Attend tutoring and WIN!
Attend tutoring and WIN!
Vol. 17 Edition 11  |  March 02, 2021
An NAU student participating in an in-person class while wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance from other students.

Message from the President

Dear Parent,
The most important measure of our success as a university is that of our students—validating our mission and realizing our promise. There are many measures of success, notably academic. But success should also be measured when students leave NAU as fully formed, responsible citizens, prepared to take on the responsibilities that come with adulthood and ready to play constructive roles in their families, communities, and the world.
During the pandemic, Northern Arizona University has graduated 8,500 students, and more than 76 percent of freshmen continued on to their sophomore year. Nearly 6,000 are expected to graduate this spring. We know that persistence is one key indicator of student success. We have success in the continued pursuit of excellence—winning national awards, accomplishing athletic feats, volunteering, innovating, and becoming part of the fabric of their community. At a time when our students are managing the unforeseen challenges of a global pandemic, their dedication, commitment, and drive has been an inspiration to us all. They embody the Lumberjack spirit.
In addition to the work that occurs in the classroom, a large factor in student success is the social, emotional, and professional/career support that is part of NAU’s foundation. It is why we are here. The commitment of our faculty and staff keeps our students moving forward on the path to success.
In this edition of Backpack, you will read about the many resources available to students. From academic to counseling services, campus recreation to career development, a resource for internships and job opportunities and on off campus, social, career, and engagement opportunities, and the food pantry Louie’s Cupboard, NAU offers many options for students to tap into.
We continue to be vigilant about COVID-19, testing, and vaccines and we are proud that we have been able to continue classes safely, ensuring our students can graduate on time, while staying healthy.
As we approach the middle of the semester, I offer my sincere thanks for the support you provide our students. And, for the trust you have in NAU.

Rita Hartung Cheng

NAU President
Most NAU students us a planner, app, or digital calendar to manage academic work.

Student Affairs Spotlight: Study more efficiently and effectively with Peer Academic Coaching

Learning the necessary academic skills to be successful at the university can be challenging, but the Academic Success Centers are here to help your student study more efficiently and effectively! The Peer Academic Coaching program works one-on-one with students to help them develop strong learning strategies both in and out of the classroom. Coaches can help your student with time management, test-taking, reading and writing skills, BbLearn, and more. Peer Academic Coaching is free and available to all NAU undergraduate students. By taking the time to become familiar with these important learning strategies, your student can focus more on the content they enjoy and find success in their classes across disciplines.
Attend a tutoring appointment and win a $100 gift card.

Time to start preparing for midterms with the Academic Success Centers

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." – Mark Twain
It is never too early for your student to start preparing for midterms – but preparation is more than just re-reading the textbook or skimming over notes. To support students in getting ahead, the Academic Success Centers have free one-on-one tutoring, peer academic coaching, and supplemental instruction sessions. To encourage students to start preparing now, if a student signs up for and attends a one-on-one tutoring appointment before March 19, they will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $100 gift cards to the NAU bookstore. It is never too early to start preparing for midterms, so encourage your student to sign up for support through the Academic Success Centers today!
A person getting their COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID 19 vaccinations update

COVID 19 vaccinations have been rolling out at Campus Health Services since late January. NAU has administered over 3,000 first doses to our campus community and has begun second dose administration.
We are following the Prioritization Phases according to the AZ Department of Health and Coconino County. NAU has been able to offer the vaccine to active NAU employees—including student employees—and those whose academic programs have provided eligibility, such as students in healthcare rotations or student teaching experiences. We look forward to further expansion of the vaccine to all individuals but do not have a current timeline for this expanded eligibility to the broad student population.
Coconino County has expanded eligibility into the full Phase 1B, and students with off-campus employment who meet those criteria are now eligible for the vaccine at one of the County community sites. While individuals in congregate living are eligible under Phase 1B, at this time Arizona does not  define college campus residence hall living as congregate living.
Plans are being developed for how best to meet the needs of our campus when the state moves to Phase 1C—adults of any age with high-risk medical conditions.
This is still rapidly changing, so please make sure your students are reading the President’s Friday email messages. There is no requirement for students to get a COVID 19 vaccine to attend public college in the state of Arizona at this time.
Press the play button in the image of the NAU student personal trainer leading a fitness dance to check out our virtual fitness videos.

Put some spring in your step with Campus Recreation!

As the weather gets warmer and we all begin to venture outside, it’s time to remind our Lumberjacks what we have to offer! Whether your student is on campus or somewhere else, let Campus Recreation show them how to #RecWithAltitude.
  • Does your student want to get outside? As the weather improves, our Outdoor Fitness classes will be returning! Formats include Zumba, Yoga, Cycle, and much more. Check out our latest outdoor and virtual schedules.
  • Does your student love fun facts? Perfect! We’re hosting Trivia Tuesdays—a new set of 20 timed trivia questions each Tuesday that can be completed any time by midnight on the following Monday. A weekly winner prize and an overall semester winner prize will be available. Register on IMLeagues at any point during the semester.
  • The weather is looking nicer day by day, which means that our Outdoor Workout Facility is the place to be! Located on South Campus, this facility is open to all students. Check out our website for times and to register. Any questions can be sent to
  • Encourage your student to follow our social channels for up-to-date information and events! We’re on Instagram @naucampusrec and Tik Tok @naucampusrecreation.
NAU is committed to the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff and follows CDC’s recommended guidelines on COVID-19. Not every photo in this e-newsletter will precisely represent these guidelines, as we aim to accurately present the NAU experience for you and balance that need with imagery that reflects the COVID-19 policies we have in place. Visit for our current campus health safety guidelines.
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