Vitelli Wins Again!

Rebecca Vitelli, Colonial’s 2019 Teacher of the Year and Delaware’s Teacher of the Year, has won yet another award... this time a national one! Vitelli, a preschool teacher for Colonial’s Early Education Program (CEEP), is one of 46 educators from around the country to receive the prestigious California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence. The award, sponsored by NEA, is given to teachers who are nominated due to their dedication to the profession, community engagement, attention to diversity, and more. Way to Go!

Twin Educators in the Spotlight

When the pandemic hit, twin sisters Tameka  Mays and Tilesha McFee hit the ground running...running to make sure families got fed. Mays, a paraprofessional at George Read, and McFee a paraprofessional at Leach began a fundraising campaign to purchase food for distribution to the community. Since March 23rd, the twins have distributed 900,000 pounds of free food so far, with a goal of 1 million pounds by the end of this month! Their dedication and determination are inspired by a quote once spoken by Mother Teresa who said, “If you can’t feed one hundred, then just feed one.” The twins’ work, with the help of many Colonial volunteers who often distribute the food in the parking lot of Leach, caught the attention of Disney. Take a look at the holiday special featuring the twins who were surprised to receive a free trip to Disney for their immediate family during the week of November 9th. Wow, the Power of WE times two!

Flour Challenge

Our teachers will do just about anything to make certain students have fun and are staying engaged during virtual learning.  Jennifer O'Brien, a third-grade teacher at Wilbur, dipped her face in flour every time a student got the right answer in a lesson about verb tenses. The kids had a blast trying to be the first to answer her questions correctly.  “Virtual learning definitely has its challenges when it comes to making sure students are engaged and focused. Mr. Gould (my co-teacher) and I have found that the more we do crazy and unusual things, the more students keep their attention on us and less on what is happening around them.  We do everything from singing to dancing to face planting in flour to keep students coming back for more!”

It Pays to be at Pleasantville

Yesterday Mrs.Lisa Mims'  ( right) class at Pleasantville Elementary had a very special visit from Christon 'The Truth' Jones (left). Jones is a 14-year-old CEO day trader and investor, who has other amazing accomplishments for a teenager. Tiana Sirmans, a Pleasantville student who’s gained national attention for her reporting abilities, interviewed Jones and wanted him to share his story with her fellow students. She knew it would be a great virtual experience to have him speak to the students because they are participating in the Stock Market Game. Mrs. Mims has had her class participate in the Stock Market Game for years. Each team is given $100,000 in  “play money” so they can play the live stock market. Students gain a wealth of experience thanks to Mrs. Mims! 
As for Tiana Sirmans, Pleasantivlle's rising star continues to stay busy. She was recently featured in the podcast below...check it out!

Spirit Day Fun

Wilbur Wildcats had a day of colorful zoom sessions when students and teachers wore tie-dye shirts and crazy pants for their Spirit Day. Meanwhile, at New Castle Spirit Day was all about favorite foods, and Southern Sharks had fun with Twin Day. Kudos to Colonial educators who are determined to make virtual learning fun and engaging for our kids!

Senior Salute to Athletes

Despite all of the hardships presented by COVID-19 student-athletes at William Penn did get to compete in Fall sports. Seniors on Colonial’s volleyball, cross county, soccer, and field hockey teams were already recognized, with the football team having an awards recognition after a December 5th game against Concord. Athletic Director Matt Sabol applauded his seniors saying, “Congratulations to all of our fall senior athletes who have had to experience something many have never had to go through.  You are Colonial Pioneers – you have handled a pandemic, shown dedication, perseverance, and have always represented Colonial Nation with pride and sportsmanship.  Remember this time, because these values will serve you well and allow you to take on any obstacles you face in your bright futures.  We will miss you and wish you all nothing but success.”  Go Colonials! Pictured above,- Left-Jasmine Stewart & mother (field hockey), Center-volleyball senior girls, right- Paige Reeder, and parents. Bottom left- Koti Simms and mother. Bottom right- Jeissa Medina De La Rosa and parents.

Who WE Are –
Holly Wiedenmann

Holly Wiedenmann is Colonial’s 2020 ESPY winner…that’s the Educational Support Professional of the Year. For the first time, the Delaware Department of Education introduced this statewide recognition and competition that is designed much like the annual Teacher of the Year, with support professionals (custodians, secretaries, cafeteria workers, etc.) being nominated, chosen, and honored for their outstanding work.

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