A message from Ice Lekometros Moore
A message from Ice Lekometros Moore
September 1, 2023
Dear CSA Members,
This week, I became keenly aware of the change from summer to fall as I grabbed a long-sleeved shirt for our early morning starts.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude to you who have supported our work with the land this season.  Because of the hard work of our dedicated team of farmers, our fields are the most productive they have ever been. 
I start and end each week with a field walk to make updates to the crop plan, scout for pests and diseases, and create our weekly harvest list.  The bounty has finally arrived!  This week alone, we harvested over 4,000 pounds of food, including some of your spring favorites like salad mix and spinach, along with a staggering amount of pumpkins and heritage winter squash like Georgia Candy Roaster.  If you ever wonder why "harvest dinners" are a fall celebration, even though we are harvesting all season, it's because of this September confluence of summer and autumn bounty.  
Anticipating continued abundant harvests, I am excited to share that during the month of September, CSA Members can reload your existing CSA cards to continue to reap your benefits when you shop. 
Reloading your card is only possible in-person in the Farm Stand during Farm Stand hours in September: Thursday through Sunday, 10-4, beginning today!  You've asked for this, and we are happy to answer! 
I have loved meeting you around the farm this season, sharing stories about farming, gardening, and hearing your feedback.  If we haven't crossed paths yet, I look forward to seeing you sometime this fall!
Happy farming,
Ice Lekometros Moore, Farm Manager

Why reload?

"I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I'm going all out at the Farm Stand the week before Thanksgiving, so I'm going to reload my CSA card now in preparation for November."
- Adam
"I was afraid to commit, so I went with the $250 tier, but I used my credit by July.  I know I'll spend at least that much again, and I want to stock up on maple syrup and honey for the winter."
- Jenn
"This time of year, I can't choose between the tomatoes and the winter squash, and I love when the CSA perk is extra delicata for my week, so I want to keep my benefits as long as I can!"
- Tom

Farm Stand Hours

Thursday - Sunday 
10am - 4pm

This Week's Harvest & Farm Stand Availability
Your CSA card can be reloaded in the Farm Stand through September 31st. 
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Thank you for supporting local agriculture!

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