It is the end of the summer and the countdown to those last beach days, lazy days, it's almost back to school days. Enjoy. Celebrate. That's it for now. 
Well, almost... 
I attended a great Vision Board workshop in July. I was fired up to FOCUS. The next day life interrupted and I was reminded (again) that although we plan, we do not control many events in our lives. So, as I am asking you to Don't Worry, Be Happy, the reality is we must always plan. Then act. It may not always be at the time you planned, but if you have The Plan, you can return back to it when the time is right.
I think you have The Plan already or know where to get the help you need to make the plan work. If you don't, there are many resources out there, you just have to ask. And let me also remind you to share. My favorite Zig Ziglar quote is: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."
Let's help each other.
"Having Tara Colquitt's guidance through the process of contacting creditors to clear up issues on my credit report was invaluable. Her knowledge of effectively interacting with the various agencies made the process completely pain free. The Credit Woman took the fear away and got me on the road to improving my credit rating."  
Philadelphia Business Owner
7th Annual Business Technology Expo
Sunday, September 25th, 2-6pm
We thank our Vendors for their participation. Come and meet them at the Expo!
To find out more about each vendor, please visit our FB event page.
Cohort 12 begins October 13th
We are a sorority of Women in Business with the intention to work together to grow ourselves personally and in business to affect change in our communities.
"If it wasn't for Cohort 10 and accountability I would have hit some roadblocks and stopped. Sure I would have tried to get it done, but I would have been scattered and missed the important things. In my year of systems, I feel a sense of accomplishment." 
Cymande Lewis, Owner of Cynful Bliss, 2016 Graduate
Contact me today to assist you with any savings, budgeting and/or credit needs.
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