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Newsletter #131                 January 31, 2017

History is written from the perspective of those who preserve their records
COMING--Rolling the Stone Away:
Generations of Love & Justice
September 8-10, 2017

A first-ever, ecumenical conference on LGBTQ Christian history in the U.S., Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love & Justice, will convene September 8-10, 2017, likely in St. Louis.  This gathering will bring together dozens of elders, saints and prophets from LGBT movements in ths U.S., along with their friends, to honor our history and inform our future.  
An ecumenical planning team, under the auspices of the LGBT Religious Archives Network, continues to work diligently to shape this momentous event.  The planning team welcomes ideas and offer of support. Send to rollingthestoneaway@lgbtran.org.   Planning team members are: Ray Bagnuolo, Mark Bowman, Barb Crabtree, Marianne Duddy-Burke, Nicole Garcia, Pamela Lightsey, Jim Mitulski, Rick Mixon, Sylvia Rhue, Bernie Schlager; Mel Soriano; Justin Tanis; Marnie Warner; and Judith Wray
New Profile Added 

Ray Bagnuolo
Presbyterian activist & pastor

 Boswell & Earl Lectures Feature
Jose Antonio Vargas

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, filmmaker, and media entrepreneur Jose Antonio Vargas will address "Borders and Identities" at the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS) in Berkeley on March 17, 2017. Vargas will speak to how migration across all kinds of borders—both physical and metaphorical—is reshaping our understanding of identity across boundaries of race, culture, religion, gender identity, and nationality. Vargas is is the founder and CEO of Define American, a non-profit media and culture organization that seeks to elevate the conversation around immigration and citizenship in America; and the founder of #EmergingUS, a media start-up that lives at the intersection of race, immigration, and identity in a multicultural America.  Get more details here about this joint presentation of the  CLGS Boswell Lecture and the Pacific School of Religion Earl Lectures. 
50 years ago...
This nun and priest founded New Ways Ministry, a national ministry of research and advocacy on Catholicism and homosexuality, in Mt. Rainer, Maryland.   
 Seeking A-V Manager
LGBT-RAN is seeking a part-time Audio-Visual Manager to work on a contract basis to support the Rolling the Stone Away Conference. See full announcement here.    
51 years ago this month
Some National Council of Churches staff persons held a first-ever meeting with lesbian and gay activists in New York City. This early East Coast gay activist participated in this meeting. 
      Parents Survey
Parents of LGBT children are invited to complete this survey for a doctoral candidate's dissertation research. 
Help save our history...
Will you make a gift to preserve our voices and stories for future generations? Every $50 given entitles you to  "host" the LGBT-RAN web site for one day. 

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