MAY 19, 2020

Delaware's P-EBT Program

Delaware’s P-EBT Program provides food assistance to families with children who lost access to free or reduced-price school meals because of school closures caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  As part of the State of Delaware’s ongoing efforts to ensure that children have access to food while schools are closed, the Department of Health and Social Services received Federal Coronavirus Pandemic p-EBT funds.    

All children in Colonial School District qualify for pEBT funds, whether or not they qualify for SNAP or TANF because the district participates in the Community Eligible Program -CEP.
For many of our families that are not able to participate in our emergency feeding program, this will help them tremendously!  

Questions should be directed to the Division of Social Services 1-866-843-7212

Tomorrow's Grab & Go Reminder

We will be providing five (5 ) breakfast and five (5) lunch meals on Wednesday, May 20th due to the Memorial Day holiday.

The bags will be heavy so please consider accompanying your child or providing a wagon for pick up. No meals will be distributed on Monday, May 25th. Colonial Nutrition Services wishes you a safe and happy Memorial Day! 

Tune in Tomorrow!

Fox29 will pay a special visit to Colonial Nation in several secret locations between the hours of 9-10 AM. Be sure to watch Good Day Philadelphia featuring Bob Kelly so you won’t miss the fun and excitement!

Student & Family Wellness

Last week, we shared information about the importance of staying in the present.  This week, we are sharing information about the value of “separating out what you can and cannot control.”  As you go about your daily tasks this week, we hope that you find the information below helpful.

Separate Out What You Can and Cannot Control

The human mind seeks certainty and control, yet these may be impossible in the current environment. Practice acceptance of your circumstances as well as the emotions you experience. Making peace with what is out of your control can create mental energy for you to plan more productively for what is within your power.


What kinds of things can I control during this uncertain time?

·       Steps you take to stay healthy

·       How you cope

·       How you treat others

·       What you eat and drink

·       How much help/support you seek

·       How much time you spend worrying

·       How you support your community

·       Amount of news you consume

Finding peace with what you can and cannot control

Worry often focuses our attention on the future: an unknown outcome or danger or distress that we anticipate. One way to manage these worries is to focus on one worry at a time and identify whether it is about something you can control or not. Once a worry is categorized, you can approach it more effectively:

1. Worries about things you can control can help motivate you to make a plan or take action.

2. Worries about things you cannot control are depleting. Use a coping skill to manage these worries instead.

Is this worry about something I can control?


·       What resources are available to help me stay informed about risks, safety measures in place, and important updates?

·       Who can I contact for logistical or practical help?

·       Who can I contact for emotional support?

·       What steps can I take right now, to help me prepare for this situation?


·       Which coping skills will I use to help me relieve or tolerate my distress?

o   relaxation, deep breathing

o   meditation, mindfulness

o   physical activity, getting outside

o   music, hobbies, creative arts

o   social support and connection

o   distraction: books, movies, TV

·       What can I do after this coping skill, to help me feel safe, supported, connected to others, or productive today?

End-of-School-Year Reminder

During the week of June 15th, schools will allow families to pick up any necessary belongings through a curbside pickup. Specific details will come at a later date for each school.
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