Smart Sheets Entry LINK and Revised Entry Process
Smart Sheets Entry LINK and Revised Entry Process
View online.

August 21, 2021

REVISED EDITION  with Smart Sheets Link

96th Annual Juried Exhibition Call For Entries  
This exhibition is exclusively for PSA members.

The 96th Annual Juried Exhibition is both a traditional gallery exhibition and online exhibition.

Juror: Dr. Mika Cho  Professor of Art, California State University Los Angeles  
(See below for juror information)
Exhibition Chair:  Lawrence D. Rodgers

Gallery: Whites Fine Art Gallery 2414 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose, CA 91020
818-957-4071  Gallery Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
Online Exhibition: ISSUU and PSA website concurrent with gallery exhibition

Exhibition Schedule: Friday, October 15 – Saturday, November 13, 2021
Artist’s Reception & Awards Presentation: Saturday, October 16, 2pm - 4pm
All members are encouraged to bring their favorite hors d’oeuvres. 
Volunteers needed to assist Hospitality Chair Pat Lee during reception. 
Please contact her at to offer your assistance. 

Three (3) Awards of Merit 

Three (3) Honorable Mention Awards 
The James Ackley McBride Award (best landscape) 
The Yoko Cohen Memorial Award (best watercolor)
The Jackie Steimke Memorial Award (best artistic spirit)
All awards selected by juror.

Artwork entry is online only using the Smart Sheets entry process complete with high resolution images and artist statements.  See link below.

Artwork acceptance letters will be sent out starting Thursday, September 2.

Exhibition Schedule:
Online Artwork Submission: Tuesday, August 24 - Thursday, August 26. 
Gallery Artwork Drop-off:  Friday, October 15, 10 am to 12 noon Installation: 12:30 until finished 
Artist’s Reception: Saturday, October 16, 2 pm  - 4pm
Gallery Artwork Pick-up:  Saturday, November 13, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
No Print bins will be available.

Entry Requirements:  All media & subject matter, NO SIZE Restrictions Limit of four (4) pieces. All Exhibition Policies and Standards will be strictly enforced, 3D artists need to provide their own display stands for gallery exhibition. 
Artist’s Statement directly related to each submitted artwork: 25 words minimum to 150 words maximum.

Digital Image Requirements: 

Up to four (4) digital images of each 2D artwork without frame, a overall view plus additional views including details if desired.  
3D artists may submit a total of four (4) digital images of each artwork, plain background requested.  Accepted digital image file formats:  JPG
File Size:  6MB or larger 
Image Resolution:  Long side of image 7 inches at 300 pixels per inch or 2100 pixels, (maximum of 8 inches at 300 pixels/inch or 2400 pixels.) 
Images to be in focus, no reflections.  Image of artwork should fill frame without distortion.  
Images that do not meet the specifications will not be used.
When using a cell phone camera select the largest file size possible. 

Questions about digital requirements?  Please contact Larry Rodgers at or 626-802-7142 for more information. 

Entry Procedure:  Have these files and info available when you fill out the online entry form: artist’s statement, digital image(s), media, overall artwork size without frame, price, contact info and link to website.  Follow instructions on the form to submit statements and images.  It is strongly recommended that a larger screen be used like a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  The larger screen will make it much easier to complete the entry form properly.  

To ensure the proper credit for the artist, please follow the requested naming convention.  
One entry form per artwork please.  Multiple entries require multiple entry forms.

Check “Send me a copy of my responses” which will be emailed to you (this is the copy of the entry form required to accompany artwork at the gallery drop-off.)
Finally, scroll to the very end of the form, and hit the “SUBMIT” button.

IMPORTANT!  The paper copy of your entry form will need to be attached to the artwork when delivered to the gallery.

Submit your entries (up to 4): The Smart Sheets entry form link:

Entry Fees:  $20.00 for entry #1, $10.00 each for entries #2, #3, #4 plus a donation of 10% (or more) of gross sales to PSA.  Entry fees may be paid via PAYPAL on PSA website or check/cash at the time of entry. Member dues must be paid to participate in this exhibition.
Indicate on check “Entry Fees for 96th Annual”
Mail check to:  
Pasadena Society of Artists
P. O. Box 90074
Pasadena, CA 91109

White’s Fine Art Gallery Commission: 35%

Gallery Artwork Package: Printed copy of Smart Sheets entry form with each related artwork.

Volunteer Request:  
Volunteers are needed for every aspect of the Annual. 
Friday, October 15, Installation at the gallery, all day until finished  4 -5 (or more) volunteers  

All volunteers will be required to follow all current pandemic protection requirements, masks and appropriate social distancing.  

Come join the Exhibition Committee, have fun helping out and fulfill your volunteer hours requirement for 2021.

Juror Information:  

Dr. Mika Cho, Professor of Art 
College of Arts and Letters Department of Art
Special Assistant to the President for Arts
Director of Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery located at California State University Los Angeles

Dr. Mika Cho was appointed as Special Assistant to the President for Arts and the director of the Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery in 2017. Prior to her appointment as the director of the Fine Arts Gallery she served as the chair of the Art Department. She is art educator, researcher, educational consultant, curator and visual artist, the last comprising numerous exhibitions at museums and galleries. Her research interests are in art-related and educational issues, which she shares through publications and extensive conference presentations nationally and internationally. 

As an artist, I believe that it is important to eschew making works in a vacuum. I propose to answer the question of how my own artwork relates to the viewers and in what ways are my works in accord with the art world. Most of my works contain references to the abstract, open-ended and the processing (layering, adding and subtracting).  But most of all, they are visual metaphor of human emotions.  I do not represent or embellish nature.  I am interested in sensations evoked with colors and ideas.  Painting, like other forms of arts, is the most important tool for communicating.  I am creating visual metaphor in abstract manners through color and texture.

Sales Information:
All ONLINE sales transactions are between you and your customer.  You are responsible for collecting sales tax, NOT PSA.   
If you sell artwork from the online exhibition, please notify White’s Fine Art Gallery of the sale. 
Artwork sold at the gallery will be the responsibility of the gallery.
If you sell your artwork PSA requests a donation of 10% (or more) based on the gross sales price.

Questions or comments?  Please contact Lawrence D. Rodgers, contact information below.

Lawrence D. Rodgers  
Exhibition Chair  96th Annual Juried Exhibition  Pasadena Society of Artists
Tel: 626-802-7142  


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