support, we remain 100% committed to fostering community through this time by providing our progressive, curriculum-focused programming to our kids across our locations. Schedule your CO Gives Day gift today to help the next generation of SOS participants thrive. PLUS: CO Gives Day features at $1 Millon Incentive Fund which means every donation scheduled will be boosted!
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