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­Coming Soon: Scoring Wizard in the Portal 
We are excited to announce a new Scoring Wizard for the Self-Scoring Worksheet that all applicants will use for scoring their application to the 2021 Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP). The Scoring Wizard is a new tool within the Multifamily Customer Portal that will replace the Excel version of the Self-Scoring Worksheet. 
New Scoring Wizard Highlights
Check out some of the new features we are rolling out:
  • Guides the user through the scoring process. When you enter information about your project, the Scoring Wizard identifies the points you are eligible for based on the information provided.

  • Create test scenarios. Not sure how claiming certain criteria will impact your score? You can create up to four scenarios in the Scoring Wizard and then submit the final version when you are ready. 

  • Reduces duplicative data entry. We have reduced the number of times you need to enter unit counts and other duplicative data. 
  • Auto calculates formulas in real-time to reduce complexity and errors. Not sure which value to include in the denominator? The Scoring Wizard does the calculations for you.
  • Provides easy access to scoring resources. Links to the scoring guide and other resources are available throughout the Scoring Wizard.
  • Generates a PDF scoring report. You can create a PDF of the points you claimed for your records.
Stay tuned for more details!
Training Opportunities
Minnesota Housing will be hosting two live training opportunities for you to learn more about the new Scoring Wizard.
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