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This edition of our newsletter includes information about the 2015 FASPE trips, the opening of applications for 2016, and our plans for the FASPE Reunion & Symposium in March of 2016.

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Thorin Tritter, Ph.D.
Managing Director, FASPE
FASPE ran five programs in the summer of 2015, working with Journalism, Law, Medical, Seminary, and a new pilot program of Business Fellows. The Business Fellows traveled with the Journalism and Law Fellows. Given the inclusion of five European Fellows and one European faculty member, we started the program in Berlin this year, rather than in New York. The group of American and European Fellows arrived in Berlin on Saturday, May 23 and in the morning of Sunday, May 24. Journalism and Law Fellows then attended an ice-breaker at the dome of the Reichstag Building, while Business Fellows traveled to the Forced Labor Documentation Center, before coming together for the formal launch of their respective programs on Sunday afternoon. Over the following 12 days, the three groups traveled together, interweaving discipline-specific seminars, site visits, and inter-disciplinary discussions.

The Medical and Seminary Fellows traveled nearly a month later, in June, beginning their trip in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Sunday, June 14. Perhaps the most powerful of the introductory sessions held in New York was a joint Medical and Seminary meeting with Ruth Pagirsky, who survived three years on a forced labor farm in Heidelberg, Germany, by posing as a mute to hide her German accent and Jewish identity. The group then traveled to Berlin, arriving in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 16, where they began to explore the role of their professions in Nazi Germany and to think critically about the ethical issues they face in their professions today. 

The 2015 FASPE trips relied on both veteran faculty and several new additions. In Journalism, Andie Tucher, a professor at Columbia’s journalism school who returned to FASPE for the fourth time, co-led the program with first-time FASPEan Marguerite Holloway, a fellow professor at Columbia and the director of Columbia’s Science and Environmental Journalism program. FASPE Law was led single-handedly by another new FASPE faculty member, Dana Remus, a professor from the University of North Carolina School of Law. The pilot Business program was co-taught by Mary Gentile, director of Giving Voice to Values and a senior research scholar at Babson College, 
and Markus Scholz, who holds the Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics at FHWien University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. On the second trip, FASPE Medical was co-taught by two veteran faculty members, Sara Goldkind, formerly the senior bioethicist at the US FDA, and Jack Hughes, a professor of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine; while the Seminary program was led by Kevin Spicer, a professor at Stonehill College who returned for his fourth year with FASPE, and James Ponet, the emeritus Howard M Holtzmann Jewish Chaplain at Yale University, who joined FASPE for the first time. This impressive group of faculty inspired our Fellows, engaging them in discussions about the past, present, and future.
Professor Dana Remus, who led the 2015 FASPE Law program and had been teaching at the UNC School of Law, will join the Office of White House Counsel in November to serve through the balance of President Obama's term. She will be the chief ethics lawyer in the White House, with the title of Senior Counsel and Special Assistant to the President. Professor Remus had been planning to go on academic leave this year, spending the fall semester at Cornell, the spring at the University of Pennsylvania, and hopefully returning to FASPE in the summer of 2016. With her new responsibilities in Washington, however, she will be ending her visit at Cornell early and deferring her time at Penn and FASPE to a later date. We wish her the best and look forward to her return to FASPE at the conclusion of her service to the President.
FASPE launched its 2016 application recruiting season on September 15! E-blasts and flyers have been going out to literally thousands of faculty and administrators at universities and to contacts at a range of ethics organizations, in addition to phone calls to dozens of institutions. Even more important than this surge of communication is the informal spread of information by word-of-mouth from our alumni, faculty, and friends. If you know someone preparing to work in any of the five fields we serve (Business, Journalism, Law, Medical, and Seminary), please direct them to our website.
Instructions about how to apply for our five programs can be found on the “How to Apply” tab on our website. You can also find flyers on that page which can be downloaded and forwarded to your friends and colleagues. Please share information about FASPE programs with your contacts!
We are moving the FASPE Reunion & Symposium to March 5-7, 2016. Since its inception in 2011, FASPE has held its annual Reunion & Symposium over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. However, in response to concerns about travel in January and due to the fact that many of our Seminary alumni have services and programs they participate in over that weekend, we will be holding the 2016 event at the beginning of March. The full schedule has yet to be finalized, but expect a networking gathering in the evening on Saturday, March 5, a full day of sessions and discussions on Sunday, March 6, and a group outing on Monday morning (March 7) for those who can stay around. More details will be sent around soon.
Each year the new FASPE Fellows join our alumni in on-going private discussion groups where Fellows talk about the ethical issues they are facing in their work and discuss items in the news that relate to their specific field. Here is what has been trending recently. 

Not surprisingly, news about Volkswagen designing software to cheat emissions tests sparked discussion about the role and responsibility of both lawyers and business executives at the automobile firm. Meanwhile, our Journalism Fellows saw connections between a seminar in our program and a recent story in the New York Times about how a photojournalist decided which pictures to include for a story about mentally ill patients. Medical Fellows, on the other hand, were interested in an article by Dr. Joe Fins in which he expanded on comments he made at the FASPE panel discussion on “Ethics & Ebola” earlier this year highlighting the importance of separating professionalism and heroism. While we should expect doctors to act professionally, says Dr. Fins, we should not expect heroic behavior from them. Another story that caught the attention of many of our Fellows was a proposal that has turned up in Germany to turn part of the River Spree that flows through Berlin into a swimming hole. If this goes forward, future Fellows may want to pack swim suits for our visit to Berlin. 

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