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June 15, 2021

Here we are, June 15th...fully reopened

I will be advising visitors to make reservations, and check with each winey as to their safety protocols which may still be in place.   When OSHA meets again on the 17th they will clarify the regulations.
I have tried to update the online list of "Wineries Open/Hours" but there were so many changes, PLEASE review it HERE I'm sure I have missed some edits.
Also - our 1st SF Chron print ad ran this past Sunday (it will run again this coming Sunday) and our digital and social campaign began yesterday and runs for a month. Message - We're Open! Thank you to the 50 members that participated and made it possible for us to launch this $8000 campaign.
The digital ads all link to this landing page: WineRoad.com/SFgate

Tasting Fees

I am on an information gathering expedition.   
This is not for the public, I just need to know where things stand when customers call.
I will also share the answers with all of YOU, so you know what other wineries are doing.

1. What is the minimum tasting fee you charge?

2. How many different types of “experiences” are you currently offering?

3. I assume each experience goes up in price…yes or no

4. Do you REFUND with a purchase?  yes or no

5. If yes, what is the purchase requirement?  1 bottle, or more or a set dollar amount?
Please reply by this Friday - June 18th

Wine & Weed Symposium

August 5th, 8:45 - 4:45
The symposium will be largely focused on exploring the collaborative & educational opportunities that exist between the wine & cannabis industries. The day will finish with a 90-minute networking social with wine and light food. The organizer is looking for 8 cases of wine, mixed red and white, to feature at the event. For every case, they will provide a full pass for the day ($295 value) along with listing the donating winery as one of their sponsors. They expecting a sold-out event. If you are interested in donating contact Buffy Schaezlein at Buffy@WineIndustryNetwork.com or by phone at 707-433-2557 ext 103 for more information.
February 25-26
Early bird pricing is $375. Wine Road will reimburse $100 when the event happens.
For details download the registration here
We hope to have 20 wineries head down, so we can set up banners for "Destination Wine Road" and really showcase our AVAs. We  hope to also offer a seminar for trade on Friday morning - details pending.
So far 4 wineries have signed up that I am aware of, we hope to have 20 of you on board. This is a great audience.
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