Inspiration for the New Year, Fake App Warning, Easy Soup Recipes & More
Inspiration for the New Year, Fake App Warning, Easy Soup Recipes & More
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  January 2020  
A New Year's Greeting from ImOn Communications

Patrice Carroll Happy New Year from the entire team at ImOn Communications! As we look ahead to our exciting plans for 2020, I want to take just a moment to thank you for your business and reflect on all we've accomplished together in 2019.

ImOn started 2019 with some big news: our expansion into residential service in Iowa City. While we remain as committed as ever to providing the best Internet, cable TV and phone service in Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha, we are also very excited to add Iowa City to the list of communities we serve.

Even as we were announcing the Iowa City expansion, our engineers were working hard to augment the bandwidth of our network to improve the Internet experience for all our current customers. As a result, we've doubled our network capacity and improved performance during peak usage times. We will continue to invest in the ImOn network in 2020 and measure performance to ensure you, our valued customers, are enjoying the best Internet experience possible.

In May of this year we transitioned the last of our analog TV channels to digital format. This transition to an entirely digital format drastically improved the picture quality for our cable TV customers.

And finally, in the second half of 2019, ImOn announced our expansion into the Dubuque residential market. Our plan is to begin construction in Dubuque in Spring 2020.

As many of you know, we at ImOn don't think of ourselves as just your telecommunications provider; we are your neighbors. Supporting and giving back to all of the communities we serve is very important to us. With our expansion into new markets, as well as our continued commitment to our existing markets, we remain focused on continuing to serve all our communities the ImOn way.

Thank you for being part of the ImOn family - we look forward to serving you in 2020 and for years to come!


Patrice Carroll
CEO, ImOn Communications
ImOn in the Community Download Images to View
  • ImOn recently received recognition for our participation in HACAP's 2019 Freedom from Hunger Campaign. ImOn employees raised money to provide 20,590 meals for families in Eastern Iowa.

  • As a team, ImOn employees collected 61 blankets and raised $200 for the Help Heat the Homeless Blanket Drive. The blanket drive was started by Peyton Myers (age 10) and his sister Harper (age 8) in order to collect blankets for the homeless population of eastern Iowa. They have a goal of collecting 480 blankets and donating them to the Willis Dady Homeless Shelter in Cedar Rapids. To learn more about the blanket drive visit Help Heat the Homeless — The HHH Effect Facebook Page
Stay Connected with ImOn on Social Media

Download Images to View ImOn is active on social media, offering you a variety of ways to stay updated on everything ImOn. We share technology tips, programming news, outage notifications, and customer perks and giveaways. In fact we will be having another customer giveaway starting January 13th, so make sure to check us out on:
HBO & Cinemax Free Preview Weekend Coming

FREE Preview - Download Images to View

From Friday, January 17th through - Monday, January 20th, ImOn is offering a FREE preview of all 6 HBO channels and 8 Cinemax channels. Enjoy addictive series, entertaining movies, family favorites, and much more. A set top box is required to view the free preview.
Channel Changes

Download Images to View On January 3, ImOn added 3 new digital channels to the Local Plus channel lineup: Circle (Channel 715), Stadium (Channel 716), and Dabl (Channel 717). We also removed Blaze TV, Channel 109, because the network has discontinued the channel, and WGN America, Channels 33 and 811, to prepare for a new Cubs Marquee Channel that will be added in the coming months. If you have an ImOn set-top-box these new channels have been automatically added. However, if you do not have an ImOn set-top-box, you will need to manually rescan your TV to pick up these new channels. For instructions on how to manually rescan your TV visit
Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Perfectly Playful Plastic Pizza
No matter how you slice it, this stop-motion video successfully imagines the process of making and baking a Lego® brick pizza.
Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View  
Nerf Trick Shots
You'll have a blast watching what these fun-loving guys can do with Nerf Blasters — hitting impossible shot after impossible shot.
ImOn Tech Talks

Download Images to View

ImOn is starting a new educational series called Tech Talks. Each month we will share helpful information about various tech topics to help our customers better understand the technology and services they have in their lives. If you have a tech topic you would like to learn more about, just email your idea or question to and you may see them featured in an upcoming edition of Tech Talks. Enjoy!

Internet Speed

We're kicking the series off by looking at Internet speed. This will be a 3-month series talking about Internet speed, things that can affect your Internet, and ways to improve your overall Internet experience.

What is Internet Speed?

Over the last decade, the Internet has really changed the way we live, do business, socialize, and stay informed. So it is important that your Internet speed is fast enough to keep up. We all know how frustrating it is to have to wait for your website to load or your video to buffer!

Download and Upload - Download Graphics to View

When we talk about Internet speed, we are really talking about bandwidth, or capacity. It is the amount of data that can be transferred over an Internet connection in one second. At ImOn we talk about Internet speed using download and upload speeds. Download speed is the speed data is transferred from one place to another. When you watch a video, listen to a song, get email, or search Google, you are using your download speed. Upload speed refers to the speed data is transferred from your computer to the Internet. You use your upload speed when you post videos on YouTube, post pictures on social media, send emails, or save files to the cloud.

So now that you know what Internet speed is, how do you know what speed is right for you? Different households have drastically different Internet speed needs. A single person who only uses the Internet to access social media and send emails doesn't need as much Internet speed as a family of five who are streaming Netflix in every room. When you are trying to decide on what Internet speed your home needs, there are three main things to consider.
  1. How many people use the Internet in your home?

  2. How many Internet connected devices do you have in your home?

  3. What activities do you do on the Internet?
To learn more about how each of these factors affect your Internet speed and to use our handy Internet speed estimator, visit

In next month's Tech Talks we will share information about some of the things that may be slowing down your Internet.
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FAKE APPS ARE REAL PROBLEM - See The Details Download Graphics to View Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day

Download Images to View No, we're not kidding. National Squirrel Appreciation Day is a real thing and it is celebrated every January 21st. While many of you may enjoy these cute, fuzzy woodland creatures, we in the telecommunications industry look at them more as a frustrating foe.

Like most rodents, squirrels chew on things to sharpen and control the length of their teeth. Unfortunately, they often choose electrical and fiber-optic cables. They like to chew off the outer insulation of the wires and even chew on the hard wires themselves, which results in a service outage for our customers. In fact, according to Tony Bennett, ImOn Senior Manager of Network Operations, our Internet service was briefly impacted 15 times in 2019 due to squirrel chew damage! The good news is our team has become very good at identifying and repairing squirrel chews quickly and minimizing any downtime the customers in the affected area experience.

So if you choose to celebrate our furry friends this National Squirrel Appreciation Day, please make sure to shower them with a ton of hard nuts so they won't need to chew on our fiber!
January 28 Is Data Privacy Day

Download Images to View Given the frequency and magnitude of identity theft, it's vitally important to do what you can to protect your personal information. January 28 is designated as Data Privacy Day, which serves as an excellent reminder to stay vigilant.

The National Cyber Security Alliance offers these tips to help manage your privacy: Secure your devices: Use strong passwords, passcodes, or touch ID features to lock your devices. These security measures can help protect your information if your devices are lost or stolen and keep prying eyes out.

Think before you app: Information about you — such as the games you like to play, your contacts list, where you shop, and your location — has value, just like money. Be thoughtful about who gets that information and how it's collected through apps. Stay up to date: Make sure your security software, web browser, and operating system are updated regularly, which is the best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Learn more at Click on "STAY SAFE ONLINE" and get tips on Online Safety Basics, Managing Your Privacy, and gravida cum sociis natoque penatibus et. ARTICLE ENDS
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